18/2/2021 – Vril (2)

Thor Han: Hi to everyone. I feel privileged today to speak to you all. I am looking forward to this exchange with our brother annax. I hope you will understand, he's talking, because sometimes he can go into very far away explanations.

Before there is something I want to tell to the terrans. I want to tell the terrans that they are working well and more and more terrans are being awakened and aware of the changes of this these times. I want to tell them to always be calm, whatever happens, even if it is scary, even if the storm is raging, always be calm. Because you know ,storms are here to wash away the impurities and nourish the ground. After a storm the air is cleared and we see better and further. The storms are not over and I ask you to be still and patient. Do what you have to do, do not fear, this is not useful. in fact fear serves nothing; especially not yourselves: I stop talking now; otherwise Annax will not stand a chance.

Elena: I wish you could feel this love. I'm sure those who are used to follow our channelings, they can feel Annax love, because it takes only once to be connected to Annx's amazing love energy, love radiance to be connect forever, He is such an amazing being.

Annax: You are all capable of emitting that amount of love, if only you want it. I am more special, because I am an Egaroth. My heart soul is wider and able to contain more of this love energy, but you can expand your heart to receive more this cosmic love, emanating from source. I will now say “source”, not imanna, because a few know this name. Source it is. It emits love and its nourishes all the hearts, everything that has the heart/soul, not flesh heart, not blood but energy. Love is all and composes everything. (I hear you both now in my head, they're laughing. I'm connected with one and I hear the other one through the ears of the ones with whom i'm connected.)

We were talking about love. I know it is not the matter of two days, but it is essential that you know, that you are all able to love and that this love, not only nourishes everything you touch with your consciousness, but also it nourishes you and it makes you more powerful and more protected against everything, that is not love and aggressive, antinomic to love.

Elisa: I tried the the thing about going outside with the wet ground and the light bulb and I did not light up the light bulb.

Annax: You probably didn't connect enough. Is there interferences around the place where you performed this experiment?

Elisa: It was my backyard I don't know.

Annax: Sometimes you cannot connect very deeply and completely with the soil, because there are disturbances. But sometimes you can, if you are in a clean environment, far from radiations. But this shouldn't interfere much, because when you are in control of your energies flow you can connect, and the radiations polluting your environment will be here only to alter the process, not to stop it. Also maybe this day you were weak in energies, and you knew you need to do it many times more. I will recommend to train, and one day it will work.

Elisa: Is there a meditation that we can practice daily to use this energy?

Annax: Yes the meditation of the flow.

Now you are all relaxed and you breathe to be in tune with the calmer state of your being. When you are happy, when you are well, and you feel relaxed. The rate of your breathing slows down. Go with your mind into this wonderful peaceful place in your imagination, where you feel safe. This is not a real place, this is a place for exercise, wherever and however it is.
Now where you are outside and within, you are one. The soul of your feet, the flesh of your feet is touching the flesh of terra, the soil. If you are not directly in contact with terra's soil, maybe the ground upon which you stand is conductive enough. Metal will conduct faster. Some of your houses have metal poles that go into the soil. This helps.
Now look around you and your eyes are closed. Look with the eyes of your true being. You see your environment with different colors and different lights. It is not the same. You see beyond the appearances, the energy composing everything. Matter is not solid, it is composed of frequencies, vibrating in the void between the atoms. What you see that appears solid to your eyes, to your mind is not solid. It is light it is frequency, it is waves of energy, vibrating at different rates between particles. You can rearrange these particles, when you know the frequency that binds them all. This is an exact science, with which you can modify any solid matter and even transpose it into a higher or lower density. We use the equivalent of sound, but you do not hear it. These are ranges, very fine and precise.

These vibration between particles also bind in their wave length the Vril. Vril is present everywhere, when binding frequencies binding atoms and particles together, follow a pattern through Vril. Vril is activated and binds to the particles to the object.
When you emit a thought it is wave frequency, and this is emitted outwards from your body across Vril and it takes Vril with it, and it sends it to destination of your mind target. Anything you think, you send it through Vril. This is how you can change your reality physically, energetically, and also change density, just by wanting it with your mind. You don't need to know more. All you need to know is, that the simple fact to emit a thought is enough. The thought, the nature of the thought emits its own frequency. You do it naturally. We all do this, whatever is our level of evolution. Small animals do this. High beings of higher light do this.

Now you are aware, that what you think modifies your reality all around you, but not only by distance, a very long distance maybe, if you wish so, because the target of your thought will be the recipient of the pattern, mixed with Vril and brain frequencies of thought. This special organized precise pattern alaing(aligning?) Vril and wavelength of thought is called a code. Codes carry Vril in a certain pattern of frequency, that when it reaches the target it modifies the target on many levels. It depends on the thought originated by the thinker.
Many of you, when you receive codes, you call it light codes, but it is in truth Vril patterns made with intention of a thinker, who sends these patterns alying(aligning?) Vril with frequencies of thought to you. It can be silent, it can be carried on a word, a sound a music. Music is the easiest way to carry it. Notes and variations between notes are a formidable carrier, the best. I sing to send Vril codes these are keys of power.

The dark forces do not have the ability to do this. They cannot, because they are too chaotic. This is not the topic of today. You want to light this light recepticle, she is funny holding it. (Elena holds a small light bulb during this conversation in her hand.) Now you are aware, that you can modify the existing matter of your reality with Vril and sound. Now you know, that thought is the key. Intention the power, which will decode the secrets of the Vril.
Now your intention, I call it dharma. It is a precise tool when your mind focus on a target, a purpose. Target the awareness to be surrounded by Vril. All around you, above you, below you in a sphere. This sphere expands, it is as big as the universe. You are bathed in it. it goes through you. See it focus, a color to it, Vril has a color for those who can see it. It is green, sometimes with veins of gold. See the green light all around you. Intention, dharma will now hoover all this light, green and gold around you within your body. Your heart chakra or either plexus chakra will become a vortex, one or the other chakras. The vortex will be visualized as the like of a black hole, you know you call a vortex like this. This wheel hoover magnetically, not magnetically, this is an image, hoover the Vril all around. you. It will pack up inside your body. You are a vortex, hoovering everything, all the Vril that is in contact with you, from soi,l from air, from everywhere. Your mind, dharma is the tool that does this.
Your skin is permeable to Vril. It opens its captors ,every each of the cells of your epidermis has a captor/receptor. Your bodies are damp, because they are damp, they are permeable to Vril. More easily they are conductor to soil. Visualize dharma, your skin suit be activated with light, Vril goes on it, in it, through it. Skin amplifies the hoovering from your chakra and you build up Vril within your body, until your body has his shape in Vril, until you cannot hoover more.

Elisa: What's “hoover”?

Annax: Hoover = Taking from outside to inside by void flow. Hoover, taking inside what is outside. When your body becomes saturated with Vril, your little light device can light up. And it is now you being a generator/transmitter for Vril. Water is important, it amplifies the flow. You need water if you work with your biological body.
This is a lot of work. When you finish, you just release the Vril, you close the vortex. It stops spinning and it closes. And all this energy you have piled up and fed your body with, is released out into the environment. But while you have it, dharma with your mind to a target, you can send it there too. The Vril you have stored by transfer resonance. You can transfer this stored Vril to a target, anywhere, where you can be connected in this universe. You need a connection. You cannot send it to a planet in a different galaxy, if you do not have a link resonance with someone, something alive there.

Now we do the same with storage devices, crystals. Crystals do not have a mind, you are the mind and the medium to transfer Vril into the crystal. Do the same, harvest with your body and put your hands, the palm of your hands, either side of the crystal, pointing always upwards, parallel to the axis of your body. By the power of your mind transfer the free, you have stored into the crystal. You can either store first the Vril in your body or either hoover ...

To store Vril inside of a crystal and use it as a storage device, as we do with certain of our ships. Harvest with your body. You can do it two ways, by storing Vril inside of your body and ding your two hands either sides of the crystal and then transferring Vril by the power of your mind in the crystal. Be careful the crystal always is parallel to the axis of your body and being and always pointing upwards to where you are, in front of you. When the crystal is saturated, it will glow. It can be very slight in sunlight.
The second way of doing it is not by storing Vril in your body but allowing your body to be the transmitter of the flow of Vril, you will create with your mind and the vortex is not within you, but within the crystal. All of this, you all have the power to do it with your mind.

You passed stage one of intelligence and consciousness as humanoids you have your ability activated to do this, all of you on your planet, without any exception, whatever your age and level of intelligence. You all can do this. You just need to train and practice. But first to know it.

Elisa: We got the the the Vril into the crystal, but now how do we get the Vril out of the crystal?

Annax: Vril will go naturally once you leave the crysta,l far away from you on its own. Vril leaves the crystal and your body with time, I mean not completely, I mean the overload of Vril that is not natural to the object or being. it will go back to natural balance.
If you want to keep it, you need to create a container that will contain Vril. We have special containers made with a matter, which is ionized in the inner side. This matter looks like glass, it is blue, but it is not found on your planet. Although you can build devices to store Vril, but these are complex devices with us spire with copper and another metal, that is typical to terra. Spire and electromagnetic current of energy will hoover Vril from void. You know the void doesn't exist, void is an illusion, concept. There is no void. Everything has Vril particles of metal, liquids and gases in this universe and the others. Have you understood my words?

Elisa: What's the point of harvesting the Vril into the crystal if we don't have the tools to utilize that Vril in the crystal? What do I do with the crystal that has the Vril in it?

Annax: You store it into the crystal and then you power devices for energy.

Elisa: So we don't use it for like personal use like for healing?

Annax: You can use it for healing. You can use it to pass through the tissues. When there is a disease or a wound it means the Vril doesn't go through, it means the Vril is in dysbalance with the body, the tissues and it needs to be revivified by it. But you need to power it either with your own wet body or either a tool, or either a receptacle in which you put. You lay down the sick individual. This receptacle looking like a sort of a bed will amplify Vril to repair the wounds and the diseases will diminished after long exposure in the pod. It is looking like a pod but it is not containing any life support gel, it is not really a pod. The Vril devices for medical purpose are containers, looking like beds, that look like pods and you can regulate the right frequency, regarding to the matter you want to act upon, bones, liquids, flesh, fat, air, anything that is composing a body.
This is very specific science. We use in the galactic federation sections for medical science, adapted to all the different species. There is a vast and wide range of frequencies. You remember, I told you Vril coupled with frequency changes the organization of the structure of any material. Tthis is how we change the structure of organized material, such as wounds, infected tissues, tumors, broken bones, altered blood, poison, anything. We can change the structure with either these pods or either a tool.

If you are very skilled and powerful at harvesting Vril by yourself with your own body you can do this, but the devices amplify and know the frequency better. You can heal yourself, you can heal others. The devices are for emergencies and quick work. It requires no personal input, no personal effort. It is easier, more handy. Do you understand?

Elena: You put your hands around it without touching it. It works better not touching it.


Annax: Use the crystal as a tool of concentrated Vril. Apply it close to the wound or the disease, but not touching it - this can be burning. Work on the energy envelope, not very close! (about 1 inch above).

Now to heal someone we would put it on top of them, like this:

Store and hoover vertically, and then you can use it like this. The mind controls it. You have to create the flow with your mind! The crystal will not do the work. If you want it to do the work you need to visualize directing with your consciousness the flow. Visualize the result. It will go faster. You need to control the Vril. Vril is not intelligent, Vril has no consciousness. It is just energy. It is something not alive, although it carries life. Not alive, I mean not conscious. It will not decide. You need to decide for. It it is like your electricity. It is not intelligent, you need to direct it. Vril is the same. It needs control. It goes back to universe.

You need to be patient. Patience is not a quality of the terran humanoids. You want results, but you forget that you need to work and to learn to get the results. You don't just need to know. You need to experience and work to unlock levels. May peace be in your mind. Vril is something very simple, that is all around and within you. If you are alive, it is because of Vril. So be patient. Soon the science we gave you will be open and you will understand. I cannot tell you more, but one day you will know. Know first within your heart and your consciousness, because Vril you have it already within. Connect to it and you will know it.
Don't forget the green light with veins of gold. This is my knowledge for you.