7/4/2021 – Update April 7 / 2021 - Raids on Mars

Update April 7 / 2021 - Raids on Mars



Hi everyone

this is an update I got from Thor Han. Well I could see it myself last night from my own eyes, connecting with him telepathically, well from his own eyes to be more specific.

This is a war, this is real, this is going on above our heads, under our feet and all around us and on many levels of consciousness and densities. The galactic federation of worlds has started raids on mars to liberate mars from the extraterrestrial occupants, I mean the Orion group, the reptilian alliance and the Ciakahrr empire. They have held facilities there for a very long time. There are human facilities there, at least a big one. But these people are enslaved to reptilians and work for them. They are scared of them. This is going to change. Mars will be liberated in the coming years, month ... I don't know.

I had confirmation to tell you as well, that what I knew, I can speak about it now, because this is a settled thing and not endangered operation anymore. The galactic federation of worlds has been deactivating satellites on orbit of earth since a long while, destroying them. Now it is okay to know about it, because the operations are going a good way. These satellites are meant to activate the control of the chipped population of earth. They are being deactivated or/and destroyed.

These are the updates I can give you today. There are people fighting for our freedom above our heads. So i will ask you everyone to do your part of the job, which is: do not give your power away anymore to fear, confusion and manipulation. Gather your consciousness within yourselves and reconnect with the sovereign human being that you are! Many of you, a lot, are even not from here and you came to help. So activate your consciousness, your strength, your power. Do not consent to be used, manipulated – especially not by fear. When fear comes to you stay calm, say “I recognize you and I do not consent that you come near me”. Fear is the enemy, the tool of the enemy.

This message is to give you hope. I will give more updates as soon as I have some. Stand still, stand strong and you have one job: rise your frequency!