25/6/2020 – Alien abductions


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Abductions explained by Thor Han

Are there areas in space that belong to specific races?

This is a neutral ground. There are territories, but only for the star systems belonging to a definite civilization. Your system has only one indigenous high civilization on terra, earth. We do not own your space, we do not have any right there. We have the right to protect your planet, your civilizations. It is your civilization that is protected. It is our duty. But space – this is another story.

Why are people abducted?

Yes the different reasons are:

– hybridization program,
– soul replacement at position of power,
– slave trade

There are two different stages of slaves: there are the sex slaves, there are the work force slaves. Mainly strong men are sent to your satellite, you call moon, and Tyr (Mars) planet. Also mars two satellites, which are artificial, you name them Phobos, Daemos. We name them Tyr 1, Tyr 2. This is for the work force.

On Tyr 1 the Maitre bring the young fertile women for sex and hybridation trade. From Tyr 1 they are taken out of your solar system.
We do not own Tyr/Mars, so we cannot intervene. You know the galactic federation of worlds doesn't own the galaxy. We are just helping peace to prevail. So we are suffering, watching this happening. But what we can do is trying to stop the slave trade, what we are doing at the moment. By all our interventions, liberating in the undergrounds of the planet all those who have been taken. Those who are gone into space, it is too late. But we act in the atmosphere of terra. This is where our rights of a civilization are effective.

We pilot in your atmosphere and check out activities. They do that all cloaked. It is very difficult to spot them, but we catch a lot. It is a hard work, a hard job but we managed to intercept a lot and repair the baddies and beam them back where they belong. We do not shoot at it of course. We block it, and we board it.

But, yes, we intercept it and we gather all the slaves and repair the wounded ones and send them back.

What happens to the slaves?

We have a way to know where they live. In the mind of an individual you have a connection with where you come from, where home is and we can read in the mind like a screen. We can always find where they come from.

... and with the hybrid children?

We have a problem of ethic with the children. We bring back the terran children, but the hybrid children that we intercept on other programs, we cannot beam them on terra, because they do not belong to terra. What would you do if you were abducted, inseminated? Your feet is taken out. Your hybrid child for instance, it is a hybrid child with Zetta or Ciakahrr or Naga or whatever race, this child is half yours. But you cannot take it back. because this child will look different and your kind will kill it. We know that. These children hybrid have no place on terra. You're not ready, you're not tolerant enough, you're are not open-minded enough to accept them.

So we cannot either give them to Ciakahrr, the Naga. We cannot, they would make bad use of these ones that we have saved.

So all these hybrid children are sent on different places to be taken care of and raised. First outpost is the planet you call Jupiter. There is a great facility there where the children hybrids are welcomed. Many are sent two different systems to grow and have a life. But they are first centralized on Jupiter.

I have a lot to say about children. We try our best to rescue the most people as possible.

What is it about the veil of oblivion?

Your species is evolving, your species is elevating in frequency and the more and more people are keeping their memory by the Ciakahrr and orion empires is being obsolete more and more, and more and more your people who elevate genetically or in frequency, they are able more and more to remember, because they are breaking the barrier of the third dimensional plane. And they can remember, because the memory is not erased. It is placed, the memory is placed in another part of your brain. So you have to know how to access it.
They cut the connection, they lose the memory of that moment in another part of your brain where it is hidden. You need to go and find it, the connection to the event that happened to you and where it is stored in your brain – normally it is severed but more and more people keep the connection and know how and where to find the memory. The memory cell, as we say.

There and remember more and more in some undergrounds we have found storage big, big storages of the pods or the souls are just kept. So this is a very intricate and difficult operation to conduct because moving these pods is very, very dangerous. They have a connection to central and when it is disconnected we have to be very quick to transfer it to another central. It is a technology very long to explain. Found many, many many of these pods facilities and it is mainly underground.

Do not think that most abductions for soul replacement and hybridization are done in space or in a ship. These are done underground, under military bases. You have the biggest ones in North America and these ones are newly cleaned.

Who is making hybrids?

Hybridization there are the most diverse people doing this. The Ciakahrr empire is the one you call reptilian from alpha Draconis which in truth is Tuban. The Ciakahrr are doing this to create a race of hybrid to be able to live on terra.

Orion, Uruana empire, which is also called “the alliance of the six” or the “orion collective” it is different name for the same thing. They are doing this to create races, and they're doing that in other parts of the galaxy, to create races that have super abilities, that they can control and colonize other worlds, as if you want, soldiers.

It is as well genetic experimentations that they like to do.

Then you have for hybridization. They do this for creating as well a hybrid race, taking them away from your solar system.

And as we think about them, it is another complex story about them. Who do hybridization? We have a different faction of the Zrog from Zeta reticuli as you name it. They are grays – you know grays are reptiloid genetically. They do this to create slave races as well. They like to experiment.

Who is making the slave trades?

The slave trades are led mainly by the Maitre. You do not want to meet them, they are very aggressive and hateful towards many species. The Maitre do not come from your galaxy. They come from very far away. You recognize them because they have a very wrinkled face and bitter expression. A real plague in this galaxy.

As equivalent to them the Grail in Uruana (it is orion) – these are conducting abductions as well more sporadically but the Maitra the own Tyr (your mars). They have a facility on your satellite as well moon, that they share with the Kiily Tokurt.

Kiily Tokurt is as well a whole story about them. They have the black triangular shape that you see very often. They are very skilled in hiding themselves. Kiily Tokurt are tall humanoids, white, looking like Maitra but more humanoids, “tall white” as you call them. They are not your friends either. They abduct for slave and especially sex slave trade, especially women and young females. Kiily Tokurt go solo as do the Maitra. You know reptiloids like to lie together and you have a whole hierarchy.

The Solipsi Rai it is an interesting civilization. They come from a constellation you name Cygnus. They were a peaceful race. They look small grays type, regarding to your appellations. Solipsi Rai were a peaceful culture.
They were enslaved by the Ciakahrr, very quickly cloned, genetically altered. A core of them stayed on their planet, staying frightened. But a lot of them have been enslaved and cloned and are one of the biggest workforce for the Ciakahrr. They are small grays.
They are the ones who are working on the ships, do abductions. They are more specialized in treating the abducties like removing their clothes or putting the implants or the trackers, doing the operations, the basic operations.
The genetic operations are not often performed by them. They are performed by either the Kiily Tokurt, Maitra or some Naga scientists. Naga are reptilians working for Ciakahrr.

There is a species I am not talking about very much, because they are discreet and few. They are victims of the Ciakahrr and the orion empire, those you call Mantis.
They are tall greys but they have particularities who make them look like insectoids. They are tall. They have the biggest eyes you've never seen, and the triangular face. They do not come from your galaxy, it is another galaxy M104 and they have a special mind. They do not have the same ethics. They do not see the problem of abducting people. They do not think it's bad, it is just logical, physical, scientific experiment. And they work for Ciakahrr and orion empire.
They know everything about hybridization and life, how to create life, how to transform life, how to alter genes. They know that and you will sometimes see them on the ship performing the difficult tasks.

What are tracker implants?

A tracker is a device that will allow the people who abduct, to find again the victim, to continue the process. Then it is hybridization you always have a tracker. Slave of course, but especially hybridization. A tracker will permit to abduct again a second time and a third time, the person, the subject. Because you know, hybridization when you find a good subject. you will keep on doing it with this subject. For instance a fertile woman, if she is a good subject for fertility, they will abduct her. But as well when she has a tracker, they can monitor the development of the fetus and remove it when it is mature enough for removal. So the trackers serves for this.

Who gets abducted?

They are abduct subjects following bloodlines, because they have the right blood, they have the right protein and the right blood. They take the subjects when they are small, just before sexual maturity to modify the proteins. They started the process of transformation of the reproductive system to adapt it to be ready, to receive the egg.

How can we find tracker devices?

The tracker is a monitor that's a signal and it is as well done in a way that you cannot with your technology remove it or even see it's there, because it is extra dimensional technology. It is here but on another plane. So you cannot detect it with your technology.

What is soul replacement?

Soul replacement it is people that are useful for them. They will go to find the positions they need, and they take the person which is in this position and replace them.
There are many ways to replace a person. Well not as many. You can do a soul replacement, if you need to keep the same body.
You can clone the person but this is a long process, this is when things are planned for a long time, since in royal families you know who is going to reign. So you can afford to create a clone. But for political people it happens very quickly, when they come in power – so you need to do a soul replacement. This is a technique that is most commonly operated. You can kill the person.
If the sole replacement is not possible or the cloning is not possible you kill the person and a shape shifter will come instead. This is not the most common, because shape shifters – it is very difficult to hold. And usually these people have families and it is difficult for them to hide from the families. You know shape-shifting lasts few hours and they need to regenerate. Regeneration lasts from seconds to minutes, but during these seconds to minutes they have to hide.

How can we protect ourselves against abductions?

Quartz enforces your energy field and it is more difficult for you to be taken. But there are two things that are working: is to erase fear. Fear sends a signal. And the other thing is when you come from bloodlines, where you know you have history of being abducted in your bloodline, you know it is going to happen to you. So then you know you can protect yourself by erasing fears, rising your vibration.

There are some symbols who work, but just to make the work more difficult. The merkabah symbol that you all wear works well to blind them. Those who need to go very fast and take a lot of abductees in one night will not bother with somebody who sends a high vibration signal, but if they want you especially, because they have put a tracker in you and they have inseminated you, nothing will stop them.

They will take you while you sleep, because this is when you are vulnerable. They materialize in your house. I know you do not like to hear this, but there is not much you can do. That technology is above everything.

You can help casting them away, merkaba helps by enforcing your energy field and making you invisible. So they cannot feel your energy signature. This is the best. But if they want you especially, they will try to get you.

Fear. if you erase fear it is good also because fear as I said a sense of signal.

Can we feel an implant?

This is something you can do by raising your energy field. I know I will repeat myself, but if you raise your energy field you energize your energy field, you vibrate stronger and you make the manifestation in your mind to detect stranger objects in your energy field and body.
You will feel a little slight tickling where it is. If you manifest the intention to know, to feel where the trackers are, you raise your frequency and you manifest, feel where they are. And most of the time this can work. You can feel the tickling. Then you know how it is and you can operate.

Deactivating an implant

The crystal the quartz can act as an interdimensional device. The quartz has a very powerful ability to shift density and to connect with energies of different densities, lower or higher – especially higher. It will act like a surgical tool and you need to jam the tracker by sending an impulse of energy, of electric, magnetic, etheric energy – whatever you can find, and there are many ways. Do not, be careful, do not electrocute yourself! Do not use electricity I wouldn't recommend.

Role of the Galactic federation of worlds on Terra.

Everything that happens in the orb of your planet is of our responsibility, because we look after you. It is not our planet it is not our civilization, but we have a duty of big brothers upon the lower civilizations. We look after you and we try to track all these activities which are illegal.

We do not have the right to interfere in the evolution of a planet, regarding to the medicine the sciences, the genetics, the technology. We need to let the civilization go at its own pace. But we have the duty to protect any intrusion, that are not from the planet. And that is when we come into action. We need to interfere to stop the activities, which are harmful for the civilization of the planet, without interfering with the development of the planet. This is where the trick is. This is where our laws are coming into effect.

We have the equivalent of a non-intervention rule which we apply. So I needed to say that.

Closing statement

I think you should tell all the other Terrans to stop judging each other and fighting each other, because you belong to different cultures, colors, races, religions, political views. Terrans who stop because they are manipulated by the cabal and the Ciakahrr and everyone else. Now I think you start to realize that the only motif to make you go outside, walk in the street singing or shouting is to unite together. And this is what you have to do. Celebrate your species, celebrate peace, evolution, spiritual change!

I wish you all a good time ahead. Goodbye