11/4/2021 – Update False Alien Invasion - April 11 2021

Update False Alien Invasion - April 11 2021



Hi everyone, Elena Danaan here. I suppose you were expecting I would help you a little bit with this. Thoran is connected with me. So it is about tonight an update concerning the fake false alien invasion.

You want of course to hear, what galactic federation representative has to say. Well I had a little chat with Thor Han and it be honest, it's a long while we're talking about this. He's been warning me about this for a long while already, that the aim of our invaders and parasites and deep state working with them is to submit the population by fear, the human population of earth by fear, by lowering their vibration down that they can easily mind control everyone. I haven't stopped repeating to you, that fear is the main tool of the dark alliance, as Thor Han likes to call it. It pretty much summons everything so we will say, the dark alliance, which is a good term, they've been submitting us by fear. It works for a lot of people by this thing (face masks) and then getting people to get this (injections) by fear, because you cannot force a population to injections, otherwise there will be revolution, rebellion and more awakening. So they got people to consent to be assimilated, by scaring them.
Everything they've tried until now not only hasn't worked, but has done the contrary, the opposite I mean effect, waking people up. The next step in their attempt of scaring everyone, frightening everyone, because we are not frightened enough to their liking, and they are panicking, and I have to say: they are the frightened ones. Believe it or not, they're more scared than we are, they're more scared of us and our lives than we are of them.

So the next step of course, that has been planned since a very long time, it's the plan b or c or d, is two fake an alien threat, an alien invasion. To bind everyone by fear. Then everyone will want to listen to the good savior, the government, who will say “you have to do a little effort, now and just say exactly what we tell you to do, because otherwise the aliens are going to kill us all. So it is the best way, the last attempt, to install a totalitarian system.
Now first, Thor Han, who's with me, says to me that they will not allow this to happen, because the galactic federation has just passed another gear. They have started operations on mars, the moon is secured now.

What about this fake alien invasion? That's something that is being prepared first. Why would we have an alien invasion? I mean the aliens, the malevolent and the benevolent are here since a very long time already, and we have been invaded already since the 1940s. And the aliens are the bad ones, the invaders, parasites are already here since the 1940s and 50s. They have settled in the underground and we all know, that the Grays, the orion group, the reptilians – they're all here already. What invasion would it be? The invaders are already here.
Now they also want to give a bad names to the other ones; the federation, the two benevolent councils of andromeda and of the five – they want to make of them a bad name of course. “Oh no, but that's the other ones, they're bad and they're not your allies, that's the galactic federation, just wanting to destroy the earth.” In fact they are bad, they have started already this process, trying to pass the the world that the galactic federation is evil. But we are not fooled, no.
Not only the galactic federation is not going to let this happen, but as Thor Han say,s if things happen, that this illusion of in alien invasion happens, here is how to recognize it.

I'm going to display a little diaporama of different types of ships, guided by Thor Han. We've done that together for you to recognize malevolent ship from and ship, made on earth from the ship of the federation. Most of the ships that would play in this show and this display of fake alien invasions would be either ships from the Ciakahrrs or the orion group or either ships made on earth by humans, copying these ships from the orion group and the reptilians. Because most of the physical ships we would see would be ships made on earth. You know the earth military secret space programs. There are many secret space programs. You know some are constructive, some are not very good, depends. But some of the space programs have been working with the orion group to copy these ships, you know, the orion group that that's the famous technology exchange, that was signed with the MJ12 and the MIC, which is now the military industrial extraterrestrial complex. What they signed with them is to give them technology in exchange of abduction.
Do you remember this thing, that Eisenhower wasn't okay with that, remember that, 1954. That thing, that technology promised in fact was very deceptive, because they gave the technology to only build the body of the ships, but they didn't give the warp drive, the power drive with the Vril. They didn't give that, that was the good stuff. They didn't give it. But still earth militaries and engineers have been able to retro engineer a spaceship and build copies of them. That's the one we may see. I'm gonna show you in the little display in a minute.

So I'm going to show now ships from different malevolent alliances and at the end the ships of the federation, to make the difference. The federation will never, would never interfere, would never interfere, not now, they would never show their ship openly, they would never do a display, a show. The only one to do that would be the ones, who break the law of non-intervention, because they are not part of the federation.

This one is a reptilian ship, a reptilian Ciakahrr ship, a scout ship. That's a photo. That's a reptilian ciakahrr mothership, square rectangular rectangular.

This is Maitra, the tall grays from andromeda. They are very, very nasty, not good.

Maitra again, tall grey orion group, real group, very aggressive people. We know, how to copy them.

Dries, it's the phoenix light ship. We know how to copy them as well. All of these I'm showing to you, we know how to copy them.

That's orion group. But this one has been copied, is as well part of the dark fleet, something I'm going to talk at the end.

Orion group, Kiily Tokurt, tall white, orion group. You may see a lot of holographic display as well, light show. Kiily Tokurt, very, very negative. We know how to copy this one.

That's still Kiily Tokurt, not good! Anything triangular it's no good.

That's the US navy one, copied from the Kiily Tokurt. So these ones are gray metallic, clearer. It's earth made.

This is a photo of of one. They're not especially malevolent, it's just us navy. It is good organization. But I mean, these ones can be used.

Foto: George Adamski

That's the dark fleet, german dark fleet allied with the orion group. So not good at all. If you see this with the three balls.

That's a dark fleet as well, not good at all.

This is zeta reticuli, that's the grays from Zeta reticuli, not good at all.That's the ship who met MJ-12 in 1954.

That's the cargo ship of the galactic federation. You will never see that. That's a photo with the scout ships around it.

Scout ship from the galactic federation. That's a photo, a real one on the pleiadian, Ahel pattern.

That's a CGI of a federation scout ship, pleiadian model.

So now you know, how to recognize the ships.

If by any tricks the dark alliance would manage to do this performance to scare people, don't believe it. Please talk about it. Do not fear. It's all staged, and they're not going to shoot at people because the purpose of this is just to scare, that the people just listen to the savior, and agree for a dictatorial totalitarian state. They cannot impose. You remember the law of free will, you remember this? That's how everybody goes by. You need to get the victim to agree to be abused, because if you attack directly, you have a response, and that's not what they want. They don't want the response from us, they want us to just agree “O yes, please, oh please, do this. Please, oh yes, we want to be slave.” That's what they want.
No, I do not consent. Fear is not part of my world! And we rise our vibration, we wait for this to pass, then we say “No, I don't believe you. This is not real.”

So you're going to see either copies of these alien ships, made on earth, either real alien ships that are part of the show, and coupled with that holograms, broadcasted from either space orbit or either from earth.
So if that happens, just enjoy the show. That's gonna be amazin,g we're gonna see what what ship they've been making, what is this retro engineering programs. Don't be scared and just look at the show. “Wow, yay, thank you for the disclosure!”

I'm gonna end this here and so there's no invasion. The invaders are already here since the 1940s and the galactic federation is taking care of everything. Don't worry. This may not happen, they won't let it happen. But now it's a war. It's a war, so you know in the war there's always a fluctuant thing. If it would happen, so don't be scared. Do not consent to anything. Just grab the popcorn and enjoy the show. That's gonna be amazing. No fear, because fear is that what they want. So if that happens, grab the popcorn. That's gonna be some disclosure.

So Thor Han and myself are wishing you a good evening or a good day and we keep on fighting.