17/2/2021 – Clearing some New Age misconceptions about aliens

Hi everyone. A quick one to tell you about my opinion concerning all the rumors and misconceptions and crazy theories going on in new age spiritual groups about aliens. I'm an experiencer, I do not pretend having my knowledge from downloads or stuff that coming to me from nowhere. I was physically on board ships, I physically met aliens. So anything I'm talking about it's from first hand physical interactions.

Now, I know a lot of you are looking for guidance. You know, the best is to follow your heart, to really follow what you you're feeling about stuff. Don't try to find out what's what you can get from yourself.
What I mean is, people who have really experienced contacts physically listen to them. Then there are a lot of crazy stuff going on, that you can see, like messages like an essay, people are writing essays like they've got messages which are very pompous and always say the same. I'm not going to go there, but I have noticed. I say usually nothing, but I want to tell you a few things, that I'm not okay with, because I think it's misinformation, and it spreads wrong ideas, and it makes of these people who believe in these fools, regarding to grounded and reasonable people.

So first this one. I hear a lot about this. Earth is not flat! Any people who believe in it have been manipulated by, it's very you know, the deep set is trying to dump us down and to spread confusion in the spiritual groups and just spread stupid stuff, then people just get lost. And this is really dumb this one. Earth is not flat, earth is round, it's a planet and all planets in the universe are round. Planetoids which are smaller maybe a little bit of rough shape, nothing is flat. It's the laws of gravity. It's law, it's universal laws, and I mean that is quite mind-blowing, that at the time was sending a spaceship into space, that we are into quantum physics and stuff and discovering other dimensions. People are still believing this, their planet is flat. You know, there's a lot of extraterrestrials who are laughing about that, about the people believing the flat planet. So please stop!

So this now, this the galactic federation of worlds, that's a federation of worlds in of this galaxy, which are evolved enough that they know interstellar space travel. That means that they are able to leave their solar system or stellar systems (is the same thing) with inhabited flights to other solar systems. So these people are different races and they are they have an outpost in our solar system to help us. They have special laws of non-intervention which are based on the free will of all species and all living beings. They are called the galactic federation or the galactic federation of worlds, in their language it's “Oran a nataru shàri” whicht means “the federated worlds of this galaxy” It is not the federation of light, that's an invention from earthlings who don't know and who think that they of course, they work for the light.
They don't work for the light, they work for balance, for the laws of evolution. And balance is made of large light and dark. So they protecting all species, they're allowing all species the best environment for their evolution, but they will not assassinate the dark, disenable the dark, because the dark is necessary for the evolution of any species consciousness, as well as light. So they are not calling themselves the galactic federation of light, but the galactic federation of worlds. So that's another one.

Jesus is not either part of it, either leading it. I heard a lot that there's a guy, an entity called sananda, that's the name of jesus. That's all invention. I mean jesus wasn't a standard master, he he's great, his spirit is still helping humanity, but he's nothing to do with aliens and the galactic federation, even if he was a hybrid because his mother was abducted, but that's another story. But that jesus has nothing involved with the galactic federation. Neither angels, which are supra consciousnesses of the the the earth.

Ashtar is a title, not a person. The Ashtar, called shiran doesn't exist, it's a fantasy. There was in the 1970s a hijack of a tv program in england by a certain being, called vrylon, these are from the outpost of the the ashtar command in our solar system. Who are they? They are a military faction from Sirius Bb who have left the Ashtar alliance, which was hijacked by reptilians and greys. So they are not interacting with people on earth. Their mission is military protection, they work for the galactic federation. And the galactic federation as well as the Andromedan council and the Council of five are the three entities, who are in charge of communicating with a civilized world.
The ashtar command is just a mercenary military force, working for either of these alliances. So they do not connect with people. That's wrong. So since this Ashtar Vrylon had spoken to give a message in 1970s, many people have started fantasizing on communicating with this being, inventing many names. Many women think they are his girlfriends, that they meet him. That's all dreams and fantasy that's not true.

And some unfortunately not very well inspired people are spreading these beliefs on internet,. and either well even they've created a kind of a portrait, which is (I'm an artist) and I think it's very, very cheesy. This pastel portrait with a little hoop here.
I mean the ashtara people are from series b, they are not looking like us, they are small, they have a triangular face and big huge eyes. They're not looking like, this portrait. So that's one.

Venus. The venetians are not earthlings. There are many different colonies and outposts on Venus related to the Council of five and the Galactic federation of worlds. They are all aliens. There are no people from earth there. So as they are all aliens what I want to talk about Venus is religion. There is no christians on venus. So few people have taken venus propaganda for christianity, like they believe in Jesus and God and stuff that's. No they are aliens, they have nothing to do with earth ancient religions. If they have a belief, it's the belief in the universal force and your universal consciousness, which is source. They do not believe in earth prophets. It's not their culture.
So many people who believe that Val Thor, which is from planet Venus/Nara is Christian. Not at all. It's a misconception. It was Frank Strangers who used the myth of Val Thor to spread propaganda pro-christians taking this, but this is not the case.

This is what I believe regarding to my knowledge, regarding to the people I physically meet and what they really tell me. So I hope this helps.
Have a nice day. Follow your heart, follow your intuition, follow your common sense.