22/1/2021 – Hybrids rescue - Galactic Federation & military operations

Myra was away for a long time. Myra was part of the crew who rescued me when i was nine years old. She's Thor Han's best friend. She's a medical scientist. She is the one who re-attuned my implant to the frequencies of the federation and she's been as well following me, all my life She recently then as well connect with Elisa. She is communicating with her as well.
Aand myra has been involved with the rescue of the hybrid children from the DUMBS, deep underground bases. These children were brought on the science station of the federation. But she will tell you everything about that. She's been extremely busy since many months now and she was even out of the the solar system to take care of rehabilitating the the children and she'll anyway tell you all about that and she's back.


Hey Myrahm how are you? I've been missing you so much. Oh my gosh we've missed you so much, I have been thinking about you very much .

We do have some questions, but I definitely want to get you to tell us all the things, that you've been doing and how everything works like, when they pull the children out of the tunnels. Where do they go and how do you guys move them from place to place and you know things like that?

Our troops have been working very well very hard. ThorHan hasn't told you everything because he couldn't. I am not going to tell you everything either because i would be fired. But what I can tell you is that they worked.

Our troops have been working very much with your troops under the surface of your planet, and a lot of operestions have been going on since a while, a year. We have connected with your troops with your secret military. This military which is in contact with your good people, your good faction of government and now those troops linked with ours from the federation. Only humanoids, because you know, the conditions under the ground – you need to be fit for it and our humanoids Ummites and Taals, Metons as well were here and still are. The Taals are the more performant, because they have the most common genome with your species, not that they are related, but it is compatible. All these operations and that are still going on are made to liberate all the prisoners. The prisoners are liberated every day. Some more are taken but less and less abductions. We are fighting on every front in your secret services, not the old corrupted ones but the new ones.

You, your people are working to cleanse all the web of trafficking. This is your work among your people. Our work is to give you a hand by force, you take the decisions and you conduct your own operations. We just assist when you ask. We are assisting you, fighting in the tunnels. This is a very difficult job. A lot of us are dying and a lot of yours are dying. A lot of the enemy is dying too. We do not like to kill. We do it. if we have no choice. All the communications between underground bases are cut. Most of them. Still some are linked ,but this is soon sorted.

What we have liberated, is a lot of entities, human prisoners are all back on earth, they never left earth. All the human terrain prisoners we've liberated have been redispatched in centers on terra to be taken care of,

How did you do that Myrah? Is it children and adults?

Yes all the ages, well, there isn't any elderly. The aged stop around 40 and something, because they want healthy humans for trafficking or experimentation and all have to be healthy and young and performant. So all ages until 40 and so. All that are belonging to terra are being taken care of in your terran centers. Nobody knows, where they are for security and for their safety, because they can talk, and if they talk – and they are talking – those, who still can't talk, they are talking and they are in danger. So they are protected, rehabilitated when possible in the society of Terra

Who rehabilitates them? Is it you guys are doing the rehabilitation or do you have regular humans doing that?

Oh it is your people, your people does it. You take care of your people. We take care of hybrids, what is not your people. The hybrids are evacuated to the science outpost on orbit .

So when they get to the science station what what happens there?

They arrive with our military ship they arrive and they are dispatched in different medical facilities within the orbital station. It depends on their genome. We have different posts, where we have equipment regarding to the different races hybridized with them. They're all hybridized, with grays, but different types of grays and it is different technologies used to rebalance them to – i would say livable – state, when they can survive and stabilize their system.
So we have four posts different posts where they go, and they are dispatched and we take care of them. Taking care of them is it is really believe me, it has been like a factory. It has been a relentless work. It was very tiring. I know this wave has been dispatched towards other systems. But now it is not over. We are still waiting for another wave of liberation

When they arrive, first they are put into stasis, a different stasis that is regenerative. All their trackers are removed. And then systems are purged from what we call the Goo – it is a word that best describes what they are filled with. It is a life support system that the greys use that erases consciousness. It just maintains you alive, but you all shut down. This must be evacuated from their system.

So are you saying, that they're in pods with goo underneath underground? So they're not like in cages, like metal cages?

That's your people.


So the regular humans are in cages and then the hybrids are in this goo vets, in these pods.

The human distinctive to slave trafficks are in cages, the humans distinct to genetic experiments or inputs or in the waiting in cages, but you know, they are in pots, because they go and take the subjects they want from the cages. So the genetic experiment facilities are always composed with pods and different liquids, what we call goo, regarding to the system the genome.

So this needs to be evacuated from the system and replaced by a life support gel. And when when it gets better, the life support gel is cleansed and they can breathe, because this life support gel is slowly slowly injected with molecules of air, that they can breathe. And when they are ready we evacuate the gel from their system and activate the lungs and the breathing system. This is quite painful for them but this is very quick.

Then the more difficult work begins, because they've regained the consciousness, that was maintained in a dormant state, locked down. And now their consciousness is alive, they are aware and they panic! The only thing they were able to see for those – who had the ability to see – were greys. And so they see humans for the first time. They panic, all of them. They don't know what's happening to them.

So as soon, as they wake up, we put them under mind filling device. This is going to fill their mind with waves that are going to calm them down, relax them, and through these waves we pass on data and information and this data and information is going to teach them, how to speak, language. Language takes a few days, it depends on the subject, to be learned for the first time. They need to activate their vocal cords, they hear and they see, they smell. It is very traumatic for them and this is a very difficult work for us.

When you say language – what language are you teaching them?

We are teaching them the language used commonly by the whole federation, which is the diplomatic language, which is Táhmi.

They are ready after a while. It depends on the subject, of cours,e because the hybridization are on different stage. Some it is very difficult. Some of them are in a level of genetic alteration that is not allowing them to go back to a normal life, as we conceive it. So these ones will be kept in pods and I do not know what is decided with these ones. If they are not able to live, we will end up their life. Sometimes it is better.

Once they're able to talk to breathe and be quiet, be calm – of course we drug them, because the trauma is easier to deal with. Then we teach them, how to walk, we inject substances in their muscles and sound technology that is activating their muscles. Then they start to walk. It is a long process. Then they start to eat. Some of them don't need to eat, they are more gray as you say technology, than human.

We provide for the needs of every each of them. Avey each of them is different and we need to really study them to see, what they need what their system is able to absorb, what their system need to live. Consciousness is activated, body functions are activated. They start to work.

Many, many workers are humanoids on the science station. So this is a problem, because they are scared of us. We need to put them in trust. They go naturally towards the Emerthers and the Egaroth, because they look like them. But you know this is difficult.

So you have reached out to those races, to see if they can come help?

Yes. We have many many other races, scientists from different population, who come and help. Emerthers and Egaroth are great with children, really great with them. So we have Egaroth scientists, because you need to be qualified. Not everyone can come at their contact. It could spoil all the efforts.

When children are ready to socialize and are not afraid of humanoids anymore, we insert them in some sections of the station, where there is life. They eat with us, they play with our children and they start to socialize. Once socialization stage is validated, they're ready to go.

There are adults as well. The adults have more difficulty to socialize, because they've been in the pods so long. They've grown up all their life in pods, muscular activation is more difficult. So now all the children have gone, some adult hybrids are left, still to be taken care of. But i'm done for the moment.

I've been accompanying the last colony of children to Celos. So now I am tired and i've been granted rest with my husband and my children.

That's wonderful. I know you adopted one of them, so tell me how she's adjusting.

She's amazing, she's a wonderful child. I named her Gaia because she was born on terra, and i know some a lot of Terrans like to call this planet Gaia, because Gaia for the terransis the name of the soul or the consciousness of terra. I like it, it is an ancient goddess of your folklore.
Gaia is my child. Now I adopted her, because I wanted to learn from her. And she is teaching me a lot. These hybrids, you need to know this, they are an upgrade of human and of grays. They have worked at upgrading a created super race, that they are using for different despicable purposes. But those we've saved are extremely talented and evolved beings.

Gaia doesn't speak or very few. She could speak, but she rather communicate by mind talk. She is, I love her, she is an amazing child. She would scare you maybe, if you see her, but i find her beautiful. She plays a lot with my sons and my husband likes her as well. That's what I can tell you about about her. She is talented for arts, pictural arts. She speaks through pictorial art. We give her art material and she composes shapes and lights and colors, through which she communicates from her soul. It's thought art. She is very skilled. We are actually studying her, because she stayed here and she is willing to help us understand. But she wants as well to understand who she is. So we are helping her as well by understanding her. She understands, who she is.

She is very kind, very gentle. She has never known hate, intolerance, discrimination. She's never known that. So she is a very peaceful child. Her heart is filled with light and love and consciousness. She is very conscious. I know she can communicate with beings on higher planes. She can see what is happening on the other side of the universe. She has the sight.
She's fantastic. And they're all not all like her, but a lot of them are like her. This is Gaia.

Do you think that the other hybrids will end up like her, as good as she is? Or do you think it's really going to be based on a on an individual basis?

It's individual basis. Well you know, you have constants. We have determined three threads, two constants: hybrids children like her extremely talented and evolved beings. And those as well who don't have all these talents, but who are able to be inserted normally in a society. The third constant is those who have difficulties, who have alteration and do not communicate, do not behave in a reasonable way in a society. They are not able to be reinserted. These ones really cause problem. We've been evacuating them as well towards other facilities, who will treat them.

So the the ones that are earth right now, that were saved from earth that are human – were these people like they actually grew up in on earth like under in the caves, like they've never seen the sun?

Some of them are abducted and then some of them grew up.

None of them have special abilities. They are people like the average terran. I would say two categories: a) The one who can be reinserted in a normal life, well never normal, reinserted in life and 2) those who won't for different reasons, psychological damage and/or physical damage.

Did you provide them with technology to heal their mind and then place fake memories or something?

We do not give the erasing memory devices, because your people would use it for a bad way. We are not allowed to give this technology. But we are giving healing devices. Healing devices with waves and sound. We have given them your medical teams these devices. We do not give technologies that can be used for destructive purposes.

Can tell us any positive stories you have witnessed of the children's recoveries, perhaps them learning to trust, to smile, to make friends, learning to walk, they're feeling free and safe?

We let them go only when they feel safe, with humanoids. Because they are going to be reinserted in societies, close to their genomes. We can not allow them to be reinserted in societies linked to their Grey genome, because these beings are not good. So we reinsert them either with the Egaroth or either with humanoid societies.

You are asking some anecdotes. Let me think. These children are very curious, they do not know boundaries. Boundaries have not been taught to them, so they need to experience them. It is very difficult to touch teach boundaries to a child. And even not only children. Adults adults, you know adults hybrids are also like children, they have children in mind. So it is the same. So they go everywhere. They do not know about boundaries. They are all under surveillance, but at a certain stage we leave them on their own device, roaming on the station and sometimes there are funny situations.

There are so many stories. I don’t have one in mind.

Would any of us be fit to be their guide to help them and give them love and hope.

Yes of course if you are able to leave your planet. You're not authorized for the moment. You're not yet allowed on our outposts. or you can but you will never go back to your planet. You can, but we will erase your mind – so what is the point that you come for the experience? You can come and help them ,but we have enough more qualified people. You are not very qualified, unless you all you know is to give love, which is excellent, but you do not have any qualifications to deal with these children – and believe me you need to be qualified. This is very hard ,extremely hard.

How are the hybrid children different compared to the terran children, mentally, physicall,y intellectually, energetically and spiritually?

Well physically it's very obvious. They are a crossbreed between terran human and some different gray species. So they have different sorts of shapes in between the two species. Visually they look sometimes close to gray appearance and sometimes close to human appearance. And there's so such a variation of their shapes and appearances. Mentally as i was explaining, they're like newly born they need to learn everything.

Psychologically they are very vulnerable, extremely vulnerable. Spiritually; they do not have spirituality. They need to learn how to connect with source, and this comes in time.

Like the rest of the humans on earth

Yes exactly.

Have these children have a specific blood type, that the regressives tried to manipulate?

They have so many different blood types and mixed with the gray's blood type, so it it doesn't matter.

So the children underground are they being kidnapped off the street or are they also breeding grounds from women held captive?


And which one is more frequent?

Breeding underground.

For a genetic experiment then you know exactly what you are going to get. The ones are freshly abducted serve more for slave traffic.

And are these children that are being abducted children that no one would notice that are missing?

No that is not true. People miss them, your people miss them a lot.

Tey're saying is is the children, like homeless children or is it children with families?

That they do not try to know. There are a lot! There have been so many children, especially in poor societies, poor cast of society and countries who haven't a lot of communication.

We have the bad the dark military, the good military and the bad military in the US. so how do you keep the bad military from finding out from getting to where these children are?

Oh that is complicated. They know everyone knows and everyone knows, we are helping the benevolent factions of your military. There are conflicts There are conflicts, unfortunately. I cannot tell about this. But you know, all the military, the most of the military was under orders of a leader who was benevolent and acted for this liberation. But of course there is an elite hidden secret for you. Elite of military, which has never worked with any leaders and are working with your occupants Ciakahrr and Maitra. These are the ones we're talking about okay.

What technology is involved in removing as many children as quickly as possible from the undergrounds, while leading to the lowest loss?

We bring the pods to a beaming area aboard on ship. Those those who are in pods, are beamed up. Aall the pods are brought and as well the living hybrids are brought to an area, where they are beamed. They are beamed onboard ship which is in orbit and this ship brings them on the stationand those who are not in pods are also beamed on board the ship. They bring them on the station afterwards. Beaming is the best way.

What can we do, is there anything that we can do to help these children?

You can only help your children or your people. And see with your services, how you can do and help. Contact your governments and ask what you can do. There are associations and groups I think who know, how to do this. Mmake your researches i do not know .


Are you using medical beds to help these children?

They first are kept in their pods and then transferred into other pots, that we fit with the gel they need to be completely cleansed and rehabilitated with breathable material. Then they can transfer their system into breathable air, and then they are kept once they're out of the pods.

Yes it is assimilated to medical beds, it is tables or bed as you call them, with all the equipment necessary to maintain the being healthy and heal it, with different devices all around.

We all have a standard bed with different equipment regarding to the race we are treating. But the structure of the beds are the same, equipment is different.

What type of implants have you encountered and how did you go about removing or altering them?

We remove implants when they are in the second jail, while they are not yet totally conscious. Because we never know how they are going to cope as long as we haven't removed all the implants. Because some trackers are not only tracker signals. They don't need trackers in signals, tracker signals are very rare. It is when they need to transfer them from a facility to another facility so they trip them. But most of the time their implants are health monitors. And these health monitors, many of them, maintains them alive, maintain sentient functions and organs in their body alive. Removing them is not a good idea always. So we need to study all the possibilities for all, each of them with this implant - how can we remove them, why do we need to leave them and if we leave them, how can we stabilize them and shift them into something safe.

I told you there is a lot of work.

Do you happen to know anything about the choice of incarnating as a hybrid child?

I do not know about that.

Do you know of the incubator babies and orphanages of the past. Were they part of the human trafficking? In the past the orphanages were they part of the human trafficking that was happening with the children?

Oh absolutely! Orphanages absolutely the first source of abductions of course. No traces.

How do you think that the new administration in the united states will affect this whole massive work of healing and taking everything from the underground?

I think our task cannot be interrupted by a bunch of few people from terra. We have started this operation and it is running since a long time now and it is nearly complete, and all will be well. I am not authorized to tell you anything else. I am watched by my favorite blondie. i'm talking about Thor Han ...

We do not do this to seek for recognition and gratitude but sometimes when we hear nice gentle words it really is good for the heart. We do our duty, we do what our heart tells us to do what is right have the choice. We follow orders but of our free will. We follow orders, not because we are bound to our hierarchy, we can live at any time we can say No, we follow orders because those who give orders know, how to organize. They have the task to organize different people. This is what the hierarchy is for. You know, they are guides. Argaid is the guide for TorHan and all the troops and Loran on my station is the guide for all the scientific workers. He organizes the work and they have responsibilities. It is very difficult for them.
So we fill orders with love, because we love those, who fool orders, because we respect them, because they organize the work, practically and efficiently. And we respect this and honor this. Without our superiors the work would be very disorganized and not efficient at all. Someone has to do the job organize for everyone, and it is not easy task.

So i wanted to say that and these people have merit as much as those who die in the undergrounds of your planet.

So myra what would you tell the people of earth now that we have a new administration. to help them with hope?

Trust that things are moving, always. Trust that the near future is free. Trust in the work we do for you. Aand trust that your universe is providing a safe future. You can manifest what you want to do. The world in which you can live. The only way is to refuse to be controlled, to refuse your mind to receive what you call fear. The worst thing of all. Fear disables your power. So I would advise everyone to shine their positivity, their light more than ever, because it is now. Now when you shift towards your good future, it doesn't look as you wish s,o but all this for a reason.

Trust the plan! Trust is the word I would say to you. All it is difficult to talk, when things need not to be said for a certain strategy.