4/6/2020 – Extraterrestrial Contacts: Myrah


reupload edited version 2.7.2021


Elena: I am connected by Thor Han. I am going to let her take over my face and my upper body.

Situation update

Thor Han: I am glad to be able to speak to you. I am very well, very occupied, but very well. You are safe, even if it is scary. You are safe. I see what is happening down below and I want to tell all of you that this is manipulation. Everything is happening for real, but the different factions fighting against each other have been manipulated by the dark underground secret organizations. It is very easy to manipulate the masses and the vulnerable entities of people and it is very easy to take the vulnerabilities and play with them against each other, to divide the terrans into different factions. They use war and they use the different frustrations and angers to mount people against each other. And this is how they do, to distract attention: they play all the elements they can play, because they are losing. I am talking about the dark ones. They are one by one losing. Many of them have been arrested, neutralized or killed. Still some are left. But all the chaos happening on terra in some countries – this has been manipulated. All these factions fighting against each others, they have been there is an expression “set on fire”, this is really really appropriate, set on fire by dark ones, the secret organizations behind the visible organizations. They are manipulating these people to fight against each other. There are people killed. It is a lot of suffering ,suffering feel it it's absolutely terrible, because the Ciakahrr (for those who don't know this name it is what you call the reptilians) they use fear, anger, frustration, violence, jealousy envy despite to fight, to let people fight against each other and keep the vibration, the frequency I would say, very low, to divide the terrans, to re-center their focus on made-up riots and conflicts, to take away their attention from what is really happening, their end. The Ciakahrr in power want to take over for a last time. It is their last chance to win. We will not let this happen.

We are working under the surface but it is an expression to say behind the scene with political persons, terrans which are not spoiled and infiltrated by the Ciakahrr. We are working with them to assert the victory for the human species on terra. So for sure what is happening now my friends is: the invader is trying to mount people from the same species against each other, to divide the species, to lower down the species by violence and hate. Hate is their most powerful weapon.

So if you feel – now this is important – if you feel you want to join the fight against your brothers and sisters of the same species, if you feel your frustration, your anger and you want to go out and fight against other humans – this is manipulation. You are manipulated. You accept to be manipulated by the mediatic tools, instead of elevating your frequency, instead of building and visualizing the future of tomorrow, you will go on the horizontal 3D plane, fight against each other, destroy each other, destroy yourselves, and feed them with all your vibration of hate. This is what they want! They want to keep you enslaved.
Refuse hate, refuse anger. Allow love, compassion to spread out of yourselves towards your brothers and sisters of the same species. You need to unite as a species.


Myrah: You have many races on terra, but you are of the same species. Today you unite all as one. They are all gone, because it will take your time to unite, and we have to still keep on purging

We cannot intervene directly. We cannot show ourselves to your people, because all of you who are listening to me talking at the moment, you wouldn't be afraid of seeing our ship. But all the other ones – panic would be, unbelievable. This is part of the plan of unveiling our presence, and it is progressive. But we cannot land a ship in front of for instance USA, the presidential house. We cannot land there, go out and kill all the reptilians inside of this big house by shooting at them. This is what we would normally do, but we do not, because this will create panic. They act hidden, cloaked and we prepare psychologically your species to contact, but not straight, as I said by landing and shooting at your enemy.

People have to make their own choice. We cannot decide, put a government in place ourselves. It is of the people of the country to decide. We do not have the right to do that. We can manipulate discretely by inspiring leaders by guiding and advising, but we cannot do this. We have strict rules of non-interventions and we are already going around it.

How can we manifest something in the future?

Create a thought, you create an energy, because every thought has a magnetic and electrical existence. You project your thoughts to an aim, a target. It may be a person or a situation. You send energy, you create energy, you create a form, a etherical form, that is the manifestation of the future or that is a wish for the person. All is in your mind, in your decision, in your will.

You have an energy field. This energy field is relevant to your etheric original being, not your body avatar. This energy field, you control it with consciousness, what you called “mind” since a long time. Now it is time to call it consciousness, because it is what is it is really, a consciousness, an awareness of being.
With your consciousness you create a desire for something, which is also called “a thought”. You do that, every one does that, creating a wish, a thought. It is there, all around your head, that is where it is created in your field. All around your head and I won't say a little bit above it. You create it and you project it, you are going to visualize this thing happening And you visualize it leaving your body and reaching aim.
This is when resonance enters in action. Resonance – you know this term by the terran word “quantum”. Resonance is attuning to the frequency of the aim of the person you want to reach by simply thinking, very strongly about this person.
This is how we can communicate from very far, attuning to the frequency by the mind. How you do that? You just think about the person, very very intensely, as if you and this person were one, one superimposed to the other.
This is the same thing when you visualize a future. This future is here superimposed with you in the place you are. This is a power that you call “energy power”, but it is a power of consciousness.

This is one thing. Then you want to physically move your energy for instance healing, or transforming. You need to be conscious of your etheric body. You can call it “fifth dimensional body”. You can call it “light body” – many, many names. With this body of pure energy by the power of your consciousness still, you can visualize this energy field of yours, you can feel it, and visualizing it.
It starts by the same power as imagination, but it is real. You are going to feel an electric field on your skin, even within your body, just by being aware of your energy field. Be aware of your energy field until you feel this electrical sensation. When you truly feel it. you hold it. Then by the power of your mind you can modify the frequency, the color.

I will tell you something about the colors, when I finish speaking about this.

Rays of energy, rays of pure energy towards the target. You touch a fruit, you touch a vegetable, you touch a stone with this vibrant energy of yours and you modify it, cleanse, steel whatever the intention you put. You can now put colors, colors of their own frequency.

About colors

You have a range of colors that your human eyes can't see, which has a certain limit. We can see wider above and below this octave of colors,

Green, heal. Heal the material, heal as well the spirit and the emotions. Green is used in healing.

Gold or yellow used in empowering, energizing, increasing energy field, vital energy.

Red. Red is like you're burning fire.Rred destroys. Do not really use red, unless you want to destroy an intrusion of an entity which is not wanted in an energy field. Red is something used to destroy an intrusion of an etntity which is not wanted in your energy field. Red is used to destroy.

Brown is not good, Do not use brown, use green, gold.

Blue. Blue is to open consciousness, blue is to liberate the mind from worries and stress. Stress – a disease of your era.

Pink is not to be used. The light pink is unsettling. It is a very buzzing energy. Pink can be rebalanced by gold. Gold the vital force rebalances the unsettled pink. This is why you use pink for juvenile humans. They are still in this energy, unsettled yet.

Clear blue, release freedom of mind.

Dark blue is a beautiful energy. Dark blue opens your spiritual connection to universe and to source. Dark blue and purple. Purple is even higher, purple will connect you with source.

So if you want to have a good action in in this life, use gold, energizing, green = healing and appeasing, blue = opening consciousness (I mean clear blue), dark blue = opening spiritual awareness, purple = connecting to source.

White worth them all. White energy contains all the other ones and is very powerful for protection. If you surround yourself by white bright energy, you are very well protected. And if you give it geometrical shapes of maybe a merkabah, for instance, a pyramid, a sphere, cube – it is good protection.

These are for the colors.

Energy work

You can use crystals or gemstones, corresponding to the color I indicated. It increases the work and it helps the energy to focus, an anchor in the third dimensional matter or whatever the plane you want to work in.

You need to use for healing the reservoir of universal energy, the life force, universal power from source, which is everywhere. The life force, the living force – you first for a start be aware of your own energy field. You connect your energy field with the ambient, omnipresent force – and you will use this. This is what you call Reiki energy work or healing. By your own energy field you connect to the energy field of your universe and you use it, you manipulate it, you transform it and you give it movements and dynamics.

If you use your own energy field which is your life substance – do not forget this – to heal somebody. If you do it wrongly, you can waste it and become sick yourself. You must be aware to never give away of your own energy! If someone needs to be fed with energy for healing, manipulate the energy of the universe, not giving yours! This is important.

Shall know: the energy of the universe never take from the other person. If the other person has something sick, a part of energy which is very dark and sick, be careful that while you remove it by your dynamics of letting flow the energy of source within it. Do not suck it into your energy field! Stay away, keep away from this thing you are removing from the other one. And let it dissolve into the universal energy.

Sometimes some healers are just beginners and not very skilled and wise, and they can kill themselves, hoovering all the bad they remove from other people.
We have an expression “to imbue with light” something of low energy – and this light will dismantle all the links between the particles of this thing and dissolve it. And all the particles will be free and will be scattered going back to light. Dismantling would be the right translation probably.

Remove Karma from others

From the process you have to go through to learn. You cannot remove karma from someone else. This is not helping the subject. It will have to come back to go through it again.
You need to guide and advise this person that this person goes through the process of their karma, as it should be, because they've chosen it before coming.

Rescued children

A lot that we have rescued, our board ships of the federation healed and will be brought back to their families. If we arrive to find them, if you may know that these children were abducted from their families and it is very difficult to find all the families. It takes time. So these children are staying with us for a while, The time we find a solution for them, to go back to their environment.

Some are in a very bad state. There are still work to do. There are still some children. We haven't yet liberated everyone, long procedure and I cannot tell which part of the planet we are working on at the moment. But it is going very well.
So the children will all be brought back to their homes. We will find solutions that you know it will seem like they haven't been saved by extraterrestrials. Memory will be wiped, reset – this is necessary.

Celebrities and Soul scalping

There is a faction of us of the federation a group, I would say a section, that is specialized in soul reintegration. Let me explain these people terran, pure terran because they were celebrities they were useful for power and manipulation of masses, media. They have been abducted by Ciakahrr and with the help of different other races in the underground facilities of your planet they have been victims of what is called “soul scalping”. Their soul, etheric bodies have been removed from their vehicle body, avatar, put somewhere and replaced by a soul etheric body of reptilian. They are still the same body, but different soul.
Now the section of the federation working upon this has formation and task to find the facilities, where the souls are kept in containers and reintegrate souls to bodies. Then the person can be liberated.

this will be a long process. They are trying to save as much people as they can. This will take time.

Can we incarnate in any density?

Souls belong to soul matrix but you can choose for your own growth and learning, to reincarnate anywhere you want. At the moment the physiology corresponds to your soul nature, there are things that are not possible. For instance some races and some soul matrix do not have the ability to incarnate in all the species. For instance reptilian soul matrix, which is a very vast and huge soul matrix cannot incarnate in bodies, striving in higher dimensions. They can incarnate in matter, relevant to their level of evolution or down.

Solar flashes and New Earth

Solar flashes. This is a cyclic activity of your star. Your star goes through minimum activity and maximum activity and during the transition times it is a little unsettled. Your star is reaching a minimum activity which is fine and natural cycle. Recently we've made sure that all will happen very safely. If you see solar flashes, it is the release of gas into the periphery of the star, which is if you prefer like an electric storm. So do not be afraid – it is normal. It can affect some communication systems, but it will be totally normal, a natural process. We make sure you are safe from this.

New earth. The earth is always earth. New earth means new frequency of the matter of the planet. It means as well new system, a new paradigm. What is a paradigm? It is a structure upon which life is based and strives. New earth for you is a new future, is a new way of living. We hope you manifest it.

It is about to be manifested. We are supporting you for this. This is what I understand of new earth.


Making contact with our star family

From your heart. Inside of your heart there is a key to open the tunnel towards them. It is a void vortex, that you can generate open, ignite by the power of your heart. What does it mean? It means that you are going to think about them. It was resonance, we were talking about earlier on and you call it “quantum”. Resonance is putting your frequency in resonance with the frequency of the other people, and you can do that by the mind. You imagine them, you talk to them, you say their names you do whatever it takes to feel them, see them, smell them, hear them and then you attune to them and you are connected. This is a simple.


Do not be manipulated by hate, fear, confusion. The enemy is not the other one of the same species as you. The enemy is the one who comes from fire and tries to divide your species, making you believe you need to hate each other, making you believe you need to kill each other, then they rule over you. Replace hate by compassion! You are one species. I am repeating this to every one I can tell. Elena has passed on the message. You must pass in the message. One species! This is very important. The enemy is the one who tries to divide you.

I love you all and I may now disconnect.

Elena: Myrah is amazing. She's such a great woman and I'm seeing sometimes when she speaks um and something I wanted to say and it's nice I remember. When she spoke about connecting to your family of star family she said it comes from the heart. I had a vision that of what she was thinking about in our heads, sometimes it happens. And it was like in your heart, in your thorax here there is the stars like if there's the cosmos inside. It's like there is a starry sky inside. Inside of it's hollowed and there is the sky. That's what I saw.