20/4/2021 – Hope – message from Thor Han


welcome to my beautiful place in ireland

this morning I have hope more than ever.

Thor Han connected with me. His heart because his heart was filled with confidence and joy, and thoughts for victory. So I wanted to share with you this amazing feeling. Our both hearts are connected and I feel what he goes through, I feel what he lives through. And this morning there was this wave of hope.

So I asked him “what's up, what are you holding, what are you up to?”

And he said: “Just good news just hope that today something has been liberated. A place has been saved and rescued and an operation has been achieved, accomplished successfully.” He didn't tell me what it is, but somewhere on earth you maybe hear it in the news today or tomorroe. The alliance has liberated another place. Something happened and so he he was very confident and he said to me.

There's something else also. He said I want you to really know, that whatever people can tell against the galactic federation of worlds, it doesn't matter. It doesn't influence the actions of the galactic federation. It doesn't influence them at all. They do their job, they just don't care about what we're thinking, because they're acting at saving us, not really being the savior like superman. We are our own saviors. They are letting us do the job ourselves.Bbut they are just facilitating our awakening. They are just helping us getting rid of these orion assholes and stuff. So he said, you know “whatever people badmouth the federation – it doesn't matter, because it's this is at a human level. At the global greater level the federation doesn't care about what people think of them, they do their job. They're here for us .They're here to save us they're here to help us helping ourselves, because we are the ones to to do the job. But they are here, they are doing their job.

These relieve the big weight of my shoulders, because me too – I don't care, I just do my job. My job is to guide you through this awakening, my job is to pass you on the messages of the galactic federation and update you on the victory. So this is what it is about today: hope and confidence, that what you are doing is the right thing for the light for humanity for this planet.
I don't care anymore if people are manipulated, people spread lies. It's up to every one of us individually to to just have common sense.

We are saving this world, even if bad alliances are trying to blur your mind. Thor Han warned me there's gonna be more and more confusion coming.

It is already and when people badmouth the federation saying you shouldn't they are evil you shouldn't uh request assistance the galactic federation is not affected by that they do their job but who is affected it's the people because assist requesting assistance to the galactic federation with their sisters already since so many times so long ago Requesting assistance to them – it is for yourselves. It is an inner process for liberation. When you request assistance there's an equal to the galactic federation, or the andromeda council, or the council of five, because they're not the only one to protect us. You willingly liberate yourself from slavery, mind control and manipulation and you rescind the agreements that have been made on your behalf in 1954. It is for you to liberate you. So of course the dark has plans to convince people not to do that.

Stand on your feet, for yourselves as sovereign human beings, as equal to the galactic community and listen to your heart. Your heart knows.