28/2/2021 – To unsung heroes and unconditional love


Hello brothers and sisters on earth. This is Elena Danaan, author of “A gift from the stars”. I was rescued as I was a child by wonderful people who are looking after humanity behind the scenes, discreetly. but efficiently. They do not let themselves know, because they want us to wake up and evolve and do our homeworks and learn about everything, we need to evolve and to open our consciousness.
When I was a child I was taken by grays from the malevolent orion alliance of greas, the alliance of the sixth. People rescued me, extraterrestrials, benevolent ones from a wonderful organization who looks after justice and balance in the galaxy, the galactic federation of worlds. These people with whom I have kept contact all my life and still to this day, our wise brave people. Tt is a federation of peaceful worlds, who have reached a level of civilization in which they are able to share knowledge. And they can't wait, that us as well we join them and share the knowledge they have to give us.

They already have started giving us this knowledge: In 1954 they warned many governments on earth not to associate with the orion alliance of the six, the greas, who are coming on earth, with also the reptilians. But that is another story. The reptilians were already there and just enforced their presence, when the greys just came in.

The galactic federation of worlds has been looking after us as members of the same galactic family. They have kept us alive all this time. They have kept humanity standing up on their feet. They have dismantled nuclear devices a lot. They have tried the most as they could to avoid those catastrophes.There are many dramas in the world, but there would be many more, if they weren't there.

Their purpose is balance and free will. At the moment this planet earth is subject ground to a despicable war that operates on many levels, not only physically, but etherically and mentally. The grays, the Nebu the grays of from orion are known to be very deceitful, and very, very manipulative. This is their best ability. They can mind trick you very easily. They can mess up with your mind so well.
Look at what happened recently and the purpose of this communication that i'm making now. Humanity has grown up and is about to enter adulthood and free themselves from the chains of slavery, free will.

Why did the alliance of grays, which are a powerful military force needed to do agreements to take over earth? They could as well have just come and taken. If they haven't invaded earth in the 1940s as they could have, they could throw this planet out of orbit, you know, they're so powerful. But it didn't. Why? Because of the presence of the galactic federation of worlds. If the orion alliance of the grays had taken over earth by force, they would have started war with the galactic federation who wouldn't have tolerated that. So they did it differently.
They used the common law of the universe in which they all believe, all species, the law of free will. They got the earth people to agree to be invaded. Then the galactic federation couldn't do anything. So at that moment the galactic federation sent envoice to meet as well with the world leaders in 1954, to tell them, do not sign with the greys, they are they're going to trick you, they've done that on so many worlds already. They find greedy leaders and they offer them technology in exchange of the authorization to settle under your ground and do horrible things, and you won't be able to control it, you become their slaves. They've done that, they do that everywhere.

But some military institutions on earth decide to go with the grays, because the grace were offering juicy military technology and weapons. The galactic federation in exchange was offering free energy, medical technology and disarmament of all the weapons and help to federate as a peaceful world. The world industries didn't want that. Many industries make money and profit on fossil fuels and war.
So they went, no, why would we do that and go bankrupt? Free will. We decide. This is the law of evolution, nothing is forced. So the galactic federation of world said, okay, we cannot do more. If we chase the grays it will be a war, and the earth will be a battlefield. Nobody wants the earth to be a battlefield between two powerful, three actually with the Ciakahrr the reptilians, nobody wants the earth to be the battlefield of this war. That will blow the planet up.

So the galactic federation of worlds patiently has been working behind the scenes to wake us up, sending envoys, star seeds as we say, doing everything they could. Now at the moment they are working at revealing the dark that we see, who is who, who plays which games, because then when we see what is happening, who are our enemies, we can fight them and we can say No in a war.

In this ugly war for the liberation of humankind all tricks are permitted, as in every war. And the first action of the enemy in a war is to go discourage the troops of your opponent. The enemy is spreading confusion and chaos in your minds, that you don't know, where you are anymore, that you don't know, who is your allies and that you think, that your allies to whom you can ask help is your enemy. That's what is happening at the moment.

There are powerful groups, which are not your friends, manipulating people throughout social medias to spread fake information, anti-propaganda against the galactic federation of worlds, the only one who wants to save humanity and who are acting like mad behind the scenes. They are in the underground fighting with people, they are in orbit of earth as well. They are everywhere and they are working hard and sacrificing their lives. Many of them die for us.
I've seen fights against Kiili Tokurt, against Maitra, against many other species who are malevolent and part of the alliance of the six, the grey alliance and reptilians as well.

So what what happened is, recently humanity has started awakening. We never heard about the galactic federation before, because they were discreet. Recently in this great awakening, in this great liberation of humankind, helped by the galactic federation. There has been a level passed again, when humanity just realized, that they were sovereign beings, and that they were always in power and that had the power to say No to the invaders, and to request assistance to our brothers and sisters of the galactic federation of worlds. They are waiting for that, that we ask by ourselves assistants. Not that they save us, because it's us to do the job of opening our consciousness and evolving in a higher vibration. But they are here to assist us.

I have met with Valiant Thor, which his real name is commander val thor, a taal extraterrestrial living on venus, who knows a lot of the earth stories and affairs. He said to me, we cannot liberate a slave who hold on to his chains. He said to me, you have free will. Go out, look at the sky and stand up as equal your feet on the ground and request assistance to the galactic federation of worlds. They already assist us, they're already working a lot. But the fact that you say it, will rescind the agreements made with the grays by your governments on your behalf. It's a way to say “I wasn't okay for that. I do not consent alliance with the grays. I never did. My species, human, never did. But I request as an equal to be member of the greater galactic community, as an evolved member, part of the galactic federation of worlds, since humanity has started realizing they could stand as equal with these higher beings and standing as equal with these higher beings of the galactic federation” rises your vibration and the grayse cannot and the reptilians cannot reach out to you anymore. You are free, you free yourselves up by agreeing as equal with these beings of the federation by considering yourself as equal to them, not as slaves.

Since I spread this message, the enemy fought back. Suddenly like this, suddenly out of nowhere many influential social media, youtubers or personalities suddenly started to speak about “oh the galactic federation of world is evil, do not trust them. They are working with the cabal, they want your bad, instead trust the greys, and there are good reptilians too” That's what they say.

How obvious is that? this is the tactic of the enemy. This is typical you are going to discourage people and spread confusion that they don't request help to their allies. and they just do that and stay in a state of a slave.
Do not listen! This is manipulation. These people have their informations via internet, via dodgy sites on internet. The informations I have is from firsthand physical contact with real extraterrestrials from the federation. I have also in my accountances people, who have met the greys, who have met the federation, and who knows as well.
But I know, I experienced all this. They saved my life, they are wonderful, I have regular contact with them, and they are asking you to stop listening to the voices outside and to listen to your own heart. In time the truth always comes out. Let the enemy panic and spread confusion. Do not listen to this noise. This too shall pass.

The galactic federation of worlds is your allie in this world, and in this war. What is called “the alliance” is something else. The “united alliance” is the alliance of humanoid races from the altair system, they are tall white beings, very dodgy. They have ties with the Ciakahrr reptilian empire, with the greys, they work with the nazis, the thule society, they work with the deep state in cabal and they are not your friends.

There is another group in the in the pleiades, the alkyoni star which is now named jahya. On in this star system there are pleiadian people who are taal. Thay are renegades, they've turned to the bad and they have allied with reptilians. And this renegade group is very malevolent. See, not everyone in the pleiades is good. And they are manipulating certain people via internet and medias on earth, spreading confusion and saying that the other pleiadians, with whom they are and they have problems, the ones from taigita/ashara, erra are bad. This is pathetic. How can you listen to that?

When you meet these beings from the galactic federation the Ahel from erra, the arcturians, the all of these beings. Can't you feel the love, can't you realize the help that they are giving you personally and to the earth, can you feel this love? So any other spitful tell talking about putting dirt on their names – just refuse it. Stop listening to confusion.

Suddenly, this has come from nowhere, suddenly everybody says that the galactic federation is bad. Not everybody, but in just influential people on internet. Doesn't that raise your ear? Why now? Why just when people say that the galactic federation of world can help you, if we decide well this already do but we can rescind the agreements with the invaders if we just stand up and consider ourselves their equal as part of them, request membership. Suddenly, suddenly as people like me speaks like that. other suddenly, boom it appear from nowhere, influential people on internet, especially youtube, start to say “oh no, they're bad. don't go there”. They never said that before. So that tells you that the enemy panics.
They don't want humanity to associate with our allies willingly. They want to mess up with your mind. So anything anybody who says, that the galactic federation of world is evil, is manipulated by the grey Nebu orion alliance, the very manipulative ones, and these people are maybe also victims some of them. So some of these people are listening to me.
Listen to your heart stop, stop, stop. Get on with your lives, as I get on with mine and focus on yourself. This is my message and I hope this will help.

There are beautiful beings, helping us since a very long time. If we are still alive today it is thanks to the galactic federation of worlds. We have free will.

We have the power of standing up on our feet as sovereign beings and request membership to the galactic federation of worlds, officially, all humanity, and this will save us definitely from the grays and the reptilian and the deep state and the cabal and everything. That is why they don't want us to do, that they want us to believe the federation is our enemy. That's typical typical.

So this is it. And doing so you will raise your vibration at the level of a more evolved species. And you will be untouchable by the grays who strive on a lower level vibration. You will have one, and by being members of the galactic federation of worlds, we will be protected, even more. And the greys and reptilians will have lost. Think what is right to your heart, what does your heart say?

I love you.