11/2/2021 – Vril (phryll), universal force: how to harvest it and use it

Elena: Thor Han said, he's very frustrated not to be able to speak by himself, but I need to rest my energies. He has a message.

Thor Han: People on terra need to stop running everywhere in stress, worry fear. They need to calm down and and think about their lives, about themselves, not about what is going on in the world. They need to become to find peace in them, because peace is their strength. They need to stop worrying, because it ties them down into this matrix. Fear is stronger than ever. It is broadcasted from the towers, the underground and the orbit. Underground there are devices that broadcast fear, made long time ago by the Ciakahrr. This is mind control, broadcasting low vibration. Inside of the military bases there are other devices, experiment with humans, broadcasting also fear for control, submission. The grey, Nebu do this they in coordination with the u.s alliance in the bases. Well we have stopped most of them, but still some need to be deactivated. And you won't like this in orbit there so many satellites, doing the same thing, sound waves for the brain to be attuned to the control. We are deactivating most of them, but they keep on sending them.

You know, we cannot deactivate what is made by humans from terra, because of our rules of non-interference in a primitive civilization. So the Nebu make them by terrean humans. It is not Nebu technology outside, it is terrean vehicles sent up there in orbit, containing components from Nebu technology. So we cannot destroy devices made by the Terrans. This is how they get around the nebu. But we can alter and interfere to jam the frequencies. This is a lot of work. I wanted to let you know that we are doing this.

So this was my point to tell you to stop giving your power to fear. Stop running around. Stand and be quiet quiet inside, because there is no reason to be scared. The future is bright, the future is what you make. You don't know your power. I don't cease to repeat this: your power, you have it.

Elisa: So if we are in a high vibration do we still get affected by the mechanical devices? Does our frequency matter when it comes to mechanical devices?

No you don't. Rise your vibration.

Elisa: So they can only broadcast on the third density?

Three and four.

Ciakahrr are 4 and 3, Nakári 3 and 2, Humans 3, 4. You need to raise your consciousness to five, before your bodies get there. You can bring your consciousness higher. I repeat myself: rise your frequency by your consciousness, by feelings such as kindness, goodness, peace, compassion. Detach your mind from everything that is going on. Everything is illusion. It is a fake illusion to let you think that you are enslaved, but you are not! You are free. You need to realize it and embrace it.

Rise your vibrations ,that is what I was saying earlier on. Do not let fear get at you, because fear is lower frequency. If you cast fear away from your consciousness, you are unreachable by the devices. But so many people on terror are subject and submitted by the devices. Rise the vibration of your consciousness. You cannot rise the density of the avatars, but you can raise your consciousness.

Elisa: ... Please concentrate on, do close your eyes and start: with every breath I take: may every person awaken and feel their power, may every person have everything that they need, all their needs. You can spend a lot of time blessing people, protecting them, putting protection around them, so that these things don't affect them.

When you are putting out whatever you put out, if it's protection for someone, you get it back. When you put out blessings for someone, you get it back. So spend your time with with the things that are gonna help others and it raises your vibration. And watch funny things and things like that.

... Stop concentrating on videos about what's happening now, what's happening now. what's happening now. Let it go.

Conversation with Annax, this time via telepathic contact (not via implant)

Annax: I'm excited to talk to you. You want to talk about Vril. This is a vast subject. I cannot tell everything in one terrean hour. I will need to go by the start. Vril was born from imanna. The dual energy imanna (source) is the mother and the father of everything, and that's what we call source here. There is no difference between night, day, positive creative description and negativity. Day and night, day and night. There is no difference between darkness and light, because both are children of immana. They are brothers and sisters. They both chase each other and dance with each other. There is no death, there is no creation, there is just a dance. And this dance creates Vril. Vril is the result, generated by the dynamics of death and life, of the resurgence, eternal of time throughout the cycles of immana. She pulses Vril. Every second when darkness and light join together, it is an act of divine copulation, which is constant, and free is created constantly by the dance of dark and light. Vrll is energy, Vril is consciousness. Vril is the act of love from the dance of the destruction and the creation. You can associate it with energy. This is not the light energy, this is a power that can power everything. Vril can be harvested because it is present everywhere in the multiverse. It sustains the web of the continuum of all the different universes.

Vril is like a mother for all beings, because Vril nourishes all life. This is different from the consciousness of imanna. The consciousness of immana sends fractals of herself to animate all life in the universe. This is consciousness. Vril is energy, is life force in living bodies but as well in the void, in the stones and the rocks of the planets, in the gases of the stars, in the intercederal distances. Vril is what you consider as magic, because you don't know how to harvest it. But you know it's there and you see its work. Vril is harvested to power devices in our societies, in our civilizations level three. Vril technology is shared throughout the three councils and the federation. Other alliances use it as well, but we are not talking about these ones. (They're both laughing, Thoran and Annax) What do you want to know more about Vril?

Elena: Is Vril, what we call Chi/Qui?

Thor Han: It is the same thing, called differently.

Elena: And the germans had something called Vril, is that also Phryll?

Thor Han: Yes technology, given by Jana (Aldebaran) People from Aldebaran gave the the Vril to the germans. Thula alliance. Thule society.

Elena: People from Aldebaran – who were these people?

Thor Han: Colony of Anunnaki. Alkhoria, Althaírr, they were working with them as well.

Elisa: Is there any meditation that we can practice daily to use this energy, that you can share with us?

Annax: You can harvest it with your mind. When you close your eyes and you open all your sensors on your skin. You can activate your skin and your body becomes an engine, capable of harvesting Vril, electri ... It's the life force of your being, of your body, your energy body.
You strengthen it, you vibrate it stronger, until you feel the electricity on your skin. Then you transform your body into a receptor. If you do this only with your higher density real being, this will not benefit the body. What you want is to use Vril on this planet in the third density. This is of your use. The body can do that. The body is the medium to channel the free energy. These bodies have captures which are not activated. They wear a very long time ago, but they have been shut down, DNA alteration by manipulations of your people, injections to alter down your DNA and your genome. But before you were able to harvest Vril with your body. It would go through your skin and your skin would be receptor and emitter. You can do that again. Send the energy of your life force in your skin and it will be like a magnet, attract Vril into this body.


Elena: I'm going to try to translate with my words, as I understand it.

Before we were able to harvest this life force that is everywhere around us, we were doing it with our body and the skin was like a permeable, that the energy could go through it. it it would um it would and you can energize your body and your skin with your life force. I see because when he was explaining to me, I could see pictures, and I could see his body – and there was the aura, the energy body, that is superimposed. You have the the conscious body, the soul and then you have that. That's the eternal being, that goes from body to body, from incarnation to incarnation. Then there's the physical body, the avatar. But there's a 3rd thing, which is the life force, the life energy, which is something different. And this we all have it and we use it for healing for instance. We use it for light work, when we send energy. When it's not in an energy that we channel, it's your... we want to use our own energy to heal or to do whatever. That's the thing that's the the personal energy. So I was seeing it like a blue aura around him, and it was like becoming brighter, brighter and the skin of his body was becoming more like luminescent.

Elisa: How do I activate the feeling of the energy? I know if I do this with my hands okay and I start activate I can feel it in my hands.

Annax: Turn your hands outwards and hoover it

Elisa: Oh my god, I just remembered it. When I did the qigong there's a thing, that I did, that if you start shaking your whole body, after like a whole minute you feel it all over your body. Is that ?

Elena: He's laughing. Yeah that's it.

It's a very natural function. We have forgotten, how to do it. If you are connected to the soil, then you can channel Vril. Take a light device (light bulb). Stand on the soil, bare feet, harvest Vril with your physical avatar, hold this device – so the light bulb it lights up. You need to do it, to do it seriously. It really works, it's all around you. You will manage to do it.
They hate this, the Nebu, the Ciakahrr, they don't want you to remember, because one day you will be able to create big devices, capable of doing this. Not your bodies, but physical devices to power all your towns, all your traveling devices, your ship, your planes, your trains, your cars everything, your houses like us. A body cannot power a town, only power itself, or what is connected to it. A body has a power. But to power vehicle, town, flying device, you need bigger generator. You have them, we've given them to you, maybe 100 terrean years ago. We gave to you this knowledge, but it doesn't matter if it was retained from you, because you know it, you remember it is fine. Better late than never. He talking about Tesla. Nicola Tesla was an envoy, working with the council of Andromeda, Council of five also, but he was deprived of his knowledge devices. But it doesn't matter, at the end in the end, because all his all his knowledge is in you. All you need to know he showed what was possible. He didn't succeed to save this world from the deep shadow controllers, but he showed to the people, that it was possible.

Now many people know and they will do it. They have started. There are many technologies in the process of being made on terra. We know this. With our help and when all is ready it will be operational first.

In the meantime train yourselves to become yourselves, your own generators. You will live longer terrean species humanoid is meant to live younger, longer, 190 terrean years.

You've been altered, you should live longer. It is too late for the bodies now to live 190, but if you master harvesting Vril you can extend your youth later. You lifespan will be longer and looking good.

Elisa: Please go back to harvesting the Vril

Annax: Energize your life force, your energy field to electrify (when Annax says “electrify” it's with the energy, it is not with electric current, electricity, because he knows, some people can misunderstand. The whole idea is not to use electricity!)

Electrify the body with your life force field.

Elisa: What does that mean visually?

Annax: Connect with your energy, make it stronger. energize it with your mind, with your consciousness, make it more powerful. Decide it with your mind. Do not be the observer of your energy field, be the controller of your energy field. Power it stronger with your consciousness, manifest it stronger. You know manifest, what it is. It is creating something physical with your mind. The mind of the consciousness make it stronger. See it shivering, the structure, the atomic structure of your physical skin. Skin has captures that will be reactivated. Your mind has the power. All starts there. Your consciousness, your will, your decision. That is all.

Elena: I'm going to repeat it with my words. We are in a meditation state, feet on the ground, no shoes, just mentally visualize that our energy field is like becoming so stronger, like buzzing, super strong and like our skin is energized, until you feel the tickles on your skin, like we with your hands hands, Elisa, what you do with your hands. Do it with your skin. your whole body says when that is done. With your mind harvest the Vril around you, inside of your body. Then you have it. You can move physical objects by the distance.
You need to have the skin under your feet in contact with the soil. Humid. This is important: no shoes. Any soil, can be rocks or soil. Soil.

Elena: I saw black soil like like dirt, grass is good.

What about people living in desertic areas? You need water. Water is important, soil ground must be humid – this is why I say soil. Ground, natural containing water water is conducer or Vril. If you want to harvest Vril with your body, your body contains water, a lot. So it needs water in the ground, wet ground. Water is important.

Elena: Your harvest Vril as well in space to power your ships. There's no water.

Annax: Ship different, ships are not made with water, doesn't need to harvest in an environment with water. Only biological entities use water. It is resonance. Use water on terra to conduce Vril through your bodies. With the devices you will create on terra to power cities, you need a very small amount of water, sometimes not, because it is not harvested by a biological entity, just by mechanical machines.

Elisa: So stand outside on the grass or on dirt, on soil, that has this water and then start doing what you need to do, to start feeling the energy in your body, all over. Then hold the light bulb and then put the intention out, that you are harvesting that, your body is harvesting the Vril like it's coming into your pores and into your..

Annax: ... or from the earth as well, says from every direction. It is everywhere. You cannot power much more physically than a light bulb. You can do this.

Elisa: I know that the ninth dimensional palladium collective has been pushing me to go breatharian which means no food. Is this what I should, is this what I can do to feed my body without any food?

Thor Han: Elisa, you must eat! Your body needs food. Otherwise your body will die. You need food to sustain yourself the aversion.

Elisa: There's breatharians in this world that exist and I haven't died. There's many people, it's called breattherianism. Is it pranic healing or pranic prana whatever... so we do have some people in the world that that are alive without eating, they exist .

Elena: He's worried for you.

Thor Han: It can reach your body but, you need food as! I'll watch her.

Annax:. She can feed herself with energy.

Elena: They are having a discussion now, I don't understand what to say.

Annax: Tell Eliza, she needs to eat. I told you how you can harvest Vril. Now I haven't told you that when you harvest Vril you create a slight distortion in the electromagnetic field around you, so you are visible to everyone, who has devices measuring the vibrations and the distortions in the electromagnetic grid of terra from under and from above. But you do not risk attack, because when you harvest Vril you are naturally protected.
Vril is powerful, pushes attacks away. The attacks are on the lower levels by entities, they send. Be aware that when you create electromagnetic distortion you can alter all electronic devices around you. Vril enhance electromagnetic field when concentrated in one place. You create generator and every electronic device around is altered. So put your dear devices away when you do this.

Ask me questions.

Q: I practice reiki energy healing does the reiki energy come from this energy source that you describe as Vril.

Annax: Yes. on a slight level. You can concentrate it more.

Q: Are there any tools such as crystals that can help us to absorb or work with Vril?

Crystals can store Vril. We create generators for ships storing Vril in crystals to be more powerful for the engine. You can do this for yourselves. Harvest Vril in crystals, quartz only. Emerald. amethyst on slower level, slower. The frequency is weaker, so the power is weaker. Use quartz. Transparent.

Elisa: Once we harvest it into the crystal, what can we do with it?

Ananx: Wear it to be in good health, to be in good protection. Harvest with your body, put in the crystal device, use this crystal device for healing, for protection. This will help you. You can give as a present to a friend, someone you love. You can also create machines with very small crystals, components of machines, that will power your world freely (“vrily”!).

Elisa: How do we put the Vril inside the crystal? Just with intention?

Annax: It works better if you have your feet on the ground, okay but you can do inside. I recommend outside because Vril flows freely outside and you are in contact with the ground, damp soil.

We can talk about Vril next time again.

Elena: Thor Han wants to finish the the connection because I'm tired, but I'm fine. It's like I have two fathers. I love them.

It was a bit difference this time, because I had to repeat the words and I need to concentrate. If I have direct telepathy with them, which I have every day, I don't need to repeat to someone.