28/1/2021 – Corporeal alien devices VS Ethereal auric intrusions

Today I'm going to tell you about removing implants by distance. Of this, i am talking about alien technology.

It is not possible practically to remove an implant by distance, 1. without the consent of the subject. If this implant is technology, a physical material technology, whatever then however density it is – technology needs to be removed with tools, technological tools, directly on the subject.

The only thing that can be removed by distance with the consent of the subject is etheric inclusions. Etheric inclusions are a sort of implants put in your aura field by beings, who are part of higher realms of existence. This may be earth entities, such as all the panel that we have of spirits of different realms. Some aliens are using this etheric input into your aura. But you need to make the difference. It's called intrusion, it can be a protection that is put on you.

If malevolent beings want to put an implant in you, they'll put something that is not possible to be removed without their technology. They will put it into your body and it is physical technology. And what are these? These are trackers, health monitors and satnav, gps, basically. So i want to warn those who believe, that some “people” can remove their alien technology trackers by distance – don't trust! It is illusion, you think they do it, you think it's done. it's gone. No, you need a direct physical intervention.

And some even I heard, some people claiming that they can remove implant by distance from anyone without them knowing. That's not working. You need a consent of the subject and especially if the subject is highly protected and if the implant is a tune with frequencies, that are so powerful that trying to trigger it to invade the person's space and trigger this implant would automatically draw the attention to those, to whom this implant is in tune. And those would stop the process and then turn against the person, who tried to trigger it.
So don't play with this. If you have an etheric implant, you can ask shaman to remove it. But before make sure this etheric implant is malevolent. If it is for your own protection, don't touch it! I know a story of a woman who had her etheric implant removed by a distance, she had one in her neck, it's been removed by somebody who told her “you have an implant, i'm going to remove it by distance” it's been removed by a distance because, it was etheric, not technology. It was a plug and as soon as it was removed she felt sick and she had a throat cancer. This implant was put there by benevolent being to protect her and keep her healthy.

So i tell you again, don't play with this. If you have alien technology into your body you need alien technology to remove it, physically tools. This can only be done by direct intervention. Ask requests to your protectors to help you doing this. There is a way you can direct a highly concentrated charge of electromagnetic charge, which can be generated by electricity passing through a crystal or either Tesla divices. Don't play with that either! Don't electrocute yourselves! Anything, any device you use but must never be plugged to the main current electrical current supply, never!

So this was to tell you, that anybody who claims they can remove your alien implants by distance, are delusional. Don't trust! My advice. You're welcome.