25/2/2021 – NOWLEDGE IS POWER! Contact with Thor Han

Elisa: There is some information misinformation, that's been put out there and I want to make sure, that we clear up any confusion regarding these misinformation. I do not want to see any channelers names, I just want to see facts. I just want to see exactly what they said and then we'll ask. I do not care, who said it. I just care about the fact itself. So we're not here to bash anybody. [...]

Elena: Elisa and I just thought about this topic tonight, because times are more and more uncertain and confused, and people are more and more confused, and we are noticing a lot of misleading information.

Thor Han: Tell them that I love them, even though they are a bit scared sometimes, they are scared about what is happening on their planet. They are scared for two reasons: because of the fear imposed into the though field of the planet and also the fear that they feel in front of the unknown.
I have of course a message, which is to stand strong in the wind. This war is not over, whatever you hear, and I am content to tell you all the answers, I can provide for you to clear your misunderstanding.
We have liberated many outposts of Uruan alliance on Terra, on your satellite, other places. Terra is not yet clean. More dark will show. Tell them not to be desperate and sad and scared. This follows the revelation. Your revelation, when the light disintegrates, the shadow dust (I like to speak like an Annax) I am just speaking about the dark ones, deep hidden government of terra and the occupants. I was trying to be interesting.

Elisa: There are a lot of people that say they channel other species. How can we detect or identify if someone is telling the truth or is trying to manipulate people.

Thor Han: It is very simple. Everything that generates fear comes from the reptilian entities or those you call the Orion entities, beings, persons, species. When the message is filled with anxiety, when the message is promises, that everybody is expecting and these promises are too beautiful. There is only one very beautiful promise. It is that you terran species will win this battle and your future will be bright, happy, united in several countries in peace. This is the good news, revelation. Anything else is imagination or manipulation. It is difficult for you to know, if a person who speaks to you, is transmitting a benevolent or not being. It is the message that will translate the aim and the nature of this being or group of being.
When someone is transmitting a benevolent message, it is always from one single being. The manipulators are groups. I know no more.

Elisa: Someone said that the galactic federation of worlds has a list of the people that they talk to. is that correct?

Thor Han: Yes it is correct.

Elisa: Is is there any way to know, if certain people are on that list?

Thor Han: Never we disclose, for the safety.

Elisa: There is a contact saying that he's a Taygatan, who can move from the third density to the 12th density.

Thor Han: Know that he's insane. You cannot reach the 12th density like this. You need evolution and progress through consciousness, because 12 has no avatar. Avatar stops at 9 degree of density in your universe.

Taygetan is not a name, it is made from your planet, the name of the star system is not Taygeta. People living there are not named Taygetan. This is Terran mythology. It was a beautiful young woman from greek, Taygeta. I know no more.

Elisa: What is the most simple way that we can explain the reasons, of why we come to earth and where we're heading in the near future?

Thor Han: Evolution is the key. You come to terra either to learn, either to help.

Elisa: In many groups they're saying now that if people do not awaken, they will not be saved and they're also saying that children and animals will now move from 3d to 5d,

Thor Han: Now I need to tell you, that this is to fear, this is to scare you. The evolution of consciousness is a natural process that concerns every living form on a specific planet. Every individual, whatever the species they belong to, evolves at its own pace. Everyone sooner or later will reach a higher level of consciousness regarding to their personal evolution. Ancient traditions and religions on your planet, I know that, have broadcasted fear to control populations. If the populations where obedient to the masters, spiritual masters, they would go to a paradise. If they wouldn't succeed to do as the masters say, they will stay behind in - they call it hell.
This is the same method employed nowadays in the spiritual communities, the new ones. To get the people to follow the masters, the guides. And if they do not succeed they have the threat, that they fear to be left behind. So it binds them emotionally in fear to the masters.
Animals, plants, every living thing on this planet will evolve. It is ignorance to believe that some life forms will evolve, not others, because this shift concerns the whole planet.

Elisa: How would you explain, we call them angels, those beings that we see in paintings, that are like humans with wings. Who are they?

Thor Han: I have explained this to you many times. There are different things. They are high spirits of your planet, looking after the higher states of spirits. But they are also misinterpretations of contacts with our species before, as I explained it already. These people were mistaken for angels and wings signified, that they could fly. But in fact it was people from other worlds and they could fly in ships, and the population were ignorant, represented them with wings to signify that they could fly. And to signify that they were of another divine nature. We are not divine and also we are all divine.

I want to tell about the orion alliance. Do not trust anyone, who tells you, that you need to trust the Orion alliance, real name is uruana. These species are grays of different appearances and they occupy your planet, especially underground. Now being cast out, but still they are there and also they are trying to get the moon back, but it is impossible. These species from what you call orion are very skilled at manipulation. These species have manipulated humanity's consciousness since many decades. They still very intelligently manipulate key persons who have power of mind, of spirit on populations. They will get these influent people by controlling them, to make the population believe that they need to turn towards them, trust them, and obey them. There is a manipulation that goes around, that I have not me, but our services noticed, this is about the belief that the Orion species will help Terrans to shift into a higher consciousness by portals, that humans on terra need to follow them in portals, because this is what they will try to do free will, manipulating free will, free decision. And if you say yes if this general belief takes roots it will influence influence the free will of the terrans. Never ever believe that you need to trust in either the species of the alliance of the sixth orion or the Ciakahrr reptilians. They are still food in your undergrounds. There are many reptilian, reptiloid species very benevolent, even in the galactic federation of worlds. But those on Terra are your doom. Never trust anything reptiloid non-local to your planet. This I wanted to say because I have heard it many times.

Elisa: That it's freaking people out, because there are some star seeds that come from orion, or they have been told that they're starseeds from orion.

Thor Han: Annax comes from orion.

I was speaking about the alliance of the six. The six Grey races called Nebu. These ones represent the orion alliance, uruana, those who have contacted your government1940 to 1960 on terra, and they are those who are active under your ground and at war with us and yourselves. I was talking about this one. Rigel, Betageuze mainly, Bellatrix.

Other star systems in orion, uruana, many others are benevolent peaceful species. Do not think that when I say Orion, I mean everyone is bad in Orion zone. Look on your planet Terra. There are constructive and destructive people. Do not categorize there is positive, negative, dark and light everywhere. Dark in the light, light in the dark. It is balance. What is destructive regarding to orion is the alliance of the nebu, the alliance of the six, the six grey races. Is it clear?

Elisa: Thor Han, was there a syrian lyran war in relation to earth?

Thor Han: Not in relation to earth. You need to develop. Is it concerning our man system or another war in this constellation that you call lyra and syrian? Which star, which planet? Concerning terra there were wars, laan Tall fighting against annunaki, Ashkeran (Sirius). They were at war with uruana; a long time. There is war all the time, everywhere. It is the dynamic of evolution.
If you ask me, were these people at war? Yes, War is part of the evolution.

Elisa: We read and we heard for many people, that we were going to see arrests and removals of terrans working on the side of the dark forces of celebrities of the elites, that we were going to see the CEOss and all these people going to be arrested and removed. In the public eye we have not seen anything. Are we going to see anything that validates what we have been told?

Thor Han: Humans if Annax was here, he would say focus on the work you have to do. Eelisa, in your question there are two words, “arrest” and “celebrities”. I said where and annoying before, because you don't need to know these things. Focus on what you have to do. You want an answer. Yes, one day you will know what is happening now. But now this is not the problem. All of this is disturbance. It is to turn yourselves away from your work. It is distraction, they are distracting you making you hope, hoping to see a show outside, as you need to focus on your inside and elevate your consciousness. Regain your power, break your chains.
And I will tell you this: Now you have to stop trying to find answers in the mainstream media, because you will not find the right answers. The answers will be given and shown after the war. This is war. Nothing can be divulgate. You need to focus on your spiritual evolution. Do not seek outside, what is to be found in your soul. So my answer is: yes Elisa, you will know one day when you will have won this war. This is all I have to say.

Elisa: What is Thor Hans views on karma?

Thor Han: Oh yes, karma. I believe in karma. What you call karma in your old language, this is the law of evolution, also what you haven't solved as a contract that you made with yourself. You will choose to try it again in the next incarnation, because you need these things to access a higher level of consciousness. These are the tools. You choose this is karma.

Elisa: Is that there are some alien races that are implanting a fake software? Do we live in a hologram?

Thor Han: The hologram is an illusion of perception. You perceive, what they are either broadcasting to your minds. The illusion is in your head, in your perceptiona. You are living in a real world, in a real universe, but your perception is altered. You see it not as it is, you see it differently. I have a better view because, I am not part of this pollution. When you come out of the orb of your planet, you are out of the influence of their machines We have already deactivated a lot of them. There are few in the asteroid belt. We are still looking for them. Moon satellite, all has been deactivated, found. It is done. Your satellite is yours now. Small event for me, you can celebrate.

I was seeing that the underground of your planet contains still few devices, that are broadcasting this holographic illusion, which make you believe that you are slaves, weak and stupid. This is the hologram. You are not, you are extremely powerful, extremely intelligent and totally free. The illusion is, that you are waiting. The answers, celebrities, arrest - these words I told you already, it is distractions. You need to focus on regaining your power and break the hologram. The only way is to break it by regaining your power, and you will see clear. This is my answer.

Elisa:The other day as I was doing my taxes and I noticed, how rigged the taxes are towards the rich and how the rules are so wrong for every human being, that at least at least lives on the united states. How do I break away from that?

Thor Han: This is the system. The system needs to be broken. If you disobey the system, it will bite you. This is not the way with this system. The laws of the money and the papers need to be broken at political level. You need to be patient.
What you can break is the way you see your world. This you mentioned is real and you must be patient. You are not the one to change it, but other agents in place in particular positions will do it. Just wait. ...

Elisa: The only reason I bring that up is, just to for awareness, that yes, we can break off from the hologram, but there are things that still tie us to that hologram. So I guess it's not as easy. as it sounds.

Thor Han: It is not easy, girl.

Elisa: There is NESARA and this is a financial future of the earth, where all debts are forgiven, they also call it the saint-germain funds. You told me, you knew nothing about it. Is that still the case?

Thor Han: We have foreseen, how your financial currency will be. It will be different. It will still be metal, but with as well apart conceptual, abstract, numeric. I do not know the name. I have seen it. It will be a currency, more balanced for everyone, more in tune with justice, fairness, balance. This germain I do not know.

I am not in the secrets of the council, but there are facts that we basically know. I do not know the name of your future currency. All I know is that it will be metal and abstract, and it will be very fair in balance. But you know, fairness economically is not due to currency. Currency is a currency. Fairness is due to economy. Economy is the base. The tool is currency. Currency serves economy. The economy will be based on new energy systems, which will rebalance the whole planet into a more fair and balanced economy. Currency is just the outside aspect. It serves economy. Economy will be based on energy.

The old system is like this, because the new will be also like this. It doesn't mean, it will be the same. I want to say that the new system will be working on something that is efficient since a long time on your planet and on many worlds. Energy produces sustenance, sustenance feeds economy, economy uses currency to exist, in the outside aspect. Yes this system works, because it is logical and basic. Do you understand?