21/4/2021 – Q&A LIVE - PHRYLL Universal Energy - Apr 20 2021 / 11pm GMT

Coron, 9D Pleiadean From Dakoorat (terraformed planet of Ashaara system)


Elena: We are going to have a little contact with a friend of mine. whose name is Coron. He's from the Pleiades. He is very high density, he's in the ninth density, he's a friend of Thor Han. Every time he appears to me in this density he appears in the shape of a lozange crystal, like two pyramids. But when I get to modify myself until the ninth density or visit him at his level, I see him as a human being – and that's that what he looks like on the thumbnail of this video.
And when he comes down at my level he doesn't look like a human, he looks like this glowing crystal. So it's that that's quite interesting.

Qestion: Hello Elena, can you please share and remind everyone how we can accelerate our highest probable timeline?

Elena: ... You know the timelines they can take a good direction, a subtle stable direction. Thor Han said to me that it is the settled direction, it is safe now, this timeline is really stabilizing the good. I have been shown of this timeline of our future is a world federated in peace. All the countries, all the countries keep their individuality and their cultures, which is very important. Sovereignty at individual level and at global level. You must keep what your individuality and what makes you special. It's the same for the countries and the cultures. So all keep their culture and individuality and all federate globally in peace. There is not only one in power, it's a council, it's a federation and everything is shared, all the knowledge, technology. Also the currency becomes of what I have been told more relying on metal and abstract concept. Free energy. The century that has been stolen from us, we have it back, because those who hold away from us this technology, they are gone. So it's given back to us. I mean Tesla type technology, free energy, quantum technology which is really made available and many other things, holographic technology for the greater good (because at the moment holographic technology is not used for the greater good of humanity). We make a make a big jump technologically. And our good allias, the galactic federation, the andromeda council, the council of five, they show their pretty faces, they finally make official contact and share with us and slowly, slowly see to make us ready to join the galactic federation.

What has told me Thor Han is that regarding to how things are now this may happen in a century, oh no! Right but there's a way to speed it up. It says as things are now because it is in the present that we are making the future of course. So if we make a little extra effort in the present, the future will come sooner. So it is up to us to accelerate, because just sit on and in front of the tv and and just what watch disney, netflix and stuff like that, and just wait that someone can come and save us – that's not gonna happen.
First thing is to raise our frequency. And first thing to raise our frequency is to cut out anything that is of a lower frequency, interference. There's a lot of that in mainstream medias, but there's a lot of broadcasted low frequency on the measurement of fear, anxiety, laziness brain fog, everything. That is artificial and broadcast, this is a matrix that is broadcasted.

If we just stop for a moment, breathe and make silence within ourselves, reconnect with who we are we can start to identify what comes from the outside and is not generated by our reasoning wisdom. All this fear and anxiety stuff. ... Calm down, everything is gonna be all right, everything is going to be all right. Because you are in control. you are you make this reality. We are all co-creators. What we manifest is what is going to happen. We are the own weavers of our reality. If you stop consenting to be manipulated by fear you raise your frequency by raising your frequency and accessing your true being. who you truly are, you access the cosmos the universal knowledge and you know and you start to know what's going to happen and you spread this knowledge .

When the bad ones cannot control you anymore, you accelerate the future. you accelerate what is to come. Stand for yourself sovereign, stand on your feet, and as I always say, request assistance to our benevolent allies ,the galactic federation of worlds ,the council of five, Andromedan council. You choose doesn't matter, because what matters is that you make this request as equal. But because by doing so you won't change anything on the events. These people they know what they have to do. They do their job that you request them to come or to go away. They don't care, they do their job. But what it does, it unlocks something new because suddenly you stand as equal with these beings, and you stand in your own power, in your right place in this universe.

We are extremely powerful. We are very powerful. You recognize it, you stand as equal. Do not kneel on your knees anymore, but stand on your feet. I mean and that rescind any agreements that have been made on your behalf. So do this and it will accelerate what all the good that is to come. So that's how I would reply answer to this question.

Question: What can they say about three days of darkness?

Elena: There isn't going to be three days of darkness. This is something to scare the population as well. This is the perfect example of a manipulation to bind you by fear, because while you are waiting for these and wandering for these days of darkness? You just like this, you know, and you lower your frequency and you are controllable. They bind you by fear, because I don't know who told you that or where you read that, but these people who came up with this “three days of darkness” that's something like that's metaphorical, it's in every books and religion – it's a metaphor for the dark knight of the soul for the transformation. So these people are using these metaphors to make you addicted to their mouth, through their words, and then you are enslaved to their predictions, because you've been scared once first.

We are now growing up, we are now awakening and it is time now that we take all the ancient predictions, premonitions, all the ancient oracles for what they really are: messages from higher consciousness. And you need to see the metaphors behind them.

Someone was asking me today about the event. When will the event occur, because people say “oh it will be that date” and then it doesn't happen and then somebody says something else.

Tat's horizontal thinking, monkey mind thinking. You are more than this. Think with your higher self! What is the event? The event is the great awakening of these species, the awakening in consciousness, waking from a long letargy, from long sleep and seeing beyond the veil of illusions, ascending in wisdom in frequency. This is the event. And this is not happening one day. This has started many years ago and is now in the process. We are in the middle of the event. And it will be over, completed in a few years time. This is the event.

We have been on earth warned a few times by different races of extraterrestrials from the federation and the council of five, that something would occur during a short window of time. Ttwo dates were 2017, 2022 – we are in the middle of it. Well next to the achievement the completion. That is the event, the great awakening. So that is occurring now.

Question: Some persons claim they are in contact with ETs naming themselves the Taygeteans and who are against the galactic federation of worlds. Please help clarifying this.

Elena: I can tell you that first, the name Taygetan – it's earth invention of course. The ETs living in the pleiades don't call them with names from the greek earth mythology. That's that's one thing.
So it makes sense, that any people claiming the galactic federation of worlds are working for the accounts of the enemies of the galactic federation of worlds that makes sense. And these enemies are the “Uruana nebu” it's the grey alliance of orion, they are the orion collective, the Ciakahrr empire are a very aggressive reptilians from alpha draconis, the orion reptilian collective working for the Taalshia from Alcyone. We will say in greek, because it's the name of the greek muse. The dark fleet and the cabal. So they pass themselves for benevolent beings from Ashara, the star call on earth Taygeta, but in truth all the population from Taigata are part of the galactic federation. Well there are four races in the ashara system.
So they they're not what they claim. They they are the Taal shara, the one from Alcyone are, the real name of this star is “jahya” – beautiful star, a blue star, surrounded by a haze, a halo of particles. The pleiades cluster they are very young cluster of stars, it's a nest of stars. And they are surrounded by clouds and nebulas of blue gases. It's absolutely magnificent. When you can see photos of the pleiades on internet, it's absolutely magnificent. But when you remember, we were there. Imagine our sun was in a cluster, a young cluster and it would be surrounded by stellar clouds of gases and this night sky would be amazing. That's how the night skies are in the pleadies. It is quite beautiful.

So Alcyone is a very beautiful star system, but it is populated by a group of Taal. The Taal look like us, caucasian, white skin, brown or black hair. So they left the Taygeta ashara system a long time ago when they were in fact terraforming the stars there in Ashara, because they had an argument with the Ahil, the tall blond ones, because the Ahil got the best best planet. And the Taal they are very proud race, they are very proud, They have still a system of royalty and so they left. And they terraformed their own planetary system in in Jahyra, the Alcyone system. They hate the Ahil from the taygeta system. Them they would do anything to discredit them and the federation, because the federation kicked them out a long time ago. Why? Because they are alied with the reptilian collective from orion. They welcomed a race of lizards from orion in the Alcyone system and that is why they have been kicked out of the the galactic federation.

They are quite very manipulative and deceptive people.

Question: Are there Sirian people that are hermaphrodites?

Elena: The Sirian system is three star system. Its teaming with life. The diversity is very renown in the ashkeran system, and especially Sirius b which is named toule. There are I think 10 or 12 planets and I know there's a race of benevolent reptoid, who are hermaphrodites. They're in my book.

When I say “lizards” that's that's not nice. Reptoid, but these ones look like humans. They're very nice actually looking humanoids, they have lizard-like skin.

Question: Is there a Taygetean kingdom with a king named killah and his queen Alenim and does the taygetan royal... family lives in two kilometers long ship?

Elena: There are the Ahil, who live on Era, the two ? ones, thereare the Taal - they have a royal family. The Noor giants - blonde or red-haired ones and the race on decorator, the nine dimensional, who are very ethereal and beautiful.

So I would go for the Taal regarding to your questions, the caucasian dark hair ones. They really look like us, so they have a royal family, but it only then, there isn't a taigetean royal family, s these races have the independent governments. There isn't any royalty living in a ship, why would they do that?

So there are four different races. So it's difficult when somebody asked me a question about people from taigata, because I never know, which one they are talking about. If you are talking about the Ahil, who are part of the federation, if you are talking about the Taal who are also part of the federation but with renegades that have betrayed the federation. You don't know.

Question: There are solar flashes all the time.

Elena: The sun has cycles. So if this is meant to scare you ignore it. There are high waves of energy coming from the sun broadcasted by the central sun of the galaxy which is a portal towards the central sun of this dimensional plane, which is a portal to source, which is at the base of all universes. So this is pulses of higher energy that are broadcasted and we can feel it sometimes. It's pulses. So that can also explain sometimes that the Schumann resonance goes like wow.
But there are other reasons for that. Our good allies are working on the earth grid on the Schumann resonance to raise the frequency. We do it as well every time we rise our frequency. It's like the butterfly effect. Even if it is at our own level it acts on everything else. Think that when at your small little level, you raise your frequency in a meditation, you find inner peace and you just peep out of the matrix. You think it's just for you that something happening for you, no it's not only it happens also for the whole universe. At different level but you know now quantumly the distance doesn't matter.
It's all about focus. When you send energy or light to the other side of the galaxy, if you do it by quantum resonance, setting up a target and merging with it, what arrives it has this is at the same intensity as what you send, because it's it's like resonance. It's not like if it was traveling and it loses intensity as it goes far.

Question: Why expecting passively and relying on the Galactic Federation intervention and compassion?

Elena: It is not good to never ever rely on someone to come and save you, never ever do that because, you will learn nothing and you are giving your power away. Never be in a passive state of waiting, that is not right, you will not evolve and you must not wait for someone to come and rescue you. You are your own rescuers. So everything I always say: raise your frequency, find inner peace, disconnect from the broadcasted field of fear and do not consent to be manipulated, stand in sovereign beings, request assistance as an equal to the galactic federation. That puts you at their level. But they are not waiting for you to do that. They do their job anyway. That's a very long time that they are assisting us already from a very long time.


You know, it's like when you are in an abusive relationship. I give you this example. Human species is at the moment in an abusive relationship with the dark state. When your allies and friends and family are desperately sad for you, that you are in this relationship, what can they do to help you? If they take you by force you'll go back into it. So they are going to work on opening your eyes, that you are in an abusive relationship, showing you what's wrong. It shakes you so your family is going to work hard at revealing what is bad, what is wrong in this relationship, especially in your abuser. They are going to allow him to become more abusive, until you really see it and you realize that. And you wake up and you walk away and you're a different person. You've regained your sovereignty you've regained your strength and you've awakened and you will never ever go back into it. And is a true liberation,
Now the galactic family, it's a federation. The abuser it's a deep state. So think about that, see things in this perspective.

Question: Is the orientation of the merkabah important when we wear it or put it on a shelf at home?

Elena: Well it's very difficult to do that, but it's fine, it doesn't matter because it works anyway in any direction you wear it.

Question: My black friends feel left out since almost every being in the stars are blown blue eyes

Elena: Oh because they don't know it's there's such a diversity of races. The blue eyes blown ones are a very common. They are at the head of many organizations such as the galactic federation but there are many many races of different colors of skin. I know in the bhutas star system there are many races in my book. If they have my book they'll see there are many, many races. There are beautiful race in them seriously solid star system. ...

I got a new protection in my hands. This is what looks like a tiny marker from the council of five, you see it three dots. I have a bigger one in my back to protect me, that anax put that in me last night.

It's just an inter-dimensional marker. There's nothing in it, it's just quantum technology.

Question: Why the galactic federation ordered the Taygeteans to leave and these ones are constantly threatened?

Elana: So many people wants to know about Taygetean, because there's a lot of confusion. So I repeat that's a name made up on earth, it's from greek mythology, Taygeta was one of the daughters of Atlas- In the taygeta star system ashara there are four different colonies, different species.

The galactic federation of worlds expelled the Taals from Alcyone, the renegades a very long time ago, a very long time ago, all of us weren't born yet, because these ones, these renegades who went to the alkyoni system invited four residents in this alcyone system a reptilian colony from orion in exchange for protection from the nefarious orion reptilian collective. The very ones who signed agreement with the mj-12. And they are fierce enemies of the galactic federation. So that's why the Taales from alcyone got kicked off from the federation, because they made alliance with this reptilian from orion's gray collective, the nebu. So they have regular altercations with the galactic federation these renegades, especially the Taal for the the story. So the galactic federation watches them very very closely, because the renegade Talles, they call themselves Taalshiar (= prime place), the main world, They are very proud Taals, they're nice people, Val Thor is a Taal. So to say you know they are lovely, but there are renegades, these ones from Alcyone. So they they are watched very closely by the galactic federation who don't trust them at all, because they're very tricky. There is no counsel in Alcyone as well, it's only the renegade Taal and the reptilian collective.

Question: I dreamt I was talking to a girl with metallic blue skin last night. Is there certain alien race?

Elena: Oh yes of course, metallic blue skin Zinai, Andromedans uthey have very blue shimmery, the ohorai from actors they have blue skin too ,but there are so many races with blue skin, you know, it's copper-based blood.

Thor Han told me that the future, if things go well as they they are going, in million years some million years, human species of earth will have the appearance of the arcturians. We are not related okay, but we have this also in our genes, we have 21 different ads in our genome plus the original earth so that makes it 22.

Question: The ant people do they still live under earth?

Elena: I've asked Thor Han and he said: They are a very ancient race, extraterrestrial colony and sixth to seventh density. They are part of the agarthan kingdoms and live very deep underground. They are not member of the galactic federation because they are earth indigenous people, and they help helped pleadian aliens from a crushed ship on earth about 1 million years ago.
I confirmed this that this person was asking me. Also the grey guardians is a name also for the council of five.

Question: How does the junk DNA gets turned back on?

Elena: This is what the council of five also does: reactivate all the potential in our dna. But what we call then the junk really specifically dna it's all the alien input, which is not originally from this planet, from this earth and earth genome. It is reactivated by sound frequencies. You can modify alter either alter, either activate with sound. Anything, I mean everything in this universe is about frequency. Everything, the space between the atoms its vibration waves, frequency waves. It binds atoms particles together, lights photons, galaxies. Everything is vibrations. And heart to heart also vibrations, because a linear connection can break or can a stretch to become very thin and inexistent with distance. And as I said earlier on, anything that is quantum resonant it's a wave, and a wave it's dynamic it never ends, it's always auto generates self-generating.

Question: Can you talk about the giant trees here on earth, the devil's tower being one of them?

Elena: I'm going to ask more details about that to Thor Han for next time so I will have more information next time. Of what I know already they were a giant tree. You know this planet has been modified, has been a ground for experiment so many times for so long. So they're where giant animals, vegetation and what we know of this planet is just so few. The real history is going to be revealed slowly and slowly, as we awaken and we become ready. We awaken to our true nature we are more and more able to understand stuff.

So we have friends on the ground, who leave little clues for us. This is a Telosian crystal, You can call it lemurian, but the right name is Telosian. I can't see it in the in the light, you see the the blue haze here? that it's like blue indigo. These are keys of knowledge with encrypted knowledge. So this is coming out giving us knowledge about the ancient times, what happened on earth. Also ancient civilizations artifacts are coming out giving evidence of an older history of earth, putting back upside down all in question, questioning all the theories that were settled with archaeology and history.

You know when I started my first course of field archaeology, on the first day the first words that the teachers said was “Now you're going to start studying archaeology ,but I would like to warn you that in archaeology everything we know as sure and settled evidences can be suddenly one just one day one morning completely destroyed by a new discovery, and we need to keep an open mind that everything everything we know will always be subject to be reevaluated, if there are new discoveries.”

Buddha said something: All my my teachings it's just a start, it's just a proposal and you do whatever you want with it use it to do your own researches. And if you find something that contradict or just that can improve what I i've researched please use it. My teachings are just a draft and it's up to you to improve the story .

Question: A question about Billy Meier.

Elena: I haven't spoke to Billy Meier, I don't know if he's still alive. He was a german contactee. He met with a lady who identified herself as Semjase in about 1975 and this lady appeared in a ship and she said she came from Era. I went on Google also to see the drawings and she really looks like an Ahil and the ship really looks like Ahil ship from the Pleiades. So that was really matching of what I was experiencing.

Thor Han told me, it's a true story, he was abducted and they partially blocked his memories because they didn't think he would be able to cope with it. I don't know why. Nonetheless he was very moved and very impressed (who wouldn't?)t and the lady was beautiful (yeah the men are gorgeousm I imagine the woman they are they're like “oh my gosh”). So he was probably in love with her and very impressed and he wanted everyone to believe him. So he had evidences but it wasn't enough. People were saying that he was a fool, too many people. And you know, when you are an experiencer, it can be very hurtful, when people criticize you and tell you you're lying. It can be very damaging. Thor Han told me that Billy Meier wanted so much to be believed, because it was true that he invented proofs and clues to put on the top of it. So he faked a lot of pictures of ships and he made up elements to add to the story, just to get people to believe him and he was so desperate. So that's why you must always be gentle with contactees and take what it is. And if it's just not extraordinary, it's fine. ...

Some photos of the ships of Billy Meier are real, but others are fake.

What about about the beautiful Semjase? She's real yes, but the photos billy presents are fake, it's taken from a tv show. He hasn't got any photos of her.

She picked him to pass a message to humanity. Semjase actually works for the galactic federation of worlds and she actually work on in one of the outposts of the galactic federation on the planet venus. She lives there now, She's an Ahil from Era and she's working on venus. ....

Now we're going to switch into the Vril.

Question: Chi, prana, Chi, Phryll, Vril, Ancient egyptian ankh, they all represent the same thing but there are different words in different cultures to describe life force energy.

Elena: Ankh – I wear this ring since I've been on Venus and I saw this thing everywhere. I'll tell you about that in my next book. In my studies of archaeology Ankh means eternal life or life force. This is Vril. The universal life force that is present everywhere, that we can harvest and use to power devices. Is also called effectively Chi, prana, Vril. Vril is the the way the galactic school calls it.

Often I'm asked this question is this the same thing as the Vril society in in Germany? Yes it is but you know, you can use it for dark or for light. ... It's called in German Vril with the “v” spoken as “f”.

So this life force is absolutely present everywhere. It is the fabric of the universe, it is this fabric of space ,the fabric of all life. It flows through everything. We have the power to manipulate it with the power of our consciousness. We can do that, we have this power by visualization .
As a druid I have learned how to use and manipulate it. The druids call it the green fire or “north force” in gaelic or nuiphre in welsh. This is letting go all the attaches to the the field of broadcasted matrix. Standing with yourself as a sovereign being, being reconnecting with your own energy, your own light being. We are going to do an exercise in a minute together to feel it and connect with it. And then in this exercise I'm going to welcome Coron. I'm not going to channel him, because I need to keep an eye on the questions and interact with you, and I do not really like channeling anymore and Thor Han is not okay with that.

Vril powers everything. I is it is the foundation of all life, it is the manifestation of source. Vril is produced by the two electrodes, brother and sister, son and daughter of source, creation and destruction. The interaction of the both creates a dynamic force. It is alchemy. And this dynamic force between the two, this dance creates Vril. It is like two electrodes powering Vril.

You can harvest it if you use this two electrode system. Now it has two sticks but as two coils like the coils, two coils of the DNA. Activating your DNA is activating your power. This means more deeper thing than the word these words. You activate by the alchemical dance of the two polarities, it's like a tree of life. You activate the Vril, you activate the energy and you become a beacon, you become a generator. And you can do amazing things: you can modify the matrix, you can modify the hologram, you can modify matter.

I've been shown devices, they call it the generators. It is contained under pyramids,it is a crystal and around this crystal, which is the gatherer and a sentient being, there are two coils of two different metals turn around. That's the coil of the dna, that's the the two electrodes, the polarity. An impulse is sent to the two coils. This impulse is sent physically by an energy discharge, by sound normally, or - and that works for us - consciousness, conscious pulse from our brain. We are all able to do that. And this creates a current of energy, that powers the coils and creates an electromagnetic field and something happens and the crystal got energized and start to produce energy. That is how we harvest and harness Vril.

And then from the crystal we can gather the energy to power other devices, either by putting something on the top of the crystal or either by quantum technology, by projecting the energy somewhere else. That that's what I know.

Now I'm going to ask Ccoron to lead this little exercise and it will be better. Coron is a ninth density being. I'm going to show in my book there's a drawing I made of where he lives (Dakoorat).

This is what we call Taygeta (Ashaara), the second planet is Era where the Ahil ,the race of Thor Han lives. Then you have T’mar Taal live. Then we have this one Alkhorat ,it's the Noor, the giants. And then you have Dakoorat, where Coron comes from, and there are higher density beings, living there.


Just wait a moment and step back and realize that something very special is going to happen: a connection with a person, born on another planet. This is a privilege, this is very special, deep respect and gratitude to those who take off up their precious time to connect, to answer questions.

So think, that this is a gift.

Vril Meditation with Coron

I want to put a little bit of music to help everyone relax. That helps me.
Everyone sits comfortably, and relax. You can close your eyes, if you want, and imagine, visualize the infinite sky, with all the stars glistening like a multi-color stardust. In space, without an atmosphere the stars don't twinkle. they are still and it is like clouds of stardust.
Coron is connecting to me.

Oh beautiful beings born from the stars, whose consciousness reaches out to the limits of life itself. Infinite distances. Love. Coron from Dakoorat, we welcome you to share together the wisdom from higher planes of consciousness. May the beauty of your soul and the gentleness of your heart enlighten us.

I am happy to see you. It is pleasant to speak and to share. I come in peace with an open heart. I come in light and in Love.

Elena: Coron tell us about the Vril.

Coron: Vril is very ancient. It was never created first and it will never die, because time has no limits and no shape. It is spherical, present everywhere, omnipresent. Time is a hole, encompassing everything. Time is future and past, merged together as one.
Vril is the child of time, child of the creator, the breath of Imanna. Vril is in your bodies and in your souls. It powers your energy centers. Vril composes everything that is alive.
You can connect to its reality and use it to expand your mind and your field of action. Vril is the gift in the box you need to open. It is in you. If you are alive, if you think, it is because of Vril. Vril is alive, Vril is sentient. Everything in this universe is made of Vril. Vril is in the void.

Vril can be gathered and used to power our technologies. We have teached you a long time ago. We came many times and many times in the past we were at war by those who chased us. We used Vril on your planet to power our colonies. The pyramid generators sleeping under the sea of the Atlantic are deactivated. We had open portals with these dimensional generators on your planet. We regretted it as we disrupted the field of your planet. Wars ensued and we were cast away. We destroyed the generators, but the souls of the crystals have remained under the sea, present in the consciousness of Terra.

You are Vril. You are generators to power your own devices, your bodies. You are able to concentrate with the focus of your will the energy present all around you.
When you close your eyes, you see better. Stay still without and within, be the stillness itself. Be the lake glistening under the sunlight in the peace and the silent of nature. You are say this: “I am (mmmmm). Vibration of sound ripples on the water. You extend your consciousness to the other shores. Vril glistens on the ripples in the water. “I ammmmmmmm. I ammmmmmmm.”
All around you is gold, glistening, not only on the water but on the repos of energy all around you. In every direction of space, in every direction of the universe. You are inter-dimensional. You emit Vril from the own core of your being. You are sending rays of light in every direction of space, in every dimension of the universe.

Vril is harvested by resonance with Imanna. You become emitter at your turn from Imanna through the center of the galaxy, through the center of your star. You, standing on your planet, receive Vril and send it out. Empower the planet. Ripples of Vril spherically around you, bursts of energy, pulses like a beating heart. Pulsing planet, beautiful, entrancing, dance within, with yourself. Males dance with their female counterpart, females dance with their male counterparts within. Coil dance around the spine of light, composing your being, your skeleton of light. You and your companioned you dance. Coil reaches out, reaches out way above and way below. You activate the crystalline being, who was sleeping within you, the child of light, you. The child of light awakens and shines upon the world. You are Vril. And when you open the eyes of this avatar you have Vril.

You control Vril by the power of your mind and the consciousness of your soul. You remember, some of you have lived in the colony of Atla, under the ocean now. But there was a time when Atla was a magnificent outpost. You have seen and used these generators. Some of you activate and remember. And remembering is reconnecting. Feel the golden aura around you. This is Vril. Feel the consciousness in all life around you - this is Vril.

Harvest it in your body by the power of your consciousness and use it, to send Vril to heal, to awaken, to unlock, to activate. You are in control. You always were. You just need to believe. “I ammmmmmmmm”


Q&A with Coron

Elena: Thank you Coron.
I am going now to pass on the questions of our brothers and sisters. (...)

Question: If you are an angel (I sense him laughing, he does not laugh often)

Coron: Angels are different. Angels are supraconsciousnesses, alerted to some locations, planets, star systems, galaxies, universes. They are beings of higher frequency in just the lower levels, and as the hirarchiy grows they become pure consciousness. They have no physical form. I am not one of these. I am the ninth density evolution of the Ahil race. This is who I am.

Question: Dear Coron, what is the fast way to connect to source after being attacked by agents? How do you think we can use Vril to do it?

Coron: Vril can be used for protection. It can be used in both way:s to create or to destroy, to give life and to take life. Do not ever take life with Vril, you will become regressive in your evolution. You can protect yourself by creating a shield with Vril . You create light ship with Vril. You call it light, but this is Vril. You can create Vril to protect yourself with a geometrical shape, sphere, those you call merkaba. I have two pyramids as a shield. You can use shield to throw at your enemies as energy beams, but this is very destructive and can harm you, if you do not master this process.
Te best you can do is to protect yourself by building a shield around you, and then heal inside the shield of Vril will dissolve slowly anything that is of lower frequency within it. Creating a shield of Vril or of light as you say elevates the frequency of what is within it. Cleansing is necessary after an attack.

Question: What is the difference between Vril and God energy?

Coron: Vril is god energy. God is name for Imanna, creator source. Vril is the creation of imana creator source. Imanna energy, god energy is Vril.

Elena: In Kung fu we use it, project it at xour enemy by distance.

Question: How much light and dark energies do we have now in earth in pert percentage?

Coron: What do you mean by light energy?

Elena: I suppose that means creative and destructive energies

Coron: The light is more prominent, the dark is fighting back to take over. That is how you call it, dark and light, but you are right: regressive creative.

You see the chaos and the confusion. This is the veil of illusion that they put on your eyes. But what is behind this veil is only light. You just need to believe!

Elena: That's so powerful. I just feel shivers in my heart when he says that “you just need to believe”. This is this is the light language Coron, isn't it? You say these words, but it carries powerful energy, way of energy feeling and there's a lot of light in it, visions, colors. “You just need to believe” this is the multi-dimensional language that sends emotions and visions and meaning and sound. “You just need to believe” I liked it.

Coron as you you came to me in me, you asked me if you could take over shortly for short channeling, because you wanted to say “I ammmmm” and I understand now. When you said “I ammmmmm” it's like Ohmmmm – it it's a creator sound. That's amazing. I love that. That's amazing, wow.

Question: Can you speak of eternal source, prior to all creation?

Coron: Primordial source is the mother and the father, the one at the creation of everything, the power born from its own consciousness, that never started to exist and will never stop to exis,t because it is one in all dimensions of time. Time is a concept that is necessary to understand. When it comes to source, imanna, is the name our cultures employ to name the creator source. Do not think in a linear way. You want to know, if source was before the created universes, it wasn't before. It is behind, at its center, hidden and in plain sight, nowhere and everywhere at the same time. There is no before, there is no after. There is just be. That is when creator source is located. “Is be” Immana.

Question: What can I do to wake people up on this planet?

Coron: Awaken yourself first, and then you will know how to spread the wave of energy by the speech, by your voice and your actions to other human beings of Terra. If you awaken yourself first then you know how to awaken the others, and you have respect for the pace of their path.

Elena: Practically what would you advise us to do?

Coron: You turn within, you stand in the stillness of your being, and the stillness of the universe. You connect to source and you open your eyes and you do the same actions, as you had planned to do, but with the connection to source, active, until the moment you will go back to your night for sleep. All your day be connected consciously, actively to source, and every each of your actions will have a tremendous incidence on the web of this reality. Choose wisely which actions you are going to accomplish.

Question: Do the children go to school, and if so what do they learn and how many years do they go? (your people, the Dakooru)

Coron: We do not go to school. We are injected knowledge. Not as you think, by energy waves. We are set in devices and we hear the waves of sound coming throughout our minds. It gives us knowledge by activating certain parts of our brain. We live in a very different world as your world. Knowledge is like something you drink. You imbue yourself with. We choose what we want to learn about and we connect to it, by sitting in this device, and it is injected into our consciousness by waves of sound, who carry knowledge and data. We can learn all our lives. The children learn from the greater knowledge of the universe until they reach the age, where they can choose specifications, specific languages, specific technologies. And they go to these devices. It is very short. It doesn't last long, because it is imbued in your consciousness, a few days. This is only for Dakoloru, not working like this on other planet of Ashaara.

Question: Elena said, much of this transition on Terra could take could take a century. So what can we hope to see or experience in our time now? What change can we hope to see?

Coron: This is up to you. You create your timeline. This timeline is stable. There will be peace on your world once this war is won. The galactic federation of worlds is working on this. The federation of Terra will be born soon, very soon. You will be in peace. A world driven by reason. Still you will experience conflicsts, but the conflicts will ease as you grow up. These are the changes that are to come. Elena spoke about this earlier.

Question: I wonder how you meditate, in which position, how many times daily?

Coron: As many times as you can, not too much to stay grounded on this planet in this existence. One is enough, two or three three is good. One is enough to make the change.

Stand up or sit, but allow your spine to be perpendicular to the surface of your planet. Do not lie down.

Elena: Light work is working with the axis being perpendicular, with the axis or the earth, that your sacral area is connected to the earth, and the crown chakra to the sky.

Question: Hi Coron, how to astral travel?

Coron: This is very dangerous if you don't know how to do! So I tell you. Release the tensions of the mind, the stress, the fears, the worries, This blocks you and locks you. It is like an envelope of flow frequency that will keep your being inside of the avatar. If you get rid of this envelope, you will be able to release your light being from your avatar.

Astral is decorporation, keeping a link with the avatar. Severing this link is what you call dying. Be very cautious of where you go, always set your destination. Do not wander, do not experiment for pleasure! Always for a quest and a serious matter. Even if you go to pleasurable places you need to be serious about the way you do it. Get rid of the pollution of the low frequencies. Protect yourself in what you call the light protection, merkabah sphere, or other geometrical shapes. Merkaba is the best, Sphere works. Total shield protection, because when you leave the avatar, if you are weak you can be attacked and the avatar taken by a being, waiting in the dark to prey on you, and you cannot go back into the avatar. You call it “walk in”.

The avatar must be protected before anything else. If you fear you attract predators and you make a hole in your shield, you can have the strongest and the thickest and the most powerful shield, if you fear you make a hole in it. You open a window.

Once the shield is done, you separate your being from your body. (Elena: How do you do that?)
You forget about the avatar, you forget about everything that composes the biology of this avatar, it becomes inexistent to your mind, and the only thing that exists is your being that lives inside. This being stands up and walks away, goes to the destination. You will notice a little thread of light. It is the umbilical cord to your avatar. It is not infinitely stretchable. This is not resonance, this is travel, it uses distance. Do not go too far. When you feel unwell, come back. The string of light can break and you call it death. You will never come back.Be helped and do this with the presence of your guides.

Question: What is the function of the empaths in these times?

Coron: Empath is awakened, unlocked, and is a quality you choose. You become empath naturally when you activate, when you reach a higher frequency the empathic ability is a natural phenomenon. It is completely normal. Being empathic is your ability to connect with the cosmos, past and future and the heart of every being by the heart connection. This is automatic process when you switch into a higher density of consciousness and of being. This is not an obstacle, it is a natural process. It is your power, it is the way you connect and communicate. Some persons discover they have this gift and they do not know how to use it. Make of it your power, connect the heart of everything. This is empath.

Elena: I am going to ask you if you have a last message before I end up this transmission?

Coron: Be the light, be the force of god, source of universe. Be the spiral of time. Transcend everything that was and will be. You are royal to the eyes of source god. Do not worship anything else, than your own power. You are the most precious creation of source, as we all are as beings putting into actions her manifestation and desires. Remember this sacred sound “I ammmmmm” This is the creator word.

Soon we will speak again, cousins from a long line family. Coron, Dakooro has spoken. Thank you for listening.


Elena: “I ammmmm” I felt as he was saying like “I” it's a sword, it's the spine. I in fact in English – it's amazing, “I” connection earth-sky. And “ammmm” it's the ripples in the space time continuum. I am the creation. Wow that is so powerful!