26/2/2021 – We are all equals

Message from Thor Han

Hi everyone,

this is a message on behalf of Thor Han, my contact from the Galactic federation of worlds, the man who rescued me when I was a child, and with whom I communicate very often. There is a topic that he is very keen about, and he asked me to spread again this message.

These people from other worlds, working for us, with us, guiding us, part of a galactic federation are not superior or better than us from earth. They are just people like us, and the only difference is that they are born somewhere else. They have a different technology, different cultures but they are just people like us. Maybe they don't look like, us maybe they speak different languages that we don't understand, maybe sometimes they communicate in different ways, they use different tools, different vehicles, different energies to power their technologies. But somehow they are beings like us.

We're all equal in this universe, in this galaxy. Whatever the level of evolution of the world, that doesn't make us inferior. A child on its path of learning will not be inferior as a being, than the adult who knows a little bit more and has more experience. The child in the process of learning will be equal as a sovereign being to the adult, who follows its steps and guide them with a loving heart, holding hand in the trails of life, paying attention that the child stays safe. And even if the child tumble, the adult in love will allow the child to fall, because the adult knows, it is part of the learning. That doesn't make the adult a superior being. It makes the adult another equal being, that has a different task

Thor Han insists, that you do not put him on a pedestal. Thor Han is an Ahel being from planet erra in the pleiades, and even though he looked different, if he looks different he's not different inside than all of us. Do not try to idolize him as a galactic supra being, you would like so much to communicate with him. He's just a person, a normal person, an officer in a military organization. He is not a guru, he's not all-knowing wise. And neither is Annax.

So you wanted so badly to escape to a condition of slave from the deep state. It is not to fall again into another state of slavery, putting yourself as an inferior being, willingly regarding to people who have different technologies, that you don't understand. Your ancestors were doing that, because they couldn't understand, the were putting these beings as gods or superior beings. It's not because you you don't have the elements to understand that technology that you are inferior. You're just ignorant and that doesn't mean you are inferior. Ignorance and knowledge doesn't make people inferior or superior. We're all equals.

I do not know about the secrets of, this science or this other science on earth. This doesn't make me somebody inferior as a state of being than the scientist, who will have studied all his life, to have this knowledge to gain this knowledge. No we're equal as beings, free individuals, and so are we all on earth equal, equally free sovereign individuals as these alien beings from other planets, who are above us.

Considering this aspect and this perspective we understand, that we are not inferior as slaves to the greys and reptilians, who have superior military forces and technology. We are not inferior to them as beings. Inferior in technology, when it comes to war, but not inferior as sovereign beings. We're not superior as them as well, we're all equal. So quitting a system such as the deep state, to put yourself again on your knees, adoring worshiping beings, that are different is to willingly put yourself again in an abusive emotional position as a slave. Val thor told me, we cannot unfortunately liberate a slave who holds on to his chains. Don't put yourself on your knees in front of a government a religion. Even new age gurus. I mean in these groups now. Everybody wants to be free from the deep states. Brilliant! So they are going to find answers outside instead of finding them inside. Why are you joining these groups, spiritual groups on social medias, who are putting you as an inferior worshiper. You're waiting for this knowledge and you're going to take everything word for word, and all the prediction and you're going to create a dependence, putting yourself in an inferior position.
That's not what our allies, our galactic family wants. They want us to stand up for ourselves. You know in your heart what is right.

So this my message for today on behalf of Thor Han. He precisely asked me to tell you this. Stand up on your feet! It is now time that you do not kneel anymore in front of any thing or anyone. It is time humanity when you step into your own power. Victory.