17-11-2020 – QA Live - Nov 17 2020- Nordic aliens: who are they?

QA Live - Nov 17 2020- Nordic aliens: who are they?


Hello everyone

Welcome to this Q&A live question answer. The topic of tonight is the different alien races we name on earth Nordics, who are they and what are they doing, what are their agendas with eart.

I've been very lucky in my life to have contacts with these beings, these humanoid aliens. I was rescued by a group of them from an abduction performed by gray, not a good abduction. So they saved me, they rescued me. I wrote a book about it “A gift from the stars”. And the knowledge I'm going to share with you tonight, everything is in this book.

So who are these these beings that we call Nordics, because they are looking like Scandinavian earth people, tall blonde hair, blue eyes. So there's a lot of confusion about these aliens, this type of aliens. Why? Because people have testified different stories,very divergent stories about them. Some have had unfortunate experiences with them and some others wonderful experiences. So why is that? Are they good are they bad? The answer is, they are as well as good as bad, because there are many different types of them.
So some may have experienced with some blond humanoid aliens involved in malevolent agendas, not serving the good of humanity. And some others may have experienced encounters with other groups of nordic-looking-like aliens, which are involved in benevolent and protective agendas regarding to earth. So it's very difficult to differentiate them, how to know if there are the good ones or the bad ones that when you meet them.

I've had the chance to be taught and informed about this. So the people who rescued me when I was a child were nordic type aliens. They were from many different origins, but they were good. And Thor Han, my protector taught me an amazing amount of knowledge about different things. So i'm going to share with you tonight what are these different races of nordic aliens, who are they, where they come from and what are their agendas regarding to earth.

I am not going to start by what are the agendas, because if I start by this you're gonna want to know but who are they, where they come from, what they look like.

I took the time to make a little bit of drawings. There are three types of three different groups.

· You have the Lyran groups from the constellation lyra,

· you have the Altaíran groups from the constellation Aquila

· and you have the Centaurians from Alpha A and B and Proxima Centauri

So Lyra, Altair, Centaury – these are three different groups. I would say starting point of humanoid races. These three groups have nothing to do together genetically.

The Lyran races, it's the most complicated... So I will start to explain Altair and centauri, Centauri and Altair they look alike, totally alike. They are perfectly humanoid. They look like us, same proportion in the face, the altairan are slimmer. They have white hair, all the altairans have white hair, a very clear clear blonde. And in the Centaurian systems they are same as us, exactly the same, pale skin and their hair are regarding to the planets (we're going to get there) either blonde or white. They look alike. So it's when you see one belonging to one of these two groups, Altair and Centauri you cannot tell them apart. It's just impossible.
The difference is their agendas: Altair bad, Centauri good. Remember that!

You will be able to see on the map of the sky where these three constellations are.


Let's see the bad ones: Altair. They are involved in bad stuff on earth. They are the nordic humanoids people will have a bad experience with. They name themselves Alkhori (Alchori). They they have created an alliance of humanoids, the Altair alliance, but they do not call it like this. They work with the corporate of altair which is an association of different races of this star system, which involves these blonde humanoids and reptilians and greys, because reptililoyd and grey races are the most spread in the galaxy. That humanoid are a minority. The grey race as being the most developed, the most more numerous.

They have a foot in everything nasty in the galaxy. They work with Orion, they work with the Ciakahrr reptilians, they work on earth with the deep state, they work with the the nazi in antarctica, they work with the US-Telos-alliance (I will tell about it later). S these altairan are involved in all the the bad programs on earth. So you will meet them, when you will be misfortunate and unfortunately experiencing bad encounters with nordics. That's them, although there are also all the reptilians, not all but mainly they know how to shape shift in anything, so they can take the appearance of pleiadians, lyrans, centaurians any anyone. So that is a trick. They can tell you i'm a pleiadian look how bad I am, how perv I am and you're gonna think “oh my god, Plejadienas are perverts”, because it will be a reptilian shape shift in a play. Again reptilians, they are so annoying, they shape shifting everything and they confuse the mind of everyone. So that's in brackets that's something that stands aside and which is not really part of the the nordic races, because it's just shape-shifting. So that you have to be aware. When you have a bad experience with the nordic it is either an altairan alkhori or either a reptilian shape-shift in any of the blonde races.


Centaury is the easiest group, because it's smallest. Centaury is a triple star system, double star system means two stars orbiting around one another and a third one. So the two stars the binary system it's alpha century with alpha a and alpha b, okay. Then there's another star orbiting this pair which is proxima centauri or beta century, proxima we call it. All these worlds have life and sister planetary systems.

Let's start by the binary system. On one of them you have a planet which is called Selo. There are three main races in this this triple straw system, in the binary star system. Alpha a it's Selo, white humanoid, white hair, clear eyes, they're all all white. They are part of the galactic federation, they work with them and in the ancient times a colony of Selosi came on earth, before the flood long ago, they settle set a colony. It's it's the nearest star from our. They set a colony on earth. They're involved in the the foundation of atlantis with other races like pleiadians. ...

Shit happens which involved reptilians, greys, different different races (it's in my book), atlantis was destroyed so they left. A colony, a little fraction of them stayed off Selosians, they went underground, they joined, they settled in the underground realms of agartha, they changed their name, they were called Telosian and they're still there. But now the Telosians they're still cousin with brothers with the actual Selosi from century alpha century a, but a big faction of them has been subverted by the reptilians to Ciakahrr, who have colonized all the undergrounds. They're not all the agatha and kingdoms but a big part of under the earth. It's filled with galleries and tunnels and underground cities. It's all occupied, but it's been cleansed at the moment.
So a big part of the oceans have passed to the enemy and their capital under mount shasta in north america has been taken by the reptilians very long ago. And these Telosians passed on to the enemy, because they were subverted and (I don't know exactly what happened) but that's it still remains some rebel Telosions there alongside the agarthan local earth people. So Telosians as well you cannot tell them apart from Altaireans, that's the same white skin, white hair and you don't know if they are the faction of that turned to the enemy. Circumstance will tell.

Those ones are a colony of a blonde race from the lion, they're called Dahl (dál), and these are not really involved on on earth. But then you have proxima centauri and you have the Meton. The Meton are also descendants from the lyran races. The meton and the Dahl they do not look like the Selosi. The Dahl and the Meton they are tall blonde hair, blue eyes or different kind of gray light brown eyes, blonde hair too clear clear brown. These ones are descendants of columns from the lyran systems. Meton are part as well of the galactic federation of worlds and they work as well to help terra, they are there as well for us, not really involved, but all those are good.

Now there's two group, the third group: Lyra.

I actually did a little drawing of it.


Altaír (Alkhori), Centauri (Selo, Dahl, Meton) and Lyra (Ahil, Taal, Noor) – that's the main civilizations of blonde nordic aliens.

Except from Altair (Alkhori) and Centauri (Selo) all the other ones are descendants from Lyra. They've created their own civilizations like serious b, they've bred to create a new species (Ashkera) Epsilon eridani as well (the Kahel), the Ummites from Wolf (Vega) and as well we have some in our solar system. We'll go back to it.

Lineage of the Lyrans


That's complicated enough. Constellation is an optical illusion seen from earth, a constellation is a pattern of stars arranged in a pattern, and from depending on where you are, while you look at, it the star make form shapes.


Lyra – it's a group of stars that visually from earth look like a lyra. All the constellations names I use are earth names, is from the Greek mythology, because in Greece there was an amazing astronomer woman hypathia who named everything and became very famous.

Lyra – it's an absolutely nest of most of the human humanoid races in this quadrant of the galaxy. Of course this quadrant only because we are at the edge of a little arm of this galaxy, and it is very vast and there is so many much more going on. So we're just talking about what's linked to earth.

Lyra, k-62 because kepler, he gave to a star system. And it is there that is was born three humanoid races. Man is the name of the system they call their star mana, and man is the name of the races from this case kepler-62 system. Three humanoid races:Ahel (Maya) Taal (Omenchera) and Noor (Tal).
Ahel: tall blonde with very wide eyes, wider than us in proportions. The Ahel are those we used to call pleiadians.

Taal: totally looking like us, you cannot tell the difference. They do not have pale skin, they have slightly tan skin, eyes go to all the colors possible, and their eyes – you can find blonde ones but it's rare, and their hair is usually black to brown.

Noor: it's like the Ahel, exactly same physiology, muscular, but they are super tall. They're like not giants but like super tall. If you put a Noor beside a normal caucasian man on earth normal size, the man will the top of his head will be under his plexus.

Shit happened in the Lyra system. They were attacked by Ciakahrr, the reptilians from alfa draconis and delta draconis to take the resources and other stuff. They negotiated to be able to flee from there. That's many of you have heard about the lyran wars. That's what I'm talking about.
So colonies left.

So all of these, they went to the plejadies, all the three. All this line (in the drawing) is Plejadies. Noor, Taal and Ahel went in the pleiades. in two star systems, the star systems we call Tayigeta (which is in fact called ashara) and the star system we call alcione (which is the name is Jahya). The Taal went two places: they went to Alcyone and to Taygeta (the taal, those who look like us).

The Taal from Jahya passed to the enemy, they changed camp, they chanced side and they are now alongside with the reptilian empire. So not all pleiadians are good. That's the Taal from jahya.

But the Taal went also to T’mar. T’mar is one of the planets of the asharan system, which says taigeta.

The Noor went on in the planet Alkoru, the giants. And the Ahil (ahel, plural ahil) they went onto another planet of the Taygetan system/ asharan system, which they named Erra. And that's why you will often hear the the inhabitants of erra in the pleiades, called the erra-Ahel. That is the blondes with huge blue eyes.
The pleiades it's a young star cluster, there was no planet, because the stars were too young. But these people knew how to terraform. So they they created this system.

Some Ahel went to the cluster of the Hyades, then we found ourselves in the vega system: Taal and Ahel went as well in the vega star system, which is part of the lyra consolation. So the Ahel on vega on the world and they became named the Elevar, and the Taal became the Adari. And they have tan skin even more, they went really dark. They change regarding to the environment of the planet, they adapt. Or sometimes they mix with local species so they change a little bit physiologically, because then they can like breathe air better, eat the stuff, that's there and genetically mix with the local species. It's a way of adapting better to the conditions and Lyrans are good at that.

The Noors went ... now we are in the solar system. Oh interesting, our solar system! So the Noors went to earth. Indeed they settle the colony here on earth. They were remembered as the giants, the big giants of the mythology. And some of them adapting to our conditions, of them had red hair as well.

The Taal set a colony on venus, the Ahil set as well a colony on venus, but on earth as well, and on mars. On mars shit happened as well. On Terra they had to leave as well because shit happened as well. Only venus, they are still there, and and they're in space as well in orbit of earth, in the orbital stations of the federations.

The Ahil went as well in the Eridani constellation and they also mixed with the local species and they became the the Kahel.

The Taal went also in the serius system and they mixed with the local gray species (sirius b, ashkeran system) so they got smaller breed with triangular face and white eyes. Funnily they look a bit like the the Ahel, but the big eyes are not linked to the ahel genes, they link to the gray genes, because the grays have big eyes.

So i'll go back to my little paper.


The Ummites are an descendant of Ahel and Noor, the blonde ones, normal size and the blonde ones big size. It's a constellation virgo and their planet is Ummo. They are like tall humans, blonde hair, but they have a very big forehead. They have a special role in the federation which is the transmission of knowledge, of technology. They are the ones who contact people to pass on to them knowledge about devices, free energy, medical stuff. They are the ones who try to help us, because they have great ability telepathic ability to contact people. And they are very recognizable by their tall forehead, but blonde hair, blue eyes.

The Egon come from a galaxy a galaxy, far, far away. Blonde humanoid, they're very nice, they're very beautiful and they contacted earth once to tell them that we were going to shift in a new era of our history, and we need to be very careful, that the decisions we were going to take.

Coming back to earth and interaction with us. The good ones never interact with us physically, because they respect the law of non-intervention. But they have agendas of helping us contacting us telepathically, giving us data and helping us in our activation. As well they work a lot with the federation to protect us and they've avoided us so many catastrophes, like nuclear catastrophes or natural disasters. They try to contain it that we survive, and we try togrow up and pass the test.

Negative encounters it's either reptilian shape shifted or either altaírans.

(40:00 Shows faces of them from the book, Ummites, Altai, Sirius B (Myrah), Selosi, Telosians, Daal, Meton, Eridani Kahel, Egon, Hyades, Taal, Noor, Adari with darker Skin, Elaher, Taal Alcyone, Errahel, Tamar Taal, Noor)

Humanoid races, from “A gift form the stars”


Is Sirius b in the pleiadian stars?

No it's in the canis majoris, it's not the same constellation nor space area.

Please find yourself a map of the sky, of the stars and see the different constellations. It's in my book.

Humans can be bred with grays, that's what the bad agendas are about.

The altair people symbol looks like ... Anything that you see with this symbol, be careful (the corporate of altair) The corporate of altair, it's a headquarters of a collective based on the fourth planet of the altariran system and which maintains dodgy ties with the ashtar and draconian collectives. This is a mixed group composed of blonde humanoid race, the alkhori, that corporate cooperates with the grace of grays. which are not nice. This cooperate is not part of the ciakahrr draconian empire but heavily involved in abductions and interbreeding programs between these blonde altirans and humans. In convents with the us government. There's a presence of the detachment of the terran military u.s-telos-alliance. This cooperative part is part of the alliance.

Some of these names have arabic or iranian sounding to it. Is there some connection there?

I don't think so, it's just the way i've heard. Thor Han pronouncing them.

I was starting to say although even... because I was thinking of the anunnaki and iraq, because they had the headquarters in mesopotamia, but then it's nothing to do with blonde humanoids. Anunnaki is something else, it's another species. So that's nothing to do with it.

What race is good from orion?

I do not know all the races of orion, but I know some which are good: it's the Egaroth, the el-manuk I think and al-nilam. That's the only ones I know in orion, maybe there's other ones in my book.

Can you talk about the Altairans, working with the Nazis?

The Alairnas the nazis to build a technology. They as well work with the us government, they played both grounds, because their agenda is in correlation with the agendas of the the grays. They won't take and advance that the terrans, the earthlings, because we are about to create our own space force and they they don't want this space force to be allied with the federation. So the altairans tried to haste the process that they would get the terreans with them their side. So they gave them technology and they had them building spaceships and stuff. They helped especially the nazis first, but then what happened, there was a huge slavery workforce involved to build these things and to work at these buildings, fleets that could go to space. So they helped them. Then shit happened for the nazis, hitler went so mad, his main generals decided, they knew that was smelling bad, they were about to lose probably. So they started to back up to go to antarctica. They just abandoned hitler and with the altairans they relocated to antarctica. And there they met a colony an outpost of reptilians, that welcomed them and... I do not know what is the relationship between the altarants and this faction of reptilians. But they got on together with the nazis all there, but they have their territories. They build stuff there. They're all still there and the world of slaves are sent there to to work.


There was influence in the egyptian histories of other races, not these blonde humanoids we are talking about.

Is it wise to try and contact any of these races?

Be careful because in contacting and trying to contact extraterrestrials it is it works exactly as the same, as when you try to contact spirits or dead people. you need to have a link an anchor with someone! When I channel I never channel by chance or open and say “okay anybody wants to come”. No, because you open a window and anything can come, and sometimes very bad thing that can look at you and never let you go and feed off your energy. And that can end up very bad.

Contact these races only if you have contact with them already, if there's a being, an extraterrestrial that you have a contact with already. I wouldn't recommend to just hope for the best. It's dangerous. You put yourself in vulnerable position. There's a lot of predators.

What about Arcturians?

Arctuarians are not humanoids are not part of these humanity races. They are a species on their own.

Are there any blue skinned pleiadians?

No, not that i know.

Have you heard of the elf plejadiens?

No. I know is what i've been told by Thor han about the ashara that we call taigita system, the four races living there. In the man system, the lyran systems, nobody has blue skin in there.

In the taigeta ashara system there are these three races plus another one, which has been evolved from these three, which is ninth density. Tthey are like the Ahel but on another level, translucent and very clear. They do not have blue skin. Anyway because i've seen Coron, who is one of them, and he has pale skin.
When you go in our in lower densities, when we look at beings of a higher density, they look like beings of light. But we shift to their density we start to see them as physical as us. That's it. It's a question of point of view, perspective.

Underground craft with nordics with pitch black eyes, not white in eyes?

That's hybrids. They do, the reptilians too and the grays they breed hybrids with nordics as well or earthlings.

Oh wait a minute. Nordics with pitch black eyes – that's a Kiily Tokurt! Ah, I forgot them. That's bastards. They're not humanoids, they are not nordic humanoids, they are grays. They are tall grays with very pale skin, like white skin. They are called tall whites. Kiily Tokurts are real Assholes. They work with the underground governments and they are very much involved in abductions. The Kiily Tokurt have the triangular black crafts. They shape shift in blonde humanoids, but the only thing that they cannot change funnily is their eyes. They will always have dark, dark obsidian eyes. I made a drawing in my book especially about them, to show people that they do not change eyes when they shape shift.
And they work underground as well with the government.

There is an image in my book. There's a male, it's a tall grey and there's a female shape shift in a nordic blonde, but she kept her black eyes. That's what I wanted to show you. They're very active.

It seems, that the most of the blue races are in vega or in andromeda constellation?

Yeah there are blue races in the vega system and andromeda system. There are many.

Do you know anything about 12D pleiadians?

No. What I know is that ninth density is the highest i've heard of in the pleiadian cluster. So I haven't heard about it which doesn't mean they don't exist.

We are talking about the Kiily Tokurt and you say that I am spot on. They were in triangular craft and there was human military personnel on board interacting with them in some strange language. Their ship has had astral barrier too, if that helps.

Yes, so let's talk about the Kiil Tokurt, because the subject is here and it's important, because they shape shift themselves in nordic aliens. Eyes are black so that's they cannot change their eyes. the skin is very pale, they have black triangular ships.

It's important to mention them regularly because they are really the assholes, they're working with the deep state, us government especially in underground bases, and they are extremely involved actually involving abductions. They perform abductions, they are on their own, they have their own agreements with the us governments, but they tolerate to just share territories with the maitra, which are other ugly tall greys and the Cieakahrr, the reptilians. Their ships are like these black triangulars the u.s navy has a triangular ship as well, but the difference is that the u.s navy triangular ship is smaller, silvery gray, looking thicker, round angles, more complicated designs on it and it makes noise.
The Kiily Tokurt from constellation velar, their triangular ship is way bigger flatter, they have a little dome on the top, but you never see the top, or you are in trouble, the angles are sharp. It's totally black, silent and you barely notice them because they have a way to reflect what's above underneath. So it's like transparent but you can just sense their shape. Sometimes they appear, they uncloak their little lights at the angles. The three lights are smaller and the the round in the middle is smaller than the us navy one, which was big.

You know because there is a feel about it, when you see this black triangular alien ship, everyone I know that has had an experience with this ship, they all say the same thing, which is “time seems to stop. Silence. And there is kind of a fascination, hypnotic fascination coming from it. And you feel suddenly terror, instant, and you want to run, but you can't!” They all say that and that's not u.s navy.

Is it true that these nordic aliens are the nordic gods, like odin, thor, freya, loki and so?

After what i've been told, yes.

Can you share more of the adari from vega, how they participate in the galactic federation? Are there too many helping terra?

For those who have the book, page 314. It will be the vegans, so it's adari and elevar. They assist everyone else's task in understanding terra humans motivation and potentials. So they're obviously studying terrans. They're obviously studying our customs and our behavior, to help the federation understand better how to behave with us.

The Aldari from vega which are a colony of Taal from lyra. Vega it's a star with very strong radiation, so they need to modify themselves to be able to to to live there.

They are tall colony arrived at refugee from the attack of the man system in the lyran system. They migrated to the first planet of the almeika system adara. Although they resemble to a particular vegan species they are of a different genetics. Their skin evolved to brown with bluish shades due to the radiation of the star. Like the osma of the fourth planet they have adopted the same fashion of long robes high necks and large sleeves, that has become a significant of the all-mekan vega system and its residents. Adali had an input on terra in the area of india where they temporarily settled the colony quickly chased by the Ciakahrr invaders in a ferocious conflict. They are still remembered in our vedic texts as the blue rays of gods, who came from the sky. Adali are now involved in the programs of the galactic federation of worlds to protect terra. Their ships have beautiful profile, elongated silhouettes.

You know we are mixed on earth; we are really a genetic mix that's obviously why there are so many different blood types.

Do you know the difference of the beings that interact with certain light workers at mount shastaand mount adams?

Stay away from mount shasta! Mount adams, I don't know anything about it. But I know about mount shasta is held by reptilians, by Ciakahrrs and u.s-telos-alliance. It was before the capital of the telosian colony, that is now very dangerous, one of the eye of evil. Do not try to interact with people living there, it is very dangerous.

Did you outline the tall whites?

Tall white is interesting, it's important to know about the tall whites. There's in fact are many species that have have been named tall whites, because many different species look like tall whites.

Anything that's taller than us and has a pale skin, white hair or no hair, they call it tall white. So it's very confusing. Even the Emerther a species of grays, they have small race and tall race and those ones as well are called “tall whites”. And Emerhter so nice. They're really nice people and they work with a council of five.

Do they all communicate telepathically only or have their own languages?

That's a very good question. All these races i've spoken about that are at interstellar travel. They are so advanced that they can do it in few hours or even faster, because they've discovered as well inter-dimensional travel and quantum travel and they've developed as well their mind abilities. So they're able to speak telepathically with each other.
The thing is, most of them have kept their talking abilities because they do not want to interact with any species telepathically. If you have telepathic ability to communicate, but you're in a situation where you are at war and you need to meet reptilians, do you really want to communicate telepatically with them? No. So they have as well the language. Some like to sing, to talk, they do both they do both.
In the Centaurian system they use rather telepathic language. I know the lyran races they use rather spoken language and the telepathy comes only when they want to have private conversations. So it depends on the species. They all know the telepathic language yes, and they use it more or less.

I've experienced it and I can say of my own experience, the telepathic language uses a special frequency, a special range that is not the range of your normal thoughts. That means that speaking telepathically with someone you can isolate your telepathic speech interaction from your thoughts, normal brain thoughts. It's not on the same range. It's like they have a special mind space for that. When you speak with some being telepathically you can't read their thoughts. Otherwise you can read the thoughts of the other ones if he allows it. There are two different sorts of telepathic language. I learned that with them and it's quite fascinating, quite fascinating, and we can do that, we have this possibility and we will get there.



Tall whites cover more than one group, are all in the u.s?

No they're all over the world. These underground bases are scattered all over the world, linked by tunnel and high-speed trains. So it's all over the world.


Do they shape-shift on molecular level, physical, or send objections to the mind of the viewe,r mental telepathic?

Grey can shape-shift, reptilians can shape-shift. Humanoids – no. They can, but they need a super technology for that and they don't do this. Teptilian races, reptoids do that and grays, most of greys are reptoids, so the the grays that are of reptoid constitution shape-shift as well. It's a eptilloid thing the shape-shifting and I know that they use both, mental suggestion and physical molecular shift. So the mental suggestions is they change the range of frequency of their the image. They give the people the person receives as well...

I know the Ciakahrr and the Naga, thei are the reptilians who just really annoy us, they have a belt and this belt is helping them to shape shift. I know as well monoatomic gold helps them to shapeshift and adrenochrome as well. With adrenochrome they can hold the molecular one longer.

I know there are some ways of spotting them, they need wet their eyes, because climate is too dry for them, so they need to wet their their eyes and they have lateral eyelids, that click.

What do they eat and drink?

When they go for space travel they do not eat solid, because they shift densities and dimensions. They basically want to have stomach empty, that's otherwise it's difficult. They're all vegan diet.

Reptilian Species on earth

I can name some reptilians on this earth: The races are Ciakahrr and Naga. They come from Thuuban in the draconian constellation and in fact interdimensional beings. They come from another dimension. They've been kicked out. if we could kick them out as well from this one it would be nice.