7/5/2020 – Thor Han 7.5.2020


Edited version, reupload 29.5.2021


This is not channelling but communication via remote technological device.

Compilation of sequences from an ancient contacts, from May 7 2020, that was lingering, forgotten, in a Facebook page I am closing. These gems were never on YouTube before. I had even forgotten about them! Forgive the quality as I had to cut off the very numerous interruptions and the uninteresting chatter. In this video, Thor Han tells about different tasks he is assigned to, and many little topics.

May 7 2020 - THOR HAN
00:10:35 Manipulation and confusion in mainstream and social medias
00:12:05 Ashtar
00:18:30 How to deal with information
00:23:10 The Galactic Federation
00:24:25 People of the Pleiades
00:25:00 Nodes and Memory
00:26:20 Rome
00:28:10 How can we help the Galactic Federation?
00:30:35 New currency
00:32:20 Love
00:33:15 Different densities Pleiadeans

Situation update

Thor Han: I have been working on the evacuation of the reptilian forces on Terra, from Terra to the border of the solar system. The evacuation is not over yet, there are still fights going on and the evacuation is going on as well. We are taking turns with the three fleets at the station, not to be tired, not to be exhausted because it is a hard work. Two fleets are working at the moment, they're on terra to evacuate the prisoners and those who want to join the light.

Now the third fleet which is mine at the moment is working on the maintenance of the etheric grid of your planet. You know this etheric magnetic grid I always tell you about this, is composed of nodes of energy. It is on many levels. On the higher level which we call the etheric level, but as well the magnetic physical level. These are the same nodes just vibrating in different frequencies and I am taking care with my fleet of this. I still have the 15 ships. This is good because it is a good coverage for the surrounding of your planet.

Recently we had problems with some of your – how would I say that –commercial leaders who are putting up a lot of nasty harmful satellites, and we do not tolerate this. This is becoming too much. So at the moment we are trying to do some cleanup, and today I was cleaning up.

We cannot destroy the satellites, we just deactivate them. Yyou know we have to stay discrete. Needs to look like a malfunction.

They are not totally in function, they are just preparing something that we are working on for never working, never being activated.

Yes a lot of another tiring work, but more enjoyable. So I wanted to insist although I'm very busy I wanted to insist tonight to talk to you all to whoever listens, and to whoever wants to pass these messages.

So the first thing I would mention is that: Do not fear! There are a lot of new revelations that are going to come up. These new revelations concern more dark things, that will come up at the surface of the planet, of the truth. Do not fear. This is just a clean up a big cleansing. You know when I speak about the dark ones, you may think I speak of the reptilians which I do. The Ciakahrr, Nagas, Maitre and all the rest. These ones will be cast away.
The Ciakahrr are lost, some are turning to the light. This can seem to you a little awkward, but this is part of the messages I wanted to tell you.

I've always said not to send the light to them, which makes you visible and which is a good way of staying safe. But there is another way, when they by themselves come to the light. Some have understood and it is a wonderful thing, that some of the dark ones evolve and see the light suddenly. They are very sensorial. They feel upon emotions and energies, fear. They love fear, it is a nectar, it is an addiction, it is something that they love. They nourish themselves from the fear and the pain, which are delightful energies for them.

Some of them have unexpectedly encountered compassion. They have tasted love. I have seen that happening. Some of the high ranks of Ciakarr, not a lot unfortunately, only four of them. They have changed their mind and desert their empire. So these ones are under our protection. They seek refuge in their underground realms of the Agarthans.

There is a place called Telos, and the Telosians are helping them. Now we are going, not my fleet but the two of the ones, they are going to rescue them and bring them back to where they wish to go. They cannot go back in their home in their empire, they will be killed. They are seeking asylum to the federation and we accept.

So this is a news. I wanted to tell you that the forces of darkness are being cleansed in two ways. The first way being killed or expelled evacuated, and the second way a few of them are turning to the light. This is a message I wanted to say and it teaches, I think, that when you have an enemy, someone who really hates you, don't wish this person death. Wish him to evolve, to awaken, to turn to the light. May work. But never sending love. Just wish they do it themselves, and these four high-rank Ciakahrr have done it themselves.

This is good to see and you know I was tired of killing. When you kill, you remove a life from the web of the universe. When you are connected to the same universe you feel it in your in your being, you feel the disbalance for a fraction of a second. The disbalance of the soul changing realm. When we destroy ship, when we destroy a ship we send it in another density. This is a rule, we've been following, not to cause debris in your atmosphere. But then you can feel the disbalance in the universe.

All will be well, all will be well. So even if everything goes scary, even if everything frightens you, know that this is only temporary. This is a normal thing to happen in period of transition. We are trying our best to make this happening, the best, the smoothest as possible.

Manipulation and confusion in mainstream and social medias

And the third message I wanted to pass is that protect yourself from being affected by the outside in many, many ways. Firstly, the confusion is being spread in your media's, the confusion about who are the light and the dark side. A lot of confusion in social media. There are persons paid by the dark side to spread confusion, create entities that are imaginaries or fake. There are genuine, good persons working for the light, creating groups of persons with the social medias. Some paid by the dark forces copy the same names and create disturbance.



So I want to talk to you about a very delicate subject: Ashtar. I will never say enough. “Ashtar” is a title. Different persons have this title. There is one on Jupiter in your solar system. There are many ones, there are many Ashtar. Ashtar means “the seat of light”. This name has been created by a collective, a collective created in the Sirius b star system. You know sirius that you see in your northern hemisphere. It is a triple star system. One of the three stars, in one of the planets of this third star, Sirius b is named Ashkira. Ashkira is the place of light, because Sirius B is a blue star. Magnificent.

The collective, the Ashtar collective is a group of racist different races. You have reptilians, good ones. Not all reptilians are bad, not all pleiadians are good, we already had this discussion. Reptilians, gray races which are reptiloids, even if they look different, those you call insectoids. They are as well a group of greys humanoids few pleiadians humanoids from the Sirius system, not the humans, the humans are not part of the Ashtar collective, but you have as well those you call Nordic from Alpha centaury from Silos. You have a lot of different races in the Ashtar collective.

So Ashtar is a military organization recognized by the federation and its structure is intricated into the galactic federation of worlds. We refer to them because they are part of it. It is quite complicated but this is how it is done. We are an association of different collectives of different alliances. This is what the federation is made of. It is a federation, there is not one in power above everybody else. That is a federation. That's what you need to do.

So the Ashtar I will speak about it now. There are many people on your planet paid by the dark side to spread confusion to give voice to this Ashtar, who becomes a god, who becomes a master, a master in ascension. Ashtar is just a military title. Do not give this person so much spiritual power. He is just an officer, a high officer. This all come because one day a communication had been made by hijacking a television channel and someone from the Ashtar collective spoke and spread a message of peace, a warning for your people. This officer was called Vrillon. And then the Ashtar name came famous. But do not be fooled, do not please worship any spiritual things with this Ashtar. Follow your heart! See what is right for you. If you need an avatar, if you need this illusion to grow yourself and learn something, so go with it. But I have seen the Ashtar of your solar system. He's a high being of light yes, but he is a person. He is not a god. He is very powerful and he works with his consort.

So any Terran woman saying they have a relationship with him, they are crazy. So this is my warning about that.


How to deal with information

Do not be disturbed by the outside. Now this has another meaning. Everything that happens around you that you hear through your medias – it is good that you hear them, it is good that you spread information, but information has to be around you. It has to be something that bounces on you, that arrives, touches you and bounces straight away to something else to be spread. Do not drink information, because it affects you, especially if this information is loaded with emotions, that are sad or shocking. Stay yourselves centered in what you have to do. See yourself like a gemstone, very hard but very crystalline. Anything that comes to earth with this gemstone bounces off it, because the light contained in it is very powerful. The light contained in it radiates from inside outside.

Information can be very harmful, if you drink it. Do not. Transmit it, keeping it outside in your energy field. It has to come and go – that is what information does. It comes and it goes. This is important because it can really disturb you and completely disbalance.

You have a mission here and all those who listen to me now they do, they came for a mission. Stay centered in who you are and do not soak in what you are meant to only pass on.

First before passing on information, be sure that the information is right. This is important. Then passing on information which is necessary, occurs not by taking it in, but by bouncing it upon your body, upon your being. What I want to say? You are not taking emotions. If you feel you're not strong enough to do this, so just before confronting information, gathering information put yourself in a state where you are completely, completely shielded with light, that no bad emotion can come through this shield. This is like shielding a ship, no attack can pass through, but we can send attack back. No beam no destructive beam can reach the ship, because there is this field around it. Everything bounces off it. This is what you have to do. Protect yourself first and do not take it in. It is like if you were watching entertainment on your screens. The entertainment that you watch – it is the same thing. It doesn't affect you. Do you understand?

Passing on information is crucial, by seeing the right information is even more important.


Galactic federation of worlds

All right each race part of the galactic federation of worlds has a representative in the council. But each race may be either only part of the federation the general federation, or either part as well of an alliance or collective. The federation of worlds is an association of different alliances and collectives. At the only requirement that we work for the balance of the universe.

The Ciakahrr empire not part of the federation of world, because they work at destructive forces. We have very strict laws, which are the respect of life. It is based on respect of life. So any civilization based on the destruction of life are not welcome.


People of the Pleiades

And there isn't a Pleiadian collective. There are different races. We are one of them. Most of them are further from the Lyran colonies, but there are as well reptilians which are originated from the Orion reptilian collective, which is again something else which is not Ciakahrr empire but the Orion collective, the Orion reptilian collective and you do not want to thread with them. They are very bad.

Nodes and memories

Anything that is created on terra is contained is recorded in the nodes. You have to think that this magnetic or etheric grid on the higher level, is like your etheric body of your bodies. It stores the memories, the energetic memories and the knowledge. All your emotions are stores, all your memory are stored in your etheric structure. It is the same for your planet.

So every node contains the recording of everything that happened linked to this node. So this is why the nodes contain knowledge, because they contain memories.

You can learn about what happened in this place where the node is linked. You can as well activate energetically your energy field. This is what connecting to a node can do. This is why the nodes have to stay healthy and in good conditions.


Catholic institution has been built on profit and power. This religion is being purged of all the dark. This religion is based on dark forces, oh wait, I am not saying the religion, but the institution. And our not friends, the reptiloid races are infiltrated into this institution, very high, pope. All I can say this one is under influence of the reptilians is not one the one before was. He was one, he is tied by them, he cannot move, he cannot do anything. He is not a bad person, he is just prisoner. He cannot move, he is under his their influence.


It has been to be properly made with crystalline matter, crystalline substance, not synthetic. If it is synthetic it just blocks the vibrations, it is not effective. It has to be of glass or crystalline or a natural material found on your planet. If it is synthetic it is very poorly working. Any natural substance, glass works very well because it is from your sand.

How can we help the galactic federation?

You can help my work you can help our work by elevating your vibration and sending it upwards. When you send your high frequency upwards, towards your atmosphere, it will at the moment catch the grid and elevate it and work to enforce it. Do you know how to elevate your frequency? They think is to transform the core of your being.
You know we have techniques as well, that are inspired by the Ohorans, which are wise Arcturian masters. We practice it. So we use sound. But the vibration of sound we created inside of us, in our head. We hear it inside, we listen to our being of light and we listen to the sound it produces. The sound is the frequency, the sound is a vibration, a pulse per second. You hear it. And you increase its speed, that the sound becomes higher and increasing its speed, your etheric field and your energy body will increase its frequency. And then it will be higher. Not higher geographically, but higher in pulsation.

Vibrating the highest as you can. You will feel it yourself. Ff it is too high there is a level where you know if you go above it you will feel disconnected, and it is not right. We are all different and we have to find our own sound and lift it. Listen to the sound of your own frequency.

New Currency

As things are going, and I repeat: as things are going you will have a new currency, which is not the one you have now. And the system will be different, because the persons and the organization managing the currency system will be different persons and different institutions. Now you have something extremely corrupted. It is two families who rule your monetary systems, and these are collapsing. They're running away, they are fleeing away, abandoning everything. These families, one of them is linked with royal families on your planet, very, very much interlinked. Everything is collapsing. So their hold on your actual monetary system will disintegrate.

It says, I repeat how things are going. Of course the present can change. Some unexpected event can occur, but this would be really surprising. Things are going. This is how we predict it. Let us welcome it and let us manifest it because this is the best thing


We all have to do love to bind you all together in one unity, creating peace. Love is made of respect. Love opens the minds and the hearts. Love enables and give tools. Love create peace. So wish to both. You need to federate all of you, and the only link that can federate you all is love.

The event

It is actually occurring and the event is made of a succession of things. A succession of little events I can say.

Different densities, Pleadieans

Yes we have different grades and different evolution, different densities. You know our four colonies have ended up on different planets and regarding to the different conditions on these four planets, the spiritual evolution has been much easier on some planets, than others. We have taken different paths and those we call “the light beings” are amazing persons. They are still what we call Pleiadians, but as all of us they are a more evolved stage of Lyran race. These ones, the light ones dwell in the seventh and the eighth densities, mostly in the seventh. They come sometimes. I see them. They are part of the federation of course. They do not have a physical body of flesh as I do for instance. They are not inside of a vessel. They are just them.

I wish you all a peaceful night or day and be proud of who you are.