Elena: We are so delighted. Today is going to be a lot of fun. We're going to be talking to Thor Han about his many travels. Where has Thor Han been and tell us about where you've been and tell us the details of where you've been.

Elisa: Thor Han just announced that to me just few seconds ago, he's not on his own and his brother is with him, his younger brother.

Question: Has Thor Han had ever encountered resting places where souls incarnate to just rest, heal regain energy?

Thor Han: Tell her that the soul doesn't need resting. The soul once decorated goes to a higher place and waits to decide what they are going to do. Healing is more when you have been damaged, and the soul that escapes, is complete. So healing is sometimes just regeneration and a time of peace, because a soul that leaves an avatar is complete.

Question: Do the nearest stars to ashara that we named maya, celano and as asterope, have planets? Do they have life forms?

Thor Han: We haven't terraformed these star systems which are very young, and we would need first to form the stars, who are not completely operational. This requires a lot of energy and time and we do not have the need for this.

Question: Has Thor Han visited titawin, the home of the zen-a and if so, what it was like?

Thor Han: No he's never been there. I've heard it's beautiful.

Question: Has there been any advance life around the stars of the crux southern cross constellation?

Thor Han: Yes, there are many life forms there. Not interacting with your star system, nor your planet, but there are, yes, life forms in this constellation. Quite many. You know life is crawling everywhere in the multiverse.

Elisa: Are they humanoid or more like grays, or just so we have an idea of the kind of beings that there are?

Thor Han: Six civilizations, four humanoid, two are based on carbon but not humanoid. A little bit different.

Question: Have they started to rebuild lyra or vega yet? Will the galactic federation have any part in this?

Thor Han: The star system you name vega is still inhabited by many colonies and civilizations. The constellation you call Lyra harbors an infinity of life forms and is very much inhabited. There is a lot of life and civilizations of different levels in this area of your galaxy.

Question: A certain animal, which is a unicorn – were they ever real?

Thor Han: I have never seen this animal, which doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Question: More information about the nine dimensional erahel and their own continent on era, what does it look like?

Thor Han: Are you talking about the eraheel of ninth density? What do you want to know about them?

Question: Can nine dimensional light beings be twin flames and have offsprings with five-dimensional arahill with bodies?

Thor Han: You cannot reproduce if the densities of existence are different, because the act of reproduction involves two biological bodies on the same frequency and vibration. Otherwise the act of copulation cannot be performed.

Question: Can we get a rundown of all local planets if not just these two. Does the planet mercury have any special chemicals or materials, that would benefit terra? Does pluto have life?

Thor Han: All the planets of your system have resources, who can benefit everyone: minerals and gases, also liquids on some planets. Most of the planets and their satellites are habitable. It has been done so and there is an infinity of life forms already in your star system, that you do not know, because you do not need to know for the moment.
You were asking about mercury. It doesn't have any life forms, neither the small asteroid you call pluto, which is a planetoid. It hasn't got any indigenous life forms, but there are mining outposts there from the federation. We do not plunder the resources, because this planetoid doesn't belong to us. We just have an outpost there, mining the necessary minerals to supply our ship, when it is needed in emergency. Is that answering your question?

Question: Have you come across the Zenay people?

Thor Han: Yes, many times.

Question: How do the Zenay use crystals?

Thor Han: What a strange question. They use it as we all do, to power devices.

Question: What are some of your favorite places to visit in the milky way galaxy, and wy?

Thor Han: This is personal questions, but this one I enjoy and it is my pleasure to reply. My favorite place in the whole Natáru is my home planet, Erra. If you ask me, there are worlds such as andorra, Ognan, Nigsmish

Elisa: What is it that you love about these places?

Thor Han: They are beautiful and the inhabitants are very kind and interesting.

Elisa: Are they humanoid or weird-looking?

Thor Han: We look weird to them, who are non-humanoids. Every creature in this universe is beautiful. Weirdness is ignorance.

Elisa: Are there any planets with an abundance of nature and wildlife, with people living there in harmony with it?

Thor Han: Yes many worlds are like this. Everywhere in the multiverse.

Elisa: So you've been to these beautiful places, Thor Han:

Thor Han: I haven't been everywhere. We must be reasonable. I would need many lifetimes, and to split myself.

Question: When your fleet encounters a civilization, that has been enslaved like earth, what is the strategy to us to assist them?

Thor Han: I report to my superiors at the galactic federation, Ardaana. But normally I do not do surveillance operations. I am just employed to look after this. So if my fleet was to wander in deep space and report a civilization in danger of oppression, I shall report to my superior, and they shall dis ... died in the count at the council level.

Question: Do you communicate through telepathy with animals?

Thor Han: Of course.

Elisa: Do these animals, are they as loyal as they are here, dogs, cats, horses?

Thor Han: What do you mean by loyal?

Elisa: Always by your side, always wanting to be with you, always happy to see you, they don't run away, they want to stay with you.

Thor Han: At the moment you respect all life, all life loves you. If you are in the company of another life form and you display respect, then this other life form will respect you at their turn.

Question: Do you have animals in the station?

Thor Han: We do, in the greenhouses and the gardens. We import life forms from our world.

Question: Does advanced sentient life begin to look more different, the further from our galaxy you go.

Thor Han: This is a strange question, because the evolution of life forms is widespread. This galaxy hasn't got a certain level different from other levels in different galaxies. All life forms have different levels of evolution. Wherever they are. Look only on your planet, where everything is and the levels of communications between the beings in the species will determine the lower levels of evolution. And after communication comes technology, tools, and then the spirit and the religions and the spiritualities. And at the end everything blends into awareness.

Elisa: Have you been to other galaxies, Thor Han.

Thor Han: Yes I have.

Elisa: And how long does it take to go to another galaxy?

Thor Han: We travel by inter-dimensional portals. It doesn't take long. There are portals everywhere.

Elisa: Does it look like our galaxy? Is it kind of the same thing?

Thor Han: You wouldn't know where you are, if you don't have instruments to tell you. We project a target and the portal is always set on the destination. So you know where you go, and you come back.

Elisa: What would be the reason to go to another galaxy?

Thor Han: No other reasons than exploration or diplomatic missions.

Question: Do Laan people display personality traits that could be considered cat-like? What is their relationship to other felines in the universe? Do they like their paws?

Thor Han: No this is not a behavior. They are highly evolved and intelligent beings and they do not behave like animals. They are masters in genetic and science and they have told many people and civilizations. These arts of changing life and creating life. The laan are very respectable, highly developed beings. If you wonder if they behave like terran cats, all I can say is, that they are very graceful in their moves and kind.

Elisa: Elena met Oren. What do you think of oren?

Elena: He was very discreet, very noble and royal and had a lot of presence, kind, settled.

Question: Has Thor Han incarnated in other star systems, or has he always been a pleiadian?

Thor Han: I have incarnated in different star systems.

Elisa: Might want to share?

Thor Han: A few times on terra, but I will not tell because this is private.

Elisa: That's cool, very cool. How different is the plant life on your planet?

Thor Han: Very different. It would take a long time to describe all the life forms.

Question: What planet have you been to? What other planets that you like their music? I know you like our music in terra, but do you have other planets that you enjoy their music?

Thor Han: Nohor are my favorite. They use frequencies of sound that is animated with colors and holographic projections. (Elena: I actually saw that. He was playing that one day recently when I went to visit him. It was like there was a hologram of moving clouds, colors in this whole apartment and there was kind of modulated sounds and it was changing the colors and moving slightly, and you could move in it. So the music was as well colors and light and holograms. It was beautiful.) They use crystals to create their music. They activate the crystals of different shapes by powering them, and the crystals will radiate a vibration with a sound, that will be a different note, and this will create music and harmonics. They play like this. And the crystals float by antigravity, because they are surrounded by the beam of energy, in which they are projected. (Elena: You need to show me that!)

Question: I have heard that only one planet per galaxy can have human life on it=

Thor Han: This is zero correct, this is incorrect.

Elena: I've heard recently a story of a child who sees portal and transport himself. I think it's in dreams. And so I was wondering if the new generation of starchildren can do this travel open portals? Is that something that that would make sense to you? if the children can open portals?

Thor Han: We all have this ability to travel inter-dimensionally, and yes we can open portals. You know well. (it is related shamanism and stuff)

Elisa: So tell me Thor Han of all your travels, anything interesting?

Thor Han: Many interesting things. The food can be different and very interesting experiences, but not only. What I like most is discovering new landscapes, new people and new cultures. I love to learn about how each other lives, and the technology they employ, the music they play and their music instrument. How do they create sound, how do they heal, what does love mean to them, why do they hope, why do they fear, what is their level of emotion? And what is their place in their spirit and in the universe? I am very curious. I do not have time much to visit places, but later when I go. I will.

Elisa: Who do you go with? Do you go by yourself, do you go with your fleet? How do you to these places?

Thor Han: The fleet is assigned to the station. When I go on a mission I take care to make a little detour to visit a world, If I have the authorization. This is when I can visit other places.

Question: Which planets have lots of mountains?

Thor Han: All planets have mountains except those who are submitted to a great pressure. But these ones cannot harbor life, at least not life as you would imagine. Mountains are mainly in every planet in the universe. A Planet is never flat.

Question: Will Thor Han ever retire?

Thor Han: I will leave the military when this war will be over. It will. Because tonight we are speaking about lighter subject. It is a break in my routine. But know that outside the war is raging and it is very severe and harsh. So this little break, speaking about lighter things with you is enjoyable.

Question: What can you tell us about dolphins? Also what can he tell us about aquatic animals in other planets?

Thor Han: I am not exo biologist. the species you have on terra are specific to terra. Every planet has its own structure of life forms and evolution, which are depending on the environment.

Question: What hobbies on earth are most common elsewhere, and what hobbies are unique to earth?

Thor Han:We have different ways of enjoying ourselves: listening to music and playing music is enjoyable, attuning to source and universe is enjoying also. This is what comes to my mind. Playing games, but very different than yours. Games that trigger the mind and open and widen your consciousness.

Questions: Tell us about uranus, the planet. Are there any advanced et species there, has he been there?

Thor Han: There is lots of life forms, indigenous life forms and life forms imported, and also an outpost of the council of five and the federation. The ship gathers to two structures and is in a still stationary position above the ground. We do not want to disturb the primitive life forms.

Question: What does jupiter look like? Have you been there?

Thor Han: Jupiter you can see many pictures and photographs for yourselves in your internet. But what I can tell that you haven't seen is what happens in the atmosphere. It is very tormented, extremely violent and lethal. The gases would kill your life forms. The storms would torn apart your ship. We have the technology to resist to these forces and toxic environments. This is not a good place, nor an enjoyable place. The gravity is extremely important and high. Without our technology you wouldn't survive a minute, even if you are in a ship. Jupiter is a terrible environment, not recommended.

Question: Has Thor Han been to inner earth?

Thor Han: I have been to an outpost of the federation, which I cannot disclose to location. This is all where i've been. There is no inner earth, there is a web of underground places, cities and domains, which are sub surface, deeper than the web of the tunnels used in the war.

Question: Do other planets have religious religions or spiritual beliefs?

Thor Han: Religions are for civilizations of primitive level. When the awareness unfolds and a technological advancement proves, that religions are just belonging to a primitive set of minds. Religion ceases to exist in a societal structure. All cultures when they reach a certain level of consciousness realize, that religion is not a structure that is necessary, and they recognize the belonging to the same creator, source, which is the origin of all consciousness in all the universes. There is no gods, there is no prophets, there is no priests, there is no religion, there is no dogma. only the awareness to be connected all to each other, and to be all a part of immana, source.

Question: Have you ever been on an aquatic planet?

Thor Han: Yes, I have been. These are strange worlds. You have one in your solar system, you call it Enceladus. It is populated by a lot of life forms. Now you need not to know, because you are not ready to respect them.

Elisa: When we're talking about an aquatic planet, does that mean like there's no land at?

Thor Han: No land or very few.

Elisa: So it's all aquatic beings?

Thor Han: Yes.

Some planets have underwater cities and cultures. But they are in amphibians, so these cities do not consist in biodomes. It is all open and the structures are houses and buildings, where the people swims free.

Elisa: So when you visit those planets, what are you like do you go underwater in your ship, or like how does that work?

Thor Han: On these planets they have facilities, where they welcome us and we are both in our different environments. If we want to have interactions with the locals, we need to wear environmental suits.

Question: Have you been to Saturn, and if so what is the large hexagonal shape that can be seen there?

Thor Han: Saturn is not a place I like to go. But the gravity and the way it spins creates certain distortions in the clouds, it is all geometrical forces and sometimes the pull can form at the difference of temperature an hexagonal form, that is typical of difference of currents in the air, and the atmosphere at the contact of cold masses and hot masses, combined to a certain spin speed of spin.

Elisa: Is there some type of large hexagonal shape on it that can be seen from far away?

Thor Han: The poles.

Question: Do they go to the beach on Erra? Have a beach day with family kind of thing like we do here?

Thor Han: We have beaches, beautiful ones and as the population is very regulated there, is always room for everyone to contemplate the beauties of nature. Of course we go with our families and enjoy our times together.

Question: What types of governments do other planets have?

Thor Han: This is an infinite question to answer. It depends on the level of evolution of the structure of the society. Some will have tribal societies, monarchies, empires and sometimes empires can survive as a structure, even if the technology grows, and the empire only prevails and remains, if the structure of the empire is dictatorial and tyrannic. Otherwise if it is not, empires fall and then become comes the age of federations. And this is, where we are.

Elena: Is there a higher level above federated structure?

Thor Han: No.

Question: I know you've been to venus, so tell us about it.

Thor Han: Venus is a little world, where you wouldn't leave and stay for a second. Let us say two seconds. You would be destroyed by the acidic atmosphere. Everyone on venus lives in underground bases and under biodomes. Venus is composed of a shield of sulfuric acid, which protects the environment from aggressions from outside. This shield of sulfuric acid has been engineered to protect the planet after the great disaster, that wiped out all life forms.

The taal mainly and the ashkeru rule on venus, we call it nara. So the naaru are a mix of different different colonies. There is a council over all the cities and the colonies, and this council is a detachment of the council of five. The federated representative of these cities and colonies have gatherings on a mother ship in orbit of Nara. There is a rulership from the council of five and an outpost of the federation. It is a federated world with representatives, one for each city. You would qualify them as prefects.

Question: Maybe he was here during atlantis?

Thor Han: Yes I was, but not in this living form.

Elisa: Can he tell us more?

Thor Han: This is private.

Elena: Jen Han, hi's brother, asked if he can answer a question, and Thor Han allows him so.

Elisa: Tell us about himself, tell us about what you like to do? Are you going to follow in Thor hans footsteps of going to the federation? But first would be tell us about yourself.

Jen Han: That's a lot of questions. (He's speaking to Thor Han and I just hear him and see him, and Thor Han repeats my words to him). I come from Erra, I was born there. I have artistic skills very much developed. I would like to enter the pilot academy, but my brother says it is dangerous. So I will not do it, because I know he loves me and this is the voice of his reason. He is very wise and he knows better than me so, I will persevere in teaching arts and the arts of energies, how to sculpt the fabric of the universe into beautiful shapes and open portals in the void, to create life forms of beauty.

Elisa: So will you be terraforming?

Jen Han: I want to learn this skill.

Thor Han says, this is a lot of science, learning. But I will learn. I am young and this is a passion. And then I can travel, not as a pilot for the federation, but to see new worlds and other places. This is why I wanted to be here tonight to listen to the conversation of my brother. (He loves his brother so much.)

Jen Han: You only need to find the keys of decrypting the structure or the fabric of the universe and when you have the codes, you rearrange them, to create material materials and shapes and fields, that can contain the material and create atmospheres and bio systems life, And the rules of functioning of the universe can then be contained in a micro system, such as a planet. I have learned in my formation, how to form a star system. But I do not know yet, how to form a star. Manahu is a place which is the best place to learn about these things. So I am considering myself lucky to live there. It is an open school, (Elena: Manahu it's how they call the plajades star cluster. It is a formation, so they can sit different stages and they can train.)