2/7/2020 – Conversation with an Egaroth



reupload 9.7.2021 edited version


Elena: Annax is ready to connect with me and Tor Han is here as well and he just wants to connect five minutes to say hi so before leaving room to announce to to um to speak to you so i'm going to let thorand first

Thor Han: I just want to say hello to you and give you a message of hope. And be very reassured, that everything is going well on terra. The underground war is taking a good outcome. There is a lot of reptilians and dark forces again, still, but they are chased and they are diminishing and the prisoners are still evacuated. A lot are turning to the light, which is a good surprise and they are sincere. And my intervention tonight is just to tell you: have hope, do not worry and do not fear about everything that is happening on your planet and leave it to us to help you. And your governments are taking the good way, even if you don't believe. Some leaders are still having ties with the dark ones, but it is taking a good turn, because they are turning their back against the dark forces. So good hope. Do not fear! Think about your mission, think about what you have to do and stay high in vibration, frequency, stay elevated! I will leave you.


Message from Annax – listen to your Aura, Aura meditation

Annax: You have to listen to your rate or vibration of your aura. What you call aura is your energy field. It has many layers.
First start by the inner layer, the layer of your
etheric body. We all have an etheric body. It is the body that is the core of your being. It has to shape humanoid for you all, for me too. It is superimposed and it is a bit more radiant. It is slightly above around your skin or your two fingers put two fingers side by side. That your etheric body radiates around your skin. The aura is composed of different layers, and this is the first one.

The second one goes a bit farther, it will be the size of your forearm, the length of your elbow to the tip of your fingers. This is the life force, this is where your health and your energy is stored. It is where you are healthy or sick. It is where the wounds are, where the gifts are, where your power is, your power of interaction with your environment and all ever life force you can cross or be in contact with.

And then around this there is this third layer. This one is the layer by which you communicate. This layer can go very far. When you do your meditations together, this is by this layer that you connect to each other, that you connect to your planet.

To elevate your frequency you have to start first by the inner layer, the etheric body. So you sit quietly. I recommend to sit. You can't stand up, but sit is good, because you are not tired you are not a very fit species, your muscles get tired. So sit.

Feel yourself connected to with your planet. Feel yourselves connected with the air and the atmosphere above you. Then listen to your heart beat. This is difficult for me, because if I explain this to you, I will explain this regarding to my body. I can hear my heart rate. I know it is a bit difficult for you. Hearing your heart rate you become really anchored within your avatar body of flesh. Any technique that can make you completely isolated from the outside for the start, and only with your body.

And then you hear a sound. But before hearing the sound (I go too fast) you must feel the energetic current going through your body, this etheric inner layer, the first one. You must feel! It is a feel like magnetism, like it is an energy, a current that vibrates at a certain rate. You have to listen to your normal natural rate. What is the rate of your being? However step in your evolution you are, whoever you are – you have a certain rate, which is yours. This is the frequency of the energy. It vibrates. Imagine the wings of an insect, a flying insect, you have a lot of flying insects on your planet, imagine the noise that a flying insect does when it flies. Imagine a big heavy flying insect. You are going to compare this big heavy flying insect, the sound of the wings with the sound of the vibration of your energy field. And then compare this sound of this heavy flying insect to a lighter flying insect, whose rate of flying is faster. The sound is higher, isn't it? Way higher. This is what I am talking about. The sound of the vibration of the energy is comparable with the sound of the wings of insects. So the heavy flying insect will be the sound at the start of where you are at this moment.

You want now to elevate this sound to a sound comparable to the sound of a lighter insect. So to elevate the rate, you can do it by intensifying your energy.
Where this sound is originated in your body, it is somewhere on your spine, the spine that links the earth to the sky. There are centers of energy on this spine. The vibration of your energy field is at a rate of one of these centers of energy, the turning wheels. So you will identify which one relates to this sound. It is probably a lower one. Some of you may be already very elevated, but some of you not. Check where it is resonating – which is the center of energy.

And then being aware of the sound, this center of energy, linked with the awareness of this sound, you will lift it along the spine. Rise along the spine this sensation of sound until it reaches higher centers of energy that you call chakra.

As it raises, the rate of the sound raises too. It is going to pulse faster, and as you go up, you feel more peace, feel more joy. Joy and peace, especially joy of very fast pulse. Until it goes faster and faster, and the joy becomes profound ecstasy. And it is beating so fast, that the wings of the insect produce sound so high that it becomes one sound, one pulse, containing all the pulses of the universe. This one sound sounds like a crystal, that you hit with something metallic. This produces a sound, this is comparable with the one sound. And you are so happy and so joyful.

And then you feel it. You are above your body, the etheric one and the avatar one, you are above, your consciousnesses above and you watch from above, and you feel it! Love. This relates to everything. You are so high in vibration frequency, that your frequency is just now one, one sound, one pulse, one with everything.

So the key is first to identify, what is your current pulse in your etheric and flesh bodie,. being aware of them. And hear, connect with the pulse, see where it is along your spine, see to which chakra it is related. And then elevate. The consciousness is elevation. The consciousness is the intention. The intention to reach one.

Q&A with Annax

How often a day do you meditate in this form?

I don't have days, time you know is not linear for me. I have days when I am on Darius, my planet. But not when I travel. There is no day, no night. So I do it regularly, when my heart feels like it, pleasure.

I sleep when my body avatar is tired. I being has an energy that maintains all the cells of my avatar flesh alive and healthy.

Your mission

I travel for observation and I identify the spots in the galaxy, that need healing and elevation. I hunt in a way for these dark spots, those who are vulnerable to dark energies. So I report them sometimes or I just heal them myself. To whom I report? To my brothers.

Where do you come from.

I chose to incarnate in the area of what you call Orion. The name of my star system is Mesa. I live on a planet which name is Darias.
My planet is in a higher dimension than yours. It is on the seventh density. So if you come to visit me, it will seem to you strange, transparent. The colors will be the colors like you have never seen.

The planet is beautiful. My planet is very old. This is not the planet of my race, of my soul matrix, because I am Arcturian from soul matrix. But I chose to incarnate on Mesa to accomplish my mission. So this is why I seem to you very strange, because I look like the people from Darias in Mesa.

A lot of my brothers from the Arcturian systems choose to stay incarnated. Some of us a lot of soul matrix from Arcturian chose to come on Terra or other worlds. There are a lot of our brothers and sisters embodied and incarnated on terra, you call them Starseeds. We embody an incarnate where we want to accomplish a mission.

Orion is a very disturbed area, it is very complicated and subject to dark as well. Dark I use it not to say without light. I would say “dark intentions”. I have chosen to be there for this life mission to join the Orion league. We have created (not me but the species benevolent living there), this league to fight the Orion empire. They are very greedy and they have a lot of connections with different species, drawn to war and destruction. So there is a lot of work to be done in the Orion vicinity.

I am part of the Orion league. But my mission is to travel and identify the dark vulnerable spots on the space continuum around the Orion systems. For the dark forces of the Orion alliances not to settle. This is what I do. I identify, report really when I can, not always, but when I can I do it myself.

You have some coming from the Ciakahrr empire. The Ciakahrr empire is originated in a constellation that you call Draconis. The name of their world is tuban, it is Alpha draconis star system. It is very far from here, but they are very developed in warfare. They are very numerous and they have interconnection with the Orion alliances and the Orion empire. This is why I chose to incarnate in the middle of this terrible thing. Everywhere where war and destruction is we go.

Do you have family?

Oh I have family on my planet, actually Darias. But the family is different on Daria. I do not have wife. I have or we call parity or partner on Darias. There is no definite gender. I am to you more masculine voice, because my actual and soul is masculine. So this is who I am and when I travel, I travel most of the time in my Arcturian shape. But when I am on Daria, I downgrade density and I am with my family in my body of flesh. My family is my companion and we have offsprings. I know it will seem to you a bit different, a lot different. We can reproduce differently than you. Something we do equally.
Oh I would have difficulty to explain to you. We all have the ability to be male or female, but we need to be two, to create life. On Darias various I am neutral gender, my partner is natural gender. When I travel far from Darias, I am masculine, because you know, the life forms in this galaxy are very diversified.

Describe Darias

It has a radiance around everything. The sky is dark blue, but the planet itself radiates light and colors, iridescent. It is solid for us, it is slightly transparent for you.

Your space ship

Although in etheric ship this ship have shapes of crystals, symmetric crystals. It can be diamond shapes. Mine is what you call a merkabah.

We have different geometric shapes. It looks to you like crystals. It is etheric energy.

Star seeds

Star seeds it is not all the terran planet. Star seeds are a group of envoys. There are a lot coming there at the moment. But not all terrans are star seeds. We come well not me on terra but me on mesa, we come to help the local indigenous population to elevate and to find their own right path for each of them.


If you are terran – feel very privileged, because you are experiencing something that is marking the history of your planet terra. Do not feel inferior, if you are not star seed. Feel privileged! There is no inferior, there is no superior. There is people from different world, different. Different is an equality. Different has no superior, inferior. Different is a balance. Do not be sad if you are not from another soul matrix.

Ask the question again in your heart. See how it feels, right or wrong. Are you proud to come from another soul matrix, another world to help de terrans, or are you proud to be a terran, elevating from the millenniums of constraint of ignorance of dark ages, a terran that finally has overcome everything and finally blossoms, proudly. Think again, ask the question, and see what answer comes.

How can we see higher densities?

When you are incarnated in an avatar, you use the senses of this avatar body, to apprehend your environment, be it of the same density and physic, or be it energetically. You cannot see what this avatar cannot see. To see,beyond it you need to step out of it. You cannot or you let it die, but you can step out of it by the mind or by the intention. Some of you can do what you call journey astral. When you elevate, beside or above or out of this body, suddenly you see, suddenly you're here.
Sometimes you need not to step aside, astral sometimes you just need to put yourself in a more elevated vibration and then you start to connect with the senses of your etheric being of light. And then you see. You see what is of the same frequency and density, as the frequency and the density where you are to see higher densities. You need to elevate to the same frequency to see it – either by stepping out of this body of flesh, restrain, or either being aware of the high vibration, the higher vibration of your etheric beam of light.

There are different densities. You, your body of flesh is made of what we call by simplicity the third density. Your etheric body is of a much higher density: fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. It depend on everybody else.

Beside you being incarnated in the third density body, there are other beings on your planet. You have the indigenous spirits of this planet, who dwell in the fourth density. It is the spirits of the ancestors who haven't left the orb of terra. It is as well those from the Agarthian realms. You call them fairy, elemental as well. They are of the same density, the fourth density, which is a slightly higher than third. You know there isn't an equal intensity in between the densities. The third density is very powerful. This fifth density is very powerful. But the fourth is a very short one, short range of frequency. Short is something that vibrates very fast.

Transition between three and five. Six is a transition between five and seven. Eight is a transition between seven and ninth, and so and so on.


You remember what I told you about earlier on in this discussion about climbing the ladder of your spine. Your emotions change, your feelings change, when you reach a state of pure deep joy, touching the bliss. You are in a more elevated frequency than. When you feel depressed, fearful, worried this is the same. Density is a feeling of undestroyable peace, peace prevailing upon all your thoughts. All your thoughts are serene and filled with contentment. You experience joy in everything you do, in everything you see. Everything you see, makes you smile. If you see something that is dark and bad, bad because there is pain involved, pain is a bad thing that ties up souls to lower matter. If you are in a higher density you look at it with compassion and the pain doesn't reach you. It cannot, because it is below you. When pain of the others of what you see cannot reach you, because it is so below, when you realize that anything around you that is potentially harmful, cannot reach you, you are in the fifth density.

Self reachable by fear and pain, well you still have a few steps to climb on your ladder.

All the good vibrance of source be with you all.