1/7/2020 – Ascension / Extraterrestrial Alliances & Federations



reupload 8.7.2021, edited version

Situation update

Thor Han: I can give you the informations which are not disclosing the topics of battles. I can tell you that alliances are being renewed between the galactic federation of worlds and the Agarthean kingdoms. What you call Agarthean garden kingdoms it is the Telos alliances. We are renewing our alliances with them. It is very difficult but once we will have the complete alliances with all your underground people, it will be over for those we call the dark ones. So now we are working on the diplomatic side to renew all the contacts with them.

You know before on your planet there was many factions together ruling in the same time and there were territorial conflicts. A great part of the ancient colonies have gone underground. I am talking about the end of your last ice age. The Telosians have betrayed four big part of them and they have joined the dark alliances. But now we are renewing with them, because they are losing their allies, the Ciakahrr, the orion empire as you call it, all are going.

The undergrounds of your planet are not yet cleansed totally but on the good way. Once the diplomacy will have done its work, I suppose it will be all right. I am not into diplomacy but in these times it is needed. So this is the battle update. The timeline is changing.


We cannot make contact openly directly when everything is in chaos, because the terran people are not ready yet. They are being easily manipulated and we need to remove all risks of new manipulations. We need to finish the cleanse up before. The contacts will happen in peace not in battle.

This is difficult to tell, but the latest – well with the best hopes two 2023, summer, but this is not a fixed date.

Conversation with Myrah

Myrah: We are working underground and behind what is visible to pull strings of diplomacy, because this is how your world works. You have no federation. It is more complex, because you have each country one leader, unique for this country, but this leader has different factions of political people opposed to each other. It is absolutely chaotic.
You need to federate. But this time will come. We will help. You need first do the cleansing.

It will not be a change global to all the countries in the same time, no, above the others where the heart of the dark is located. This country with c – a change or a renewal in leadership. This change or renewal will mark a new era. I cannot disclose names.

They will try but it will be aborted before they do it. They will try. Oh they are thinking about this. They have planned a whole agenda by putting, you call it poison – it is not a poison, it is a substance, particles that fixes in your body and can modify your vibration. They want to make everybody dumb.

If you awaken to higher frequency, you will not be likely to be touched by this technology, this evil, nasty, harmful technology. It is very wicked, If you are elevated this will not harm you. This is not a chemical or biological poison, it is a technology which is made to tame down your frequency. They try everything they can. They will try.

You have to stay safe protect yourselves. Keep your vibration high! And when you keep your vibration high you are in a state of peace and calm, and you do not want to go fighting your brothers and your sisters. Chaos vanishes when you are in a state of peace.
And spread it, expand it, to tame down the energies of chaos, created by them. Ciakahrr are very talented to manipulate the minds. And the weakest are those who suffer, the minorities, racial minorities. They are very weak, very weak because they are paranoid and suffering. It is very easy to manipulate them for creating chaos.

And pull from your past, old ghosts. Make peace with each other! Make peace within yourself first –that's what the Ohoran teaches to make peace within yourself first, and then the universe is at peace. Do not care for anything else than peace and spreading wisdom.

When you awaken to who you are, because – you know – you say “awakening” we need to be clear about this word. Awakening to yourselves, awakening to your power, to your abilities this is what is awakening, then it opens everything else.

Awakening about your true identity. If you are from an extraterran soul matrix, you just discover it and then you explore your possibilities and what your mission is. If you are of terran soul matrix, then you discover what is your true power as a terran, as part of this beautiful planet. This beautiful planet and its diversity.
You, who hear me are and who are of teran soul matrix, be proud, because you are at the moment children at the center of the eye of the galaxy. We are all watching you awakening. A child passing into teenage hood, maturity. Oh this is difficult, but this is how it changes by the trial and the challenges. Otherwise there's no change. It is not called change it is called evolution. Change is trial, is suffering, is being shocked, shaken. This is change.

So be proud. You open your eyes. It is as simple as that. You awaken – you open your eyes and you see.

How to speed it up?

No rule. Everybody is doing it at its own pace and regarding to the point of its evolution, to the clearance of the past traumas. And the blood is coming in action too. So it is not the same thing. If you have the D protein, it will be more difficult. Do you remember what I told you about the D protein. The D protein has been added by the Annunaki to the blood 0 which is extraterrat blood to make it compatible for hybridization with non Anunnaki with terran indigenous individuals.

Oh, Anunnaki blood and the other terran bloods were not compatible. It was sterile. They create the protein to make the link and make the compatibility work. But the D protein is taming down your frequency evolution. If you have it, it will be more difficult. It will be slower, it will be more painful. You cannot remove it, it's in your genes. So if you have the D protein this is difficult.

Can we remove the D protein?

This won't help it will make the evolution more difficult. But we not stop it. This is what the Laan, the lyran people try to remove it and fault the Anunnaki for this, because they wanted the terran race to be free in the evolution.


I wanted to tell you about the different alliances, because I hear there is a lot of confusion. The good alliances who work for you are first the Galactic federation of worlds - this is us. We have many races involved and we are protecting peace and taking care, that the true evolution and spoilt of minor worlds are respected. We have 400 and more joining all the time, involved in the council of the galactic federation of world. But 12 are really part of the council, the high council, and deciding for the galaxy.

You have first the ones from Selos ,the Selosi. You have as well the Ashtar command, which is something that I will speak about later, because it is very special. We have Vega, we have the Laan Lyrans and the Carrions which are descendant from the Lyrens. We have those from the Pleiades. We have as well the ones from Ashkera and Tula. We have Tau Ceti and Andromeda. We have the Ummites from Ummo. And we have as well the Arcturians, Alpha centauri. All these are deciding of the diplomacy of the peace in the galaxy.

Beside this big organization, who wants only the good, you have you Zenatic council, you call it “Andromeda council”. It is not the Galaxy Andromeda, it is solar systems in the Andromedan constellation.
There are 140 species involved, only selected in the highly spiritual developed species of this whole galaxy. They are looking after the energies and the shifts of spiritual evolution of all the different worlds in this galaxy. They are like wise elders if you want.

There is another council which is wise as well, which was before called “the council of nine” which is now “the council of five”. It was created in Orion area by old races before the Orion empire before everything. It was created by a race called al-maluk, now they retire, they are nearly extinct.
This council which is composed of five races now, mainly located in Orion, Ginvo it is a race from a star system in the Orion constellation: Orella, Emerther, Egarot races are taking care of the peace in the galaxy as well. And they are a cell of their own. They are involved with us, the galactic federation of worlds. But what is different and we do not agree with, is that they do not have a rule of non-intervention as we do. They think that sometimes to help a world evolve, they need to intervene in their evolution. And we do not agree. But we work together, because otherwise they will do without us, and this is not good.

We have as well something that looks like the galactic federation of worlds. It is called “the alliance” or ”the united world's alliance”. This was created in the Altair system. They are a group of humanoids races, mainly Alkorians.
The Alkorians are very deceitful people. I choose to name these ones the united worlds alliance in the good ones, but they are in between. They are maintaining relationship with the galactic federation of worlds, but they as well maintain relationships with the Ciakahrr empire and the “corporate of Altair” which are not good groups. Everything that comes from Altair is not trustworthy. The Altaian humanoids mainly look all alike with white hair. And these ones, if you see someone with white hair, be very careful. He may be from Altair from Akori. The Akorians are very deceitful people.

You have as well in the good ones, the Orion league. It is centered on Alnitak and Mesa. The orion league is not the orion collective!
The orion league has been created by a collective of people from different worlds from orion area, to fight the orion collective of grays and the origin empire or the alliance of the six. The orion league is an association of people. created to fight their independence and to protect the Orion worlds against the birth of the Orion empire of grays and the grey collective of Orion. I will speak about them later.

The Vega alliance is as well an alliance, created by different races from the Vega systems to fight as well against the Orion empire. These are for the good groups.

Now on the annoying side. There are more. I would have a lot to say about Ashtar. Ash tar means “the seat of power”. The ashtar collective and the ashtar galactic command are two different things! Ashtar collective – not good. Ashtar galactic command – good. Now in details.
The Ashtar collective was created by an alliance of people. You will see the same story repeating) of people from the systems of Ashkerah and Tula, Sirius, specially center on Tula which is a world of Sirius b, the planet is Morda. On this planet of the Tula system, sirius b, was centered the headquarters of the Ashtar collective, the collective of people from the Ashkeran system, Sirius, to fight against the creation of the Orion empire. They wanted to keep their independence and protect the different species and biodiversity of all the systems and the planets of the Ashkeran, Sirius systems.
Ashtar collective was something very good at first. Then the Orion empire and the Ciakahrr reptilian empire infiltrated it, and now the ashtar collective is a nest of snakes. You have the alliance of the six, the grays, the reptilians – they have all infiltrated the Ashtar collective, and it is very poisonous.
So what happened is that the local populations still wanted to rebel, and a faction separated from the Ashar collective which was composed of humanoids from Tula systems, Sirius b. These humanoids created a cell. It was called a different name “ashtar galactic command”. They fled on the big ship that they enhanced in space. This is their home, the headquarters. It is a wandering ship, very big. They call it the mothership and they have no place. They are free, they are resistance, they are very skilled warriors, the best warriors. They have a very good organization and a very good army. So this is why we allied with them. They are not very numerous. They are a small group but we integrated them as fighting elite of our federation.
The Ashtar galactic command although based in a ship has different outposts on different planets of different systems. They work on protecting in your solar system. it's the planet you named by Jupiter. It is a big big, big facility on Jupiter. Our officers are regularly referring to Jupiter to the galactic command of Ashtar to synchronize our plans and our agendas of military actions.

Yes, Thor Han goes regularly to this Jupiter planet to synchronize actions. This is the Ashtar galactic command.
I am very saddened to see and hear that many terrans are channeling beings called “ashtar”. They are not all lucky. Many are manipulated. So be very careful. The ashtar people are people from Sirius b, from where I come from. They look like me. There are human styles of terra with big eyes, triangular heads. They do not look like people from Erra in the Pleiades. Be very aware. This will make difference. How do they look like? They are ashkerons from Sirius. Now enough talking about these people.

The big, big threat in this galaxy is the Ciakahrr empire. Ciakahrr is the reptilians from Alpha draconis, the Draconian systems. The Ciakahrr are the elite lords, rulers cast, but you have the biggest threat is the Naga. The nagai are the warrior cast. They are located in the tubun system in the Draconis constellation, as you name it. You know we do not have the same names. They absolutely terrorize the whole galaxy. You know that they have enemies that we are trying to find. If we manage to get alight with these enemies that they fear, that will be a good thing, but it is not yet negotiated. The name of these enemies are Negumak. They come from very far, but that is another story.

The Orion empire is an empire created by the grey collective the collective of grey species of the whole galaxy. They also are named “the alliance of the six”. The 6 means six grey races: Grail, Kiily Tokurt, Maitra, Zrog from Zeta reticolai, Solipsi rai, the Dohu as well – it is a small grey race from the Zeta reticulai as well.

You know, you have something on your planet you call it “Antartican alliance”. This is very very, very nasty because you have there are two factions: the Ciakahrr empire, the reptilian empire as you call it on your planet has created something you call “Cabal” and is in alliance with the American government. Antarctica, two factions are fighting. USA government allied with Ciakahrr empire with ties with Orion empire of grays. These are one faction.
Second faction, opposite, is another group of very harmful terrans, Nazi. They are from Germany. So you have them two different factions, opposite to each other on terra and in the galaxy.
The aim of the fight is the control of this planet of course. There is a big, big complex of underground under this continent Antarctica and you have the first outpost for the slaves to be evacuated towards your moon and towards tyr, Mars and it's two artificial satellites. Antarctica is where the slaves are often gathered to be send out of the planet by Maitra, Kiily Torkut mainly – it is their job.

The galactic federation of worlds or the galactic federation most commonly called is a real entity. We work for the light. If there is any galactic federation it is ours. We work for the light, but it is a balance. I will now disconnect.