13/4/2021 – The Galactic Federation of Worlds is here to help Humanity of Earth


The Galactic Federation of Worlds is here to help Humanity of Earth



Hey beloved souls, beloved fellows warriors in the light. because of truth. It is just a quick message, to warn you that more and more propaganda against the galactic federation is going to come out. The enemy is very manipulative and using mediatic people to their aims. As I always say, do not shoot the messenger, but look who's behind the lines. I need to do this video to be true to you. I have kept this on my heart for a long time. Now it is time I speak on behalf of Thor Han, the man who saved my life. This man who is part of this wonderful structure, the galactic federation of worlds, working together with the andromedan council. They have been helping you, holding us in our in their hands to help us evolve. They've been the brothers, the family behind each of our baby steps. They've been avoiding us to blow ourselves up many times, deactivating nuclear devices, power plants. Everything they've been helping humanity and working so hard and many of them, beautiful souls, are dying for us, sacrificing their life. They are dying in the underground, working with the army. They are dying in space in combat for us. You haven't seen what i've seen with my own eyes! People dying, beautiful people, for us!

My emotion is real and I acknowledge my emotions. This is true, raw, not prepared, just message i'm passing now.

Please do not believe anything that says that the galactic federation works with dark forces or the cabal. This is propaganda!.
Now there are pleiadians from the star system Alcione – these are working with the cabal and dark forces. These are renegade Taal, who hate the Ahil. They hate them and they would do anything to discredit their work!
The Ahil are the main workers in the galactic federation. They would do anything to make the people believe. that the Ahil are not allies to humanity. They hate them. They've allied with the reptilian collective from Orion, they have welcomed reptilian outposts and colonies in the Alcyoni system. These are manipulative! And they use mediatic person throughout a social media platform, called “discord” – already the name you don't like. it i don't like “discord” – it's a very bad low frequency name, sending a message. These people don't know. They have no clue who's behind the screen, writing. It is somebody on earth behind another computer, who's just playing with them and spreading disinformation against the only people, who can help us! Stop believing this bullshit!

Every manipulation and propaganda uses always, in average twenty percent of truth, to bind people and hook them. This 20% truth that everyone can verify, will get people to believe them. And then slowly they drop, the drop, they drop: preconditioning, lies, propaganda to turn your mind.

I am a real contacting experiencer. I have had and still have physical contacts with real extraterrestrials, going sometimes on a ship physically, physically leaving this planet, talking with them, getting direct information. I am not the only one. There are many other people who are getting telepathic contacts or direct contacts from the galactic federation. People with great names and whose seriousness is not to be questioned anymore.

But these people manipulated by the Pleiadians from Alcyone and the reptilian collective should stop spreading lies, because you're not doing good to humanity. You should wake up and realize that you are being fooled.
I have been feeling for you all this time, but now you need to stop! I have stopped being sorry for you people, who are spreading these lies. With all my heart I beg you: wake up, you are being manipulated, you are being fooled. They are using you! I know you're watching this, I know you're a beautiful heart, you woman who are listening to me. You are your heart is pure, you love humanity, you want to save humanity. This is not the best way, this way, this lies you are passing on our deserving humanity.

The galactic federation is not our superheroes. They are not here to save us. But they are here to help us saving ourselves, helping us raising our vibration. They love us so much. They have been the ones who warned Eisenhower in 1954 not to sign with the grays, which he didn't, the mj12 did. I am asking all those who know, like me ,who are in contact as I am, to let the truth be known about the galactic federation of world, that these lies and this manipulation stops.

I love doing very funny videos, because humor is a super power and lift vibrations. But this one is very serious. So do what you want to do with this. Follow your heart. A lot of confusion is going to come and it has started. Don't be fooled.

Request assistance as an equal to the galactic federation of worlds. This simple act will liberate you from the matrix and the mind control. You do not consent anymore to the ancient agreements with the greys and the reptilians, who are not friends of humanity. The grays from the orion group are not friends from humanity, and neither the reptilians actually present on this planet. Asking assistance to the galactic federation of worlds liberates you from the state of a slave, because they are assisting us since a very long time. This is not the point. The point is the inside inner process that is liberating you, because suddenly you rise as an equal and you do not consent to be a slave anymore. And you rise as a galactic being, part of the galactic federation and the galactic community. That is the only way forward. And our enemies know this, since more and more people are aware that we can request assistance to our allies, and that the simple process of asking assistance on your feet, not on your knees anymore, is the liberating process, the activating process that pulls us out of the matrix by ourselves. Because the galactic federation did just want us to do the work by ourselves because they love us. They could have blown up this planet since the start to get rid of the reptilians and the grays. They didn't do it, because they love us they want to give us a chance. And the future is bright because they have been helping us all this time. And now that we are approaching the final combat our enemies are trying to discredit them, that we don't request assistance and that we consent to be fooled and slaves.

Now it all lies in your heart. Your heart knows what do you want, confusion or liberation. The galactic federation of world, the andromedan council and the council of five are here to help humanity to ascend, and reach its next step in its evolution. They are getting rid of thousands of years of a reptilian occupation and of decades of grey orion group occupation. They are evolved beings with a glowing heart, filled with love. In every war the first step of the enemy is to discourage your troops, saying they are all alone and they have no allies. Stop believing all of this. Follow your heart.