3/3/2021 – High Commander Ardaana - Galactic Federation of Worlds

High Commander Ardaana, in one of the orbital stations of the galactic federation of worlds

Elena: I am going to channel for her to pass a message that she wants to pass. She insists that it is a channeling, not telepathic. And after her message and I will stay in communication with her telepathically, Thor Han is nearby as well, and she will answer your questions.

Ardaana: I am addressing to the people of Terra. My name is Ardaana, I am high commander supervisor of the military station of the galactic federation of worlds, adressing to you tonight. I have been longing to pass this message since quite a long time. I have been watching you. I am in charge of commanding the armies, who work alongside with your armies, what you and I have named the earth alliance, the alliance of our two species, working together. We are helping you clearing the filth underneath your ground. We are helping you clearing your skies from all intrusions.
We are in a good way. We have been doing this since very long time. And since very long time we have been watching you. We are not only the watchers, we are the fighters, the guides, the helpers. Since our attention was brought to your little world at the fringe of this galaxy, we have been putting our forces, well some contingents to help you, to help you avoid a fatal outcome.
The and Andromeda council had foreseen your bad misfortunate future, but they are not warriors. So they brought our attention to you. We are now helping you.
We have warned you several times, never have you listened. Now you cry, but we are still here. We are not giving up on you. This is a war that has started not by us, not by you, but by a very, very dark alliance, the Nebu from a very far away zone. You call it orion, we call it Uruána. This alliance is an alliance of six malevolent species, all of the constitution that you call greys. We call them and they call themselves Nebu. They had an eye on your planet since very long time and they tricked you, as they tricked many worlds. But we were there to help you, to give you the choice and the balance, because we go by balance. We are not working for light, we are not working for dark. Understand this. We work for balance and justice. Dark is a destructive force, light is a creative force. We work to preserve the balance between both, that the balance is right and just that life strives in the good way of evolution, your evolution.

Now it is a war and my message today is about trust. Trust that we are here. We have been here since many decades of your years, fighting for you. All are personal on our four stations in your solar system are all far from their families. Many of them have died to save your civilization, because they felt the call of duty in their heart. For us what you call death is just the decoperation. We come back. We are eternal as you are don't forget this.

(Noise in the transmission) Interferences, this is not surprising. In this war the enemy, the Nebu and the Ciakahrr are working, to keep you enslaved to their will, to lock down your frequency into a level that is equal to them and a bit lower. They do not want you to evolve.

You were more advanced before they arrive, you were more high on your evolution. They brought you down. We are working to wake you up, to put in front of your eyes what needs to be put, that you see it and that you wake up. We are here to help you, sometimes help hurts, because it is for your greater good. Because once you wake up, as you do, you are above them, the Nebu the Ciakahrr and all their allies and you rise your frequency, and you are free. And we are helping you in this liberation, and your enemies who are our enemies as well, these enemies have understood that now you see it.

The great awakening of your species is unstoppable, it has passed the threshold, and now they are frightened. The Nebu and the Ciakahrr are frightened of you, you all who listen to me. They are the one who fear, not you. They try to mind trick you. Forget about them, think about you.
They try to distract you by many ways. They have recently started to tell you that the galactic federation of worlds is your enemy, and that the alliance of the Nebu is your savior. This is their last chance. They try all their tricks all, their weapons, and the best weapons are mind control, distractions, fear. They're frightening you, they're spreading confusion.
And this I wanted to tell you: Do not listen, follow what your spirit feels is right. to follow. Are the Nebu spreading love? Are the Ciakahrrs spreading love? See what is happening. The galactic federation of world is working for you with you we are your allies. It is war and propaganda against the opponent, is a common thing in war. The Nebu are very very talented in mind manipulation. It works but it will not work long, because the truth always comes and we will work for this. We have speeded up all our tactics which I will not disclose.

I will just say this: All the technology we have been given to you and that has been retained by the dark ones, who control you, this technology is now being liberated and you will have access to this technology very soon, because the Nebu and the Ciakahrr are losing. Consider they lost already, but this war is not over. We've liberated your satellite. More needs to be done. We are still fighting in space and under your ground.

This war is on many levels, not only physical, it is psychological also and spiritual, three, it always goes by three. My message for tonight was to explain this to you very quickly, but mainly to tell that we are your allies. We always where and we will never give up on you. I have now spoken. I will redraw this communication to answer questions via telepathy. I am your friend. I am a woman. My heart feels for your children and I will never give up on them. You have my word, you have my heart. This is a promise and this will be done. I salute you. Keep faith.

Elena: She disconnected.

Elisa: It really comes through the type of passion that she has for us and how much they do for us, that we're not aware. So right the idea is that people understand, that the galactic federation is here to help us and if there are any channelers or people that are spreading any other message, then it's time to not listen to them anymore, obviously, because it's it's not the truth. It's not the truth and as she was explaining and as Thor Nan has explained to me many times, it's a war and the first thing in the war you're going to discourage the troops of your opponent by telling them, that their allies are bad.

So I have a question for her. She talked about how the galactic federation of worlds, they work for balance. My question is, how do they know when they're is this balance? Is it like energy like the energy is felt, or how do how?

Ardaana: We know it by our sensors. It is a measure that calls for action. We also when a species is threatened, it is dysbalance when the course of evolution is not respected and outrage is done to a population to stop their evolution. This is dysbalance. This is how we know.

A war is necessary to create a dynamic, to trigger a fight, a response and this is evolution. This we don't intervene. But when a highly civilized species goes and comquere a world, that is outnumbered this is not balance. So we need to do something.

Elena: I see waves ,like waves of light, like when you know shuman resonance, it's like that kind of drawing. I see like holographic a bit.

Thor Han: That's how we measure the balance of space continuum, fhe fabric of cosmos. We see from far, when there is a strong disbalance somewhere in the galaxy. The whole galaxy is a living being, conscious and when there's dysbalance it's like a pain, and this instrument measures it.

Elisa: We had heard from Annex, that orion was worse than earth. So are they also involved in helping uruána as well?

Ardaana: The council of five takes care of this. We cannot come in the Orion zone, this will start a war. We don't know, if we can win this one. The council of five does it differently. We can stay in the outskirts of the Nebu zone. If we come inside, the forces of uruána are much superior to ours. We do not attempt it.

Elisa: How does she like doing, what she does? How long has she been doing that?

Ardaana: I've been doing that since a long time. When I was a young girl I was an officer for the galactic federation, and I loved my work so much, that I worked very hard. (She has an emotional moment) I met someone, I encountered my husband, we married, we had a daughter and then he died in a war against the Ciakahrr. He's held prisoner and they killed him. This is why I decided to become war chief and revenge him. I worked hard and I became high commander of an army. This is what motivated my ascension into the grades of the federation.
Now when I see, that something is wrong, I can't wait to help and save lives, because there are husbands, spouses and children and I wish, that no more couples would be parted. This is why and how I came to be who I am today.

Elisa: But it also shows everybody the kind of sacrifice that these people are doing for us and I want her to know, that people on the chat, they're so thankful for her! I want her to know that, that we do appreciate it immensely

Ardaana: Thank you. I will do anything for you. This is my duty.

Elisa: And I hope I'm here as an envoy, doing the same. So we're here to help as well.

Ardaana: That's what why you came. You are the ground army, you decided so. You are helping as much. Many of you die as well in this war.
This will soon be over. You are all fighting well. Your first enemy is fear and confusion.

Question: If high density plejadens able to serve the federation as travelers the way annex does as an ohoran for the council of five.

Ardaana: Yes, they do. There are many different densities of existence, all part of the same family. We are all helping each other, working for balance.


Question: More information on using Vril as energy for electronic devices. If we charge the crystal with the Vril, can it be used as a battery?

Ardaana: Yes of course, you can do this. I think you have been explained this method recently. I followed your transmissions. Annax told you this.
Not all crystals can store Vril. But this is only for storage. Crystals need to be inserted in devices, they are only storage to harvest Vril. They can also harvest consciousness and many other things, memory also.

Question: On earth there have been many wars and even the galactic federation of worlds is involved in in this. Will war ever stop on earth and off earth or this is always part of life?

Ardaana: Conflict brings dynamics necessary for evolution, but your wars will come down to a reasonable level, very tiny. You need conflict to evolve always. It triggers each other and the trigger is what makes you being a better person, stronger, more intelligent, clever, more inventive. So there will be always conflicts, but way less, in a healthy way.

Question: Does a commander educational process also consist of an emotional training next to flight technical training?

Ardaana: Absolutely. The emotions are to be tamed, never suppressed, this is the mistake you think. Emotions are not suppressed. They are tamed and used for better productivity, efficiency. Emotions are not obstacles in the way to learning. They are tools for learning and they become weapons and enable fantastic possibilities. We learn how to tame them to control them and to use them, healthily efficiently. Training as you said a pilot. Emotions are to be very well controlled, because pilot use mind and emotions don't interfere with mind. Would you like to know more about these techniques?

Elisa: I never thought about it. But you're right, if you have a pilot who's piloting a ship, and his emotions get in the way, I would think that that would affect the way he can fly.

Elena: Thor Han is listening, they're both laughing. Thor Han asked, if he can answer that. Yes of course because, you're a pilot. She said to him, you want to take my place one day? She allows him to speak.

Thor Han: I can teach you about piloting methods. The way we control our emotions: we channel them in a very sharp direction, to make them very accurate and use them as a beam of energy to focus our mind towards the controls of the ship. Consciousness can be concentrated throughout the dynamics of emotions. Emotions are a tool or I would say an ability to shape reality, to shape consciousness and to direct the controls of a ship. Emotions are very linked with intention. When you couple intention with emotion you give power to intention. It is like a fuel as you say on earth, it is powering your intention and having effect on the real matter, and the controls. This was my technical minute.

Question: Elon Musk is putting a lot of satellites into the sky. What happens to them, don't they create a great deal of space trash? What are the consequences for us all?

Ardaana: The satellites are put in orbit to control you and to act as devices, linking with the mother computer under your ground, that is not yet activated. We will not let this mother be activated. It is at the moment under control. We haven't destroyed it yet. It cannot be destroyed well. We could but we will not, because it will be very harmful for the environment in the periphery of this explosion. So the target is to dismantle it.
The satellites put by this person whom you mentioned, are not of help for you. They are meant to work at keeping down the frequency of your consciousness, to make you sleepy and controllable by the great computer, the mother. We are working to prevent this. I will not disclose further. They are listening.

Elisa: Sometimes in the morning I wake up like with this feeling of like “okay i'm done today. i'm done with this, I just want to end it al”l and then I get myself out of it and I feel now, that i'm talking to other people, that this is happening to them as well. So I know that we are getting messages sent to you?

Ardaana: There are two sources: one is the fears that are spread and the confusion throughout the media, that influence you to lose faith in the good outcome, make you wary, heavy heart and confused. The second source is the devices that broadcast all this field of artificial thoughts. This is relayed by the towers. You have so many towers. They've installed these devices, broadcasting way more than internet, way more, on more levels, subtitle levels, conscious levels.
It is the mind controlling broadcasting field that is impacting onto your thoughts. This is very harmful, but you can identify it. If it makes you feel sad, bad, scared, lost, discouraged. This is it. Fight it by finding in your heart, the sparkle of hope and why you came. You came to help because you knew, there was a chance, otherwise you wouldn't have come. You knew it was going to be hard, it is a war and the war is difficult. Be brave. Fight back with good thoughts against these towers and it will be all good. Is this answering your request?

Elisa: I was trying to get more detail into exactly what are they broadcasting for us to to feel?

Ardaana: There's just broadcasting a specific frequency. It is a frequency that lowers down yours and it lowers your frequency to all the feelings, that are on a very low vibration.

Question: We as star seeds are here on earth for thousandsof years to fulfill our missions that the pleiades and other races kept contact with us and traced us to help in case of abductions and dark intervention against our will.

Ardaana: What do you want to know?

Question: Did the pleiades and other races keep contact with us or traced us to help in case of abduction and dark intervention against our will for thousands of years, so that we could fulfill our mission?

Ardaana: The galactic federation of worlds has been doing this for a very long time, not only the species from a system in what you call pleiades, so the species of Ashara are part of the galactic federation. I am from ashara. We are very good at military operations. This is why most of our officers are ahil, taal, ummit, meton. There are so many races helping you doing this work.

Question: There were earthquakes today of new zealand at about an eight magnitude. Is this natural or not?

Ardaana: There are a lot of fights going on everywhere and this triggers the tectonic balance on some places on your planet. Sometimes unstable tectonic points are disbalanced when unfortunate explosions occur. This is war, this is unfortunate.

Question: What is IL hybrid program?

Ardaana: There are many hybrid programs, performed by either council of five and the Nebu for different purposes. The name with the letters IL I do not know. Is it something from Terra? It could be, but I would know about it.

Elisa: I have no idea. When this person was younger they were abducted with implants but a while ago some entities kept trying to persuade the person to go to their starseed academy. Are those academies real?

Ardaana: I don't know what you are talking about.

Question: What connection with solar activity are earthquakes, caused by the sun earth electric circuit?

Ardaana: Your planet is very intertwined with your star activity. You are in a star minimum activity. This is cyclic and with the cycles of your star your tectonic activity is influenced, because your field the magnetic field of your planet terra is interdependent with the magnetic field of your star. It is very close, you are within it, so any variations, any activity within your star due to the dynamics within it, the movements of the fluids of the plasma. It impacts on a gravity push to your planet and the electromagnetic activity is magnified and triggers the magnetic field of your planet. Magnetism/ gravity is all interdependent. All the planets are dependent on the activity of their star. The farther you go the less it impacts, but your planet is very near to your star.

Elisa: Ardaana is there anything you want to leave us with any thoughts, any messages?

Ardaana: I want to tell to stop being scared, to believe in themselves instead of believing in leaders, world politics, religions, the old and the new ones. Look within yourselves. You have all the answers. But I think we have been telling you this already many times. Always ask advice to your higher being, your consciousness, that you call the higher self. Higher in frequency, higher in knowledge. When you look for an answer, do not seek outside with other persons with a religion, seek within you. If you connect to the consciousness of the collective universal, you have all the answers. You call it download. It would be better to call it “to plug into the field consciousness of the universe”. You all are able to do, this it is your constitution. Reptile is why they fear you and they want to stop you. They will not stop you. Now we know it. What the end Andromedan council had foreseen. We have nearly erased this fear and it is now time. Then you stand up, you rise in the horizon of your future as adult species and then you look up, and we are here.
We always have been here beside you.

My last words are: trust your heart.