6/6/2020 – Thor Han & Val Nek, commanders from the Galactic Federation



reupload 3.7.2021 edited version

Situation update

Thor Han: It is very nice talking to you again. Friends that I have since a very long time. They are faithful friends and they were my crew at the time I was a ship captain rescuing children and people, mainly children.

Val Nek is from Epsilon eridani. He is from the race Kahel, which is a race cousin to mine and he is my best friend. Siladion is from Erra, he's a pilot and a very good and faithful friend as well. What I didn't tell you is that Val Nek is like me, he has the same grade, he is a fleet commander. Myrah is not here, she is actually in the Ashara system. The ashara system is the story you call Taygata. She's not doing an easy job at the moment. She is taking care of rescued hybrid children, Terra and Tyr what you call mars.

There has been a lot of operations going on recently. I cannot disclose them in details. The operations now have reached the outskirts of your star system and all the planets occupied by enemy forces are being treated by our forces. I have been working on patrolling to accompany an escort the army ships, were rescuing the terrans. You know the undergrounds are still at war. It is a very, very violent war that is still going on. So the war is indeed going on and in a good way. People are being evacuated and I am thinking about what I can, and I cannot say. There are many, many entrances all over your planet to access the underground kingdoms. The hole they probably see in antarctica is the main access to their underground bases. But this is not held by good people, Ciakahrr, Naga reptilians. So this is not really Agarthan kingdoms, this is the underground facilities of the enemy.

Well I have never been, Val Nek has been once. This is good you're here. He says it is not dark, it is light. They have their own power energy, they draw from the rocks and the planet. It is light there, is light everywhere and from this light they grow plants food. They have entire cities, gardens, forests, lakes. All is powered by natural energy eternal energy renewable, yes. This energy you still need to acknowledge. We gave it different names, but the name is not important. The important is that you acknowledge it, you have it already, your governments have it, want to make profit from non-renewable energies. This is the cabal directing everything being dismantled. You have to be patient. I am not involved in these operations. So another reason why I cannot speak about it. But just please trust that this is collapsing, ask you to trust, not to fear, not to despair. They are on their way to their fail.

Some culture use the rocks, the carving to the rocks, some culture bring them metals and do consortiums with metals. The power, the energy allows many things, many building facilities and construction techniques.

This is difficult to describe, as I am just translating what my friend is telling me. I am asking if he can connect I suppose Val Nek could try. He's never done this.

Thor Han: I am putting a device on the side of his head that he connects to the big device on the table in front of me, because you cannot see what we are doing.

Val Nek: Telos is part of the agarthean kingdoms. Telos was a free realm for millenniums of your time. Suddenly the Ciakahrr took it. This subdued their king, they took mount Shasta, Telos city, capital. Now the elites of Telos are allied with the elites of America States and they are working with Ciakahrr.

Telos is a beautiful city, well it was, it is becoming dark. We are still working at liberating Telos. The city was built with minerals and crystals. It was magnificent. The crystal constructions were shining, producing their own light, because the crystals were conducing the power of Vril. Everything in the buildings was animated with power. Everything powered as a whole entity.

My friend from Telos has left terra. He escaped. Next time I can bring him for you. He will speak about his world.

Agarthan kingdoms have different races and cultures, indigenous in different densities of matter and existence. The people of terra went under the surface of your planet, to flee wars a very long time ago. And big, big cataclysmic events.

Communication via Implant

We all have, because it is what we do, we all have device in our body to connect to other devices. She has one by resonance. Thor Han put me in frequency with her device. So I can enter her head and enter her upper body from the top of the head until her shoulders. She lets me do this because she knows me, she trusts me. Without trust this is not possible.
So I can take control of the muscles of her body, because the device is plugged into her nervous system. This is what is dangerous with this technology, if misused. This is the technology what you call “the cabal” on terra is trying to put on every terran to control them at distance. When the device is plugged into the nervous system, into the cortex, the individual, the body can be controlled at a distance. This is what I am doing at the moment. She lets me do it.

I have a different energy. She is not used to a different frequency of course, but energy. I am of a different race. She will be able to tell you. She is very good at trusting us. I saved her life twice. She trusts me.

I bring my friends from Telos who is now in a nearby system. Next time.

What happens to the Telosi?

Yes they can go back to the solar system you call Alpha centauri. There is a planet there named Selo. Selo is the home world of the Telosians. It was once there are cousins with the Selosi, same race same culture. They are welcome.
The planet selo has many moon and is big enough to welcome the refugees, and the refugees are afterwards spread and scattered in the same system. The same system belongs to the Selosi. The Seloso are part of the galactic federation of worlds. They are working. You know we all have a different task according to our different abilities.
The Selosi are the same race as Telosians, They work on bringing back the energies of memory of your planet, which have been locked and hidden. They work at revealing ancient historical places to you, to give you answers. Learning about your past that has been hidden from you is learning about who you are, what are you made of and who you come back. The Selosi are working at a specific task for the galactic federation of worlds and for terra. They are working at uncovering, unveiling the sites, that are containing parts of your history, that were hidden in order for the Terrans to understand who they are, what they are made of and for some of them, why they are coming back.

Ancient Europe, east in the mountains. Many sites are to be discovered again.


The pyramids they were power plants. I have short time to tell you this. All the pyramids were power plants, animating free power for everyone. All the civilizations that were implanted at old times where producing the free energy which was powering everything and this is why it has happened so many wars. The Ciakahrr and the Anunnaki wanted this power. Many civilizations have been destroyed.

Densities in Agartha

There are different densities of existence in the agarthan kingdoms. All your indigenous population who were created on terra are the fourth density. You call them your mythical creatures, your mythical people. You give them strange shapes. Some have different sizes, some are called the good people, they are helping terrans since a long time. They are now 4 d fourth density. They will soon be in the fifth density. Some have already passed into the higher density and they are now safe. You are shifting with everything on this planet. Nothing is left behind, everything is following, every thing.

I feel I need to redraw. I am very sorry. I will salute you. It was an honor and pleasure.

Q&A with Thor Han

Thor Han: The children. Watch your children! These are difficult times. They will try, because they are collapsing to abduct many more children, before they are cast out of this planet. The thing you have to do is to watch your children. Be careful! Never let your children alone. Watch them. They will take prais in poor communities, in the places where the children are put without parents.

How can we support the rescues?

That you can do for the rescues? Not really. It is the work of our forces and your forces, our joint armies. The good army on the side of your leader is helping, working underground a lot. There is a darker army who works with the Ciakahrr and they fight against each other.

Ascension of earth?

The planet era about to slowly shifting in the fifth density. It is a progressive aspect of the shift, it is not happening suddenly, it is a slow process. The frequency is slowly shifting. You can hear you have a frequency which is a resonance of the magnetic grid of the planet, which is shifting. You can measure it with your instruments. You call it Schumann.


It is between 40 and 50 in the moment.

All these reptilian races from Thuban and surroundings of the Ciakahrr empire, they give the space--- for their own needs, their food, mainly and genetic material for experimentations. They do not trade for exchange as the Maitra and the Kiily Tokurt are doing and other races the Altairans as well. You've understood. I don't like them.

Your message to us?

I can tell you this. Do not let fear anymore enter your hearts, because all is secured towards a good accomplishment. Hope will rise again. The cabal is being dismantled, the Ciakahrr and I will use the names that are common for all of you, the reptilian aliens are being cast away from your planet. The alliance are weakening, the alliances of the enemy I'm talking about, they are weakening. Alies turn back to each other. The Alkori are staying strong, but everybody turn back to the reptilians. So they are weakening and with your planet shifting in a higher density they are losing their power as well. And as much as people awaken the reptilians weaken.

So keep on spreading the awareness of this! A high frequency with peace, joy, trust hope in your heart, as much as you grow it, as much as you weaken your enemies. And this is happening. We see the grid is brighter, we see you're doing a good job. The information is going around your planet by the tool of the dark ones, what you call internet. This tool will not burde for more than even less than a century, because you will discover something even better than this, which I am not allowed to disclose, something that will allow you to communicate with this station for instance, but this is another story.

Your technologies will jump so high and far and fast after the cabal is eliminated, dismantled. All the technologies you have them already, they are being retained. You have no idea of the technologies in the power of your scientists. They are kept quiet they, are threatened ,they are paid a lot of currency money to be silent.

All you lead scientists they know about these technologies, they have it. They can operate it tomorrow morning. But they will not because they are threatened, they are corrupted, they are infiltrated. But once the threat of the enemy wants the monster will be overcome, your technologies will be released for free for everyone, free.


I wish you all my friends a nice time coming. Be still in peace in your hearts, because you are heading towards better times. Be brave. There will be difficult times ahead, but do not worry. Keep hope, because the future is bright. The future is hand in hand with us. The future you make it today we make it together.


Elena: You know, they all have this implant in their head. They have different parts in different implants their body, but this one in their head they allow them especially those who are pilots or piloting ship. And so all the three guys that were in the room, they have these implants that enables them to pilot their spaceship.
But they connect other devices and mind control devices just by telepathy, just operate instruments by telepathy, by connecting their implant to the frequency of the device. I know that they do that. So Thor Han just, I don't know what he did, he was just moving stuff on the screen, and Val Nek was there and he had had this kind of thing, he did like this – and that's coming to me now and I jumped and it was like my implant just burst, and there was a discharge of electricity. That was a very heavy energy. I wasn't used because I like is a different race and it was different energy. I never experienced before and it was interesting because I like him a lot. He's a good friend and that was funny experience that's it was not bad at all. It was just a different frequency that surprised me, it was like a quick shock, but it's fine.