2-5-2020 – Pleiadean meditation - DNA Dance

Pleiadean meditation - DNA Dance



(A Meditation) that has been showed to me by one of my friends, not of this world, that some of you know under the name of Thor Han. He showed me a meditation yesterday, he invited me to join the meditation, while I was doing pretty much the same thing. An he said “look there isn't one serpent of light, but two. Two that are the polarities of your being. And this functions for anything that is alive and has an energy spine in the universe.

We all have an energy spine as the animals, insects, even and vegetals, trees, plants, anything. We have a structure of light like a skeleton, an eteric skeleton and around this axis of pure energy you have the dynamic, coiling around and awakening everything.

What he showed me was this. He said. “visualize the two coils of your DNA. Visualize them as two polarized serpents of energy, coiling together, symmetrically, without ever getting closer or farther, just always in the right balance, because the right balance is what creates life and energy.”

So before we started setting the size, I will invite you to relax, and I am going to ring a few times this Fork, which is 528 Hertz. This activates the DNA, the DNA signature. So relax and you need to do this exercise vertically, either standing up, either sitting. Do not lie down.

Slow down your breathing. Do not think about anything else than your breathing. Breathing light, expel the energetic impurities, like fear, stress out. Keeping the breathing at lower pace at a pace that suits you, that suits your energy. Inhaling light and exhaling the impurities.

We are now going to activate the energy of our DNA. Just let the sound do its job.

(Ringing the fork several times)

Bring you awareness at the root of your spine in the perfect axis of your trunk, of your body. It is a line passing through your crotch, and coming out the top of your head. Along this skeleton of light, along this spine and your etheric axis, we are going to invite the two polarities constituting your being to dance. In everything that constitutes the universe, and that is why there is a positive and a negative polarity, a feminine and masculine, light and dark, movement and stillness, growth and decay, joy and sadness.

In your left hand, in the left side of your being is everything that links you with intuition and receptivity. This is not talking about the hemispheres of the brain, it is talking about your energy being, your immortal energy being, your soul body, your immortal self. The left side resonates with creativity, with welcoming, with opening. This is linked with a feminine side, the receptacle, the feminine.
In your right side is the masculine. As much as the left was taking, receiving as much is the right giving. This is the solar power. This is the action, this is the action from within outwards, this is the reception from outwards within. And it's circulates like this.

Receiving, giving, feminine, masculine. And in alchemy the merchants of the both create life, movement, energy. I invite you to bring your awareness to the root of your spine, visualize to serpents with the color you want, the color that resonates better with you, with your being. For this exercise I will call them the feminine and the masculine, but you can call them however regarding to which polarity you want to work with. They are at a certain distance from each other which is the right balance, the right equilibrium. And we are going to awaken them and they become they start to turn, wand around the other in a perfect equilibrium, an equidistant from the center. The center being your spine, the column of light.

And then they are going to stretch and dance, stretching their body, their serpentine body, still at equidistance from one to the other, creating the pattern of the DNA, around your axis and up towards the higher chakras of your being, upwards. And it is a beautiful color of these two strands of spiraling energy, spiralling together around your spine.

Dwell in this exercise try to feel ... these two strands stretching up, creating the pattern of the DNA, the two polarities in perfect balance, empowering your axes, empowering your being.

Don't you feel the power and then dancing you energy field. Don't you feel the heat generated by this marriage, by this dance in perfect equilibrium. Do you feel this energy ignited within your being. Vibrating around your spine and outwards ... you can create, you have the power of creating it, creative alchemic fire. Until you feel this heat, this amazing heat.

And when you feel it manifest a thing that you want to create in your life. Casting something away from, you bringing something within your life. Realization of projects, abundance ... everything you need. That is in this state. ...

The way this exercise has been shown to me, was such back-to-back with my twin flame. Being each of us a strand of energy. Me being the feminine energy, him being the masculine energy and spine against spine. This is an amazing thing to do in a couple, our spine against spine, are two spines twirling together, at a stance as a strand of DNA, the two strands of DNA, and reaching higher realms together as one, and together creating, creating something absolutely beautiful and powerful, so far, some of you can do this in couple. Do it being each of you back to back.

Then you can either, and this is satisfied, stay in this state of pure ascendance, ascension, either redraw the two strands slowly, around your spine with love and gentleness and gratitude, and allow them to go back into the cave.