5/4/2021 – Message from Thor Han Eredyon

Message from Thor Han Eredyon - Apr 05/2021



This is a message from ThorHan Eredyon, fleet commander and mission coordinator for the galactic federation of worlds. Thor Han asked me to tell you, that he thinks a lot about everyone who has been sending him love and gratitude, words and messages, drawings, music, paintings, artwork. He was very touched by everything. Thor Han is at the moment very busy. He is working with the earth alliance as coordinator for sending troops for the alliance. This is a very stressful task because it involves speaking which soldier is going to send in difficult places.

What he asked me to tell you is that in the coming weeks things are going to get tough. A lot of revelations are still going to come out, things that are not going to be pleasant to see. He asked you to be strong, that these news, even though they won't be pleasant, what you will see must not bring you down, but lift you up with more determination.
More than ever you need to keep your vibration high find a peace within, connect with your own being, and refuse to be sad, to be angry, to be depleted. Instead fight, because you've all asked to be here now, so it's not now no more time to sleep. Now it's time to wake up and fight. Spread your truth, spread information. Stop listening to anything that brings you fear. Stop being dependent from anything emotionally, mentally. Connect with yourselves!

You're gonna see stuff that are going to be very, very disturbing. What you've seen until now it's nothing. Well that's a lot, but there's gonna be more. May this not shock you, not disturb you too much, but instead give you a sense of victory. Because if these things are coming out. If everything you're gonna see is finally visible out in the open, just because we're winning.

We thought the world we were living in the ancient paradigm was nice, peaceful. It was all illusion. It was all the mind tricks. This mind tricks is falling apart. Our allies from the galactic federation and the great councils have been working very hard, to steer up the mud for us, that we see it. And the war that is going on at the moment may be harsh, but it is hopeful. They have hope.

So please yourselves as well, you must be hopeful, because hope is what fuels everything.

I've been shown the future, and the future is magnificent. So please whatever you see in the coming weeks, may this fuel your determination, to rise your frequency as you've never done before, yet rise it! Rise, shine, speak, act, awaken those who still sleep. Rise your frequency. That is all you need to do. And raise it now, if you haven't yet trained how to rise it. because you're gonna need it. And don't worry, this is just the ugly part of the house cleansing, when you get all the old ancient shit, that was stuck under the furnitures. Soon the house will be clean and bright.

Hope is the future. We're making we're making our future.