3/9/2020 – GALACTIC CONTACTS - Thor Han

Angels, Kryon, 9DPleidians, Source, Soul, Invisibility




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00:00:20 Do not give into fear.

00:06:50 Ego, the enemy of evolution.

00:07:10 What is Source

00:11;20 Angels / Kryon /9D Pleiadians of Light, Metatron

00:18:15 Where does the soul go...

00:24:40 Fractals & portals

00:27:20 Invisibility and cloaking

00:29:00 A few words in Taami


Do not fear

Thor Han: Yes I have a message for you. I want to insist on the fact, that you must not give to fear. Some scary times are ahead of you, which will not last very long. But do not give out to fear. Do not allow fear to come into you. Do not fear anyone. Be aware of your own power your power of action and decision for yourself, for your life, for the life of your families. However they try to impress you by fear, by threats – do not listen! Keep on going in your life and do what you have to do. You who work to anchoring the light. Do this, only this. Keep fear away outside of your homes.

They will try to impress you, make you believe you are obliged to obey. You are not. You are free individuals. You are one species and you will not fight against each other.

When you want to protest, protest in peace. When you want to go outside, go by their rules but outside, and join together. It is not a time for violence. It is a time for peace. It is not a time for fear, it is a time for trust.

You will win this. We have assured the background to make your actions stable and efficient.

I know you are many to listen to me tonight. So I want to insist on this message: Fear is manipulation and illusion. Do not listen! Fear is their weapon. You are more powerful. Your shields are made of light. Fear cannot go through.

This is what I wanted to say, because I know what's coming. Do not be scared.

I have told you already that there are an increase in the chaos, that this coming two months will be very difficult, because they will try to turn your head, to make you believe, you must obey. But you are not obliged to obey. You obey to only one thing: the rule of life, the rule of the evolution. Evolution is all, is the greater law above all other laws.

Political chaos, fights, false revelations made to manipulate people. Listen to your heart. Listen to what you know is right. Everything that incite you to violence is not right. What is right is what unite all humans together.

I will not tell you who is going to fight against who, but I think you guess. The continent of north America will decide for the rest of the planet. There are ties in other countries, but all is centralized under the ground and in the sacred chambers of the continent I just named.

We are helping you, you are not alone. You will not see us in the fight because, we work in your back holding you, pushing you with love and trust. We hope more than you do, because we know what is ahead. We know that after the chaos the light from your star will seem at your eyes brighter and more colourful, because at the end of the fight, at the end of the storm peace is there.

You are awakening at an exponential rate, and this cannot be stopped. Awareness is your shield. The last tries of your enemies, and then it is gone.

You are meant to have a wonderful future. It is not because I speak about fear, that you must fear. I hope you understand what I say. You have many of you on terra, a conditioning to shiver when you hear this word “fear”. This shouldn't! You should laugh! You should laugh and feel yourself above it.

Unfortunately terrans are such that power seduces them. This is the big fight against ego. Ego is the enemy of the evolution of your consciousness.

You are fighting well. You are learning. When you leave your world you discover that the universe is vast and multiple, and that there are no gods above your heads, because you are traveling in any directions. There is no above there, is no below. And all the realms and densities are interconnected one into the other. There is no low. there is no high – there is all only difference of frequencies.

When we leave our world and start to travel, not only in space but inter-dimensionally, inter-consciously, we realize that there is something that flows and animates everything with consciousness and life. It is everywhere, it is the air you breathe when you are on a world. It is the beauty you see when the stars are billions in oceans of colors. It is the joy you feel in your heart to find your family again that you have left for a very long time. It is the beauty in the eyes of a child. It is the harmony of colors in a nebula. It is the symphony of sound that is case for the center of every galaxy – a music that you can hear only, when you are in space. Everything that gives you an emotion comes from somewhere, and everywhere at the same time. This is source.
Source is the start and the end of everything, because it has no beginning and no end. It is spherical and infinite in the same time. Source is not a singularity, it's an omnipresence, inhabiting everything: rocks, flesh, everything.

We do not have a religion, we do not have a dogma. We believe with our heart what we see and what we experience. When we attune to who we are, we are tuned to source and its flow. If we should worship something, it would be life, consciousness.

Consciousness is life. There are different levels of consciousness. A rock is conscious. This is maybe surprising for you but it is not for us, because there isn't a part in this multiverse not animated by source. Even the ones who do harm to each other like the Ciakahrr for instance they are part of it. That they connect with it is another story, but they are made of it and they ignore it.

Consciousness doesn't need a physical shape to incarnate, consciousness is free. Consciousness incarnates into an avatar when it needs to do a certain job or experience learning, experience interaction. But consciousness is not dependent from an envelope.


About angels, Kryon, Metatron

I wanted to add something. We were talking about angels last time. I told you that we believe that you put in the word “angel” many things. It is like a cup, and there is a name painted on it “angel” – and in this cup you put every phenomenon that you do not understand. But you need to tidy up in this cup. There is us – we are not angels.

In this cup there are higher spirits of your planet, higher spirit to work for the greater good of your planet. I'm thinking about Kryon – he is wonderful and magnificent. He's not an angel, higher being. He's a guardian, he's a spirit guardian maintaining the balance of the etheric grid of your planet. He's not on his own. There are many ones. But he looks like an angel, but he is not. He's 12 next to the source.

Coron, our friend coron, he is from Dakhorat and he is Pleiadian as us. His race has migrated from Ahel race from the Lyran colonies and they became very high in their density. Coron can reach up to the 12th density if he wishes to, but he is actually living in the seventh density is what you would call a “pleiadian of light” which is a funny name. But he is from the pleiades and he is very shiny. Him and his people are very powerful, very powerful species. They can travel by consciousness. They have reached the state where they do not need a body anymore, but they do to interact with us, because they are part of the federation and they need a physical anchor to do what they have to do. So they still have their bodies, but they easily get out of it. So that is what coron is – knowlegible, old wise man.

Kryon is one of the higher being who look after the balance of the magnetic and etheric grid of the planet. We have shifts and I have had so many shifts, looking after the grid. We were assigned to certain points and notes that we had to maintain and rebalance, and twice at twice occasion Kryon showed himself to us, because we needed to with interact lines in correlation with what he was doing and – he appeared. He is … he is like a cloud of shimmering energy. When he connects with certain terrans, I know, he can appear himself as a humanoid. But this is not his shape. His shape is a cloud of light and iridescent colors, moving his consciousness in the shape of this. But what radiates from him is an amazing love, because you know the more powerful and the higher are these beings, the more love they radiate. Love is the interaction and the power they radiate.

Many terrans should connect with him. He knows everything. I was touched and I have seen magnificent beings in my life, but I have to say: seeing and meeting Kryon was two moments in my life, I will never forget Magnificent, it touched my heart.

I feel uncomfortable to use the word angel because it's a cup name or you say bucket name that encompasses anything that you cannot understand and that looks humanoid, shiny.

I have never met any being with wings as a higher spirit. There are species with wings, but there are species like us, They are not higher beings of a superior density of frequency.

There are although higher spirits in this universe, higher spirit will look after the balance of the space continuum. They look like a Kryon.

You have asked me about Metatron last time. He is one of them. His consciousness is one of the guardians of your galaxy. He is very powerful, he is very knowledgeable consciousness. He knows everything about every world. He is not a person, he is consciousness, very high and he keeps the door access to the center of your galaxy, which is a portal towards source.

Where do we go when we die?

You have an intermediary place where first you go, because when you leave your plane of existence the dimension and the density of your avatar – you need to retune to the density of your light being of your soul, as you call it. When this happen, when the avatar cease to function, the light being is leaving this avatar. Then this depends on where your soul matrix is. If your soul matrix is on the same planet as the avatar, you will directly go into the highest sphere of this planet – it is a sphere imbricated in this one for instance, talking about terra. This is an intermediate place. From there you will choose to come back in another avatar or to leave the sphere to go to somewhere else, either another soul matrix, I mean world, or if you're finished, you can go back to source and melt in the consciousness of the multiverse. This is a choice you make. If you belong to the planet, the soul matrix of the planet you have incarnated you stay there or you decide to go further, but you need to pass by this intermediate state. This intermediate place. If you do not belong to the soul matrix of this planet you do not go to this intermediate place, you live directly to connect with the soul matrix of your original world.


You will be attracted as a magnet to your soul matrix, the soul matrix of your original world. Travel, but not physically. You would travel not the distance. You will travel interdimensionally and the world is not right. It is resonance travel an anchor point somewhere else. You just transport there when you do not have a body.

Body needs interdimensional travel they need devise, any technology, they need travel distance that's what avatars do, they travel by consciousness.

Resonance is two points, two anchor points, wherever they are in the universe, vibrating at the same frequency, connecting. It's an echo. We call it resonanc.

It's the same when you leave the avatar, you go back to your soul matrix. If you wish to, if you have decided already that you will come back, you may stay. But normally this is very rare. You have first to go back to your soul matrix, and if you want to go back to terra, you decide from there.

Now there is a special rule. You know there is this program, many of you are part of the envoys, all right you call them starseed. Most of you, not all, but most of you have left their body in stasis and your light being have travelled. They have traveled to avatars on terra for instance, this is a good example.
In this case this is an interrupted existence, paused existence. You went for a mission. You will go back to this body of yours, which is another avatar. But this avatar belongs to the same frequency as your soul matrix, because it is where you belong. You will feel more natural and more comfortable to be there. You will travel by resonance and be received in the receptacle in your body.
The receptacle is something very special, it's a device. It looks for you like a blue crystal, and when the soul comes back into it, it radiates and be inserted in the avatar that awaits. This is a transfer device. It assures that the transfer is happening well.

This is what will happen to you. You will travel by resonance to the planet where you belong. Onece they cooperate, there is no distance. That is what Coron is for instance, because we were talking about him. When he is not in his body, he can be anywhere. In a wink of an eye.

Are there soul fragments?

You have one only soul, which is not fragmentary. If consciousness incarnates in an avatar, whatever avatar it is, a planet, a being, anything – it is whole, one. It cannot be separated.

What is a fraktal?

A fractal is a small part of a bigger thing, which is equivalent. We are all fractals of source. A fractal being an outspring. I think there is a misunderstanding with the word fractal. Fractal is not fragmented pieces. It is a shape or pattern, generated from a wider one. For instance you see the waves on your oceans. You take one and the pattern will repeat, excited of it indefinitely. Aa fractal is an infinite reproduction of a pattern. It is not fragmented, it is generated by a bigger pattern, which will generate. It’s total similar alike, but smaller, and smaller, and smaller. It is difficult for me to explain to you fractals, but fractals are not something that is scattered. It is something that is generated by a pattern.

Can we be located, if we rise our frequency?

Once you have activated your portal activity, I would say you're visible. The only way is to make yourself invisible by elevating your frequency, but the portal will remain open. A portal is, you know what is a portal within someone – it is the ability to travel interdimensionally, to be here and be there wherever you want. It can be in a parallel universe.

Persons, individuals which are moving living portals, are of course a target to the lower density beings, because if they capture the person they can use the person to travel themselves wherever they want, if they enslave the mind of the person and make of the person someone very obedient.

There are not really a specific way to protect yourself to be invisible, except raising your vibration. We will always go back to the same topic. You can expand your consciousness infinitely very far out in the universe, but as far as your consciousness will be expanded, you will still be one. You can expand your energy field, expand your being, but you will always be one being as expanded as you are.

How works cloaking?

Cloaking is a change in frequency. A slight slight dissonance in frequency in your energy field will make you invisible. This is the technology we mainly use to cloak ships. You just modify the frequency of a tiny slightly, slightly unit and you're invisible. This requires technology, but for individuals it is much more work, because you are your own technology, you are your own device. So this requires more effort.

We can also apply the ship technology onto our bodies, but you do not, you are not I mean granted with this.


Orá               unity

Nensmen              hope

You have different kinds of hope. You hope for something to come your way, you hope for something to come for others, from you to others. You hope for something to happen.

Nesmen is the hope for something to happen and I was using this word to talk about your race.

Órman               is a victory in war, acquired bravely

Junenía               is the peace in the heart after the storm has passed. A silence mirror of a perfect lake.

And I wish you all a nice time. Enjoy your life, enjoy being on your beautiful planet. And I will speak to you another time