1/5/2020 – Myrah and Thor Han


Reupload 21.5.2012, edited version


Elena: Myrah is already contacting me. I am really glad I can offer and share this connection. The connection I have with Myra is by the implant I have in my head. This implant had been put during my abduction by the grays and they couldn't remove it Myra and Thor Han who saved me. So they retuned the frequency, they jammed it and retuned it to their frequency. Then I can communicate with them and they were able to monitor me on my life. So that's how I connect with her.

I could connect with Thor Han as well by implant which I activate by energy and energy work. but I have a better connection with him by the heart. We have a link with the heart to heart chakra. So this is how it works.

Who they really are, their lives, where they come, from their job that you know them better.



Thor Han: For you I am an old man, I am in your years 155. The bodies we incarnate in last – I will speak in terran years because it is better for you – so in terran years those who are incarnate live up to the luckiest 900. But it is not the medium lifespan. The medium less fun, is 600-700. So I can tell between five hundred and nine hundred years for those who are incarnated in our physical bodies.

You have to know that when you ask for pleiades I am actually speaking about the Errans, those from Erra. We are four colonies the incarnated ones.
The other ones they live up to the same ages but you will have other casts. And this cast is very old. They are not submitted to the laws of physics of material body. So they live longer, in terran years many hundred years. They look like light beings, immaterial, although they have their materiality in their density but it is light energy, they don't have flesh bodies. The children are created in the same way but the birth can be different. The females can carry the child in their womb, but as well the child can be put and created in a lifepod.


Myrah: I am a bit special because you know I'm a hybrid. I am half Pleiadian and half from Sirius. Well you call it Sirius, the real name is Ashkira. My family is split. My husband is pleiadian.

The pleiadians have different levels of having intercourse. We can qualify it in three levels. The first level is just for procreation so the body only comes in action and we have physical sensations. Ashkirans and Errans are very compatible. I will talk about Pleiadiens. So the first level is to procreate and it is very enjoyable.
We have a second level which is different. It is with no physical intercourse, but it is a melting of the souls, the melting of our light beings. This is ignited by the skin. The pleiadian skin is very sensitive and receptive. It is very similar to yours but it has little captures everywhere, and in some particular areas as well. So we stimulate these receptacles and these receptors and it generates something, it ignites the soul and we can then mix and melt and our mix and melt is absolutely delightful, because it merges consciousness. It merges our two lights in one, and we are projected in higher planes of consciousness. Towards higher realm. It is a much better experience than only the physical one.

And there is a third. The third is a mix of the both. this is personally what I prefer. The mix of the both involves the sensations in your bodies, your physical bodies and as well sensation in your light beings. So the sensation first starts by the physical body which is very stimulated. Procreation performed in these conditions is really amazing. And then all the captures on the skin stimulate the light being.

We have multiple levels of what you call orgasm. You know only one level and a second level, but we have six. It projects us, our consciousness in different levels of density. We merge with source, we merge with the universe. We don't have bodies anymore. We are just consciousness. We are not even light we are just something that is invisible for your eyes, consciousness, just a state of being. This merges for a few seconds, who seem an eternity for us because time has no more grid. And we come down, we come down at the moment the captures on the skin just stop and ease. And this calls us back into our bodies of flesh, and this is how it ends.

If we want to procreate we decide it with our mind because our minds have total control on our bodies of flesh. You have the same abilities but not yet open, not yet developed. There is something though that you cannot have, it is the skin. You know we have developed a skin that is compatible with our sun, our star, our atmosphere, the light and the conditions of the air. You have different conditions here. So your skin is less sensitive than ours way less sensitive. But you have captures as well and areas receptive as well. You can actually develop this ability to join different realms of consciousness. First you need to ascend and be connected with your being of light. this is happening the more you ascend spiritually, as you say, by your spirit, the better the act of love will be, must be at the same level.

We do not have such a thing as marriage, because when we choose a companion it is forever, for the lifespan be it in a corporal body, or in the eternal life. Once we have found each other we never part, because we are part of each other. So how do we call each other? The t exact translation is “companion”. It is a good word, but we use this word as well for work. So companion we have a different system.

There is no such thing as schools and teachers. The knowledge is offered individually to the children regarding to their abilities. Wwe first get to know who they are and when we know who they are, which are the abilities, they are coming with, we adapt and we offer the knowledge that will develop their qualities and their abilities. It can happen that some children are grouped by a set of skills, and there is an elder who comes and teach them. But normally it is not done like this. Normally it is knowledge accessible by devices. We probe the soul, we enter in contact with the soul of the person. It can be few days after the birth. It is very quick it can be even before the birth. It depends on the abilities.

The higher beings you can know it very quickly at the moment they choose the body. The body is not inhabited straight away, it needs to be functional first to be able to shelter the consciousness, the light being. The light being cannot come into an embryo that is not fully formed. The light being, the consciousness and the real what you call soul need a body fully formed to enter in and inhabit. So there is a moment if the soul that comes into the body is elevated enough it can straight away enter in contact with us. So we know. For the other ones we wait few days that the soul manifests. This is how we know.

You have places where they can spend time together with other children of the same abilities. But normally we try to spend time with our children. We don't have cells like families. We do have parents and brothers and sisters, but we live separately. We don't have a cell under a same house. So if the work of the parents are very intense, they can choose to go to the house of one or the other parents.

You know on Erra there is not a lot of population. A percent of the percent of population is really less than on your planet Terra. First Erra is one time and a half bigger than your planet, and we are less people on it. My house is very small because when I left I wasn't living with my husband. My husband was living with the children. It may seem complicated to you, yes I know. I needed to work far from my husband, because I was at the capital involved in some major projects, and he was retained by his work in our little town. These are not town as well as you know them. So I was living in a tiny house on my own, not very far from my family but I needed to be there for the work. It was a very intense work.

And then I chose to go I was taken for this mission. And that is when I met the famous team. We were patrolling and I was involved in research of cognitive and – oh it is difficult to translate this I will try find some simple word … Let us say that it involves removing an implants from abductees if you want. This was my main job this was following them. monitoring them, healing them, helping them.

I was assigned to this mission of patrolling for years with Thor Han, but as well as the friends. Well people who became my friends because you know when you work a long time with some people they become your family. We like to live together.
I know I will live together with my husband when this mission will be over. We like to live with our companion and our children. But you know, it is a period where everybody needs to work. So we do. But we prefer living together.

So as entertainment we have different things, a lot of things. The best entertainment we like to do is walking outside in nature, but we cannot do that on the space station. So we have gardens, a beautiful ring of gardens, where you can see the stars and never the light of day. But the plants adapt because they have special lights. So this is one.

But then we need to stimulate our brain, the part of our brain that is not used in our work. So the entertainment are a sort of training to keep our brain perfect. So we have group entertainments, which are activities who involve the body. It isn't what you call sport, because this is a bit ineffective. We do not like challenges in the way you do. The challenges we do is to lift each other. It is a different way of thinking.


Oh we have a lot of a lot a lot of nature, beautiful natural and we go out and we spend time in nature, we meditate, we connect with all the nature, the truth, the rivers and the waters. We have a lot of lake where we live. The land mass is very important, so not everybody lives near the sea. So connecting with nature.


Then we have community games. I wouldn't call it games. I would call it entertainment, in places. This is a place full of lights and there are holograms, playing, pretending. And it entertains us. It tells stories of our past, stories of the old, things that happened. It is in the same (???). This recreates elements and events from the past, plays and it is holographic. So it can happen anywhere, outside or inside.


As part Ashkiran. I don't have the same areas activated in my brain. But let us talk about the pleiadian side. We are very emotional. You know when you ascend in higher frequencies than the one you are the emotions become more intense. And we have emotions like love, curiosity, interest.

Pain is rare because physical pain has been masterized and if you hurt yourself, a medic can heal yourself very quickly, or you can heal yourself anyway. So pain is not something physical but we can be sad.

We do not feel jealousy. Jealousy is something that belongs to the body and the part in the brain that is primal, primitive and we do not have this anymore. Not have envy. We have excitement for the other, if the other has something we don't. We are excited. It is encouraging each other, lifting each other. You have to masterize, giving.

And the most beautiful feeling is love. I can't tell you, love is not only a feeling from the heart. It is an energy, it is a state of being, it is the state of connectivity.

Ego we have ego, but used in a right way elevation you need ego. Ego is necessary for the self-consciousness. You need to feel who you are, feel you are important and love yourself. But you can use ego in the bad. Way we do not do that anymore. It is destructive.

Longing for Erra?

He is more important than anybody else. We are all different on different levels of evolution. I miss my planet. This sadness, this is missing this, is like I miss my husband. I miss my two children.


We grow our own vegetables a little bit of them in the ring, what I call the ring is what Thor Hand say greenhouse, they will understand, greenhouse. But there are another sector in the space station where we grow them and they will replicate them. We clone them. It is not individual vegetables, it is clones. We import we have imported long ago vegetables from our respective worlds and we plant them, we sow them in the soil that is adaptable to the vegetable. Some are grown in not soil but you would call it a gel, a substance, filled with nutrients.

We do not eat flesh some species on the space station, on the orbital station could eat flesh, but this is a rule. A rule which is very strict. You may wonder why, maybe. It is because eating flesh lowers your vibration at the vibration of the flesh. And in the work we have to do now of elevating your planet and trying helping you elevating it, we cannot afford individuals vulnerable to the reptilian energies. So we do not have dead flesh on our station. The other stations as well.

Aboard the ship we have fed with vitamins and nutrients which are on a liquid shape in little recipients. It is difficult to find the words, because you know I translate, it's difficult.

Yes we eat nutrients in a liquid state. It is very energetic. We need this when we travel through the ship in space, because we modify our density. Sometimes we do a little bit of a lip through the space continuum and our stomach may be empty, otherwise we are sick. So we eat only these nutrients which are adapted to space travel. Then we can eat them if we want and if we like them onboard station.

We cook as well. Normally we don't because we are busy. So we have machines who cook for us.

Ashkera, Sirius B

Ashkera is different from terra. The sky is sometimes blue but mainly purple. It is a three star system, so the light in the sky is absolutely changeable. So the purple is the main color. It is due to a different atmosphere. There is water, not a lot a big land mass as well. Very populated. Species are completely different, it is a different genetics.

Ashkera hasn't been colonized by the Lyrans. Wherever the Lyrans went they took their plants with them. So in all the systems colonized by the Lyrans you have a main stream of certain species of plants. You know we have important even some of ours on terra. Oh at the time we're doing a lot of experiment, how we could implant life forms on different worlds. It worked quite a lot on terra, because you have very, very good condition for life in temperate places where you have damp forest and damp woodlands and it reproduces the conditions of our planet. So we imported some species who grew well and it took very easily, not all, but some took well and multiplied and we hybridized them and it was good fun. I suppose I would have liked to be there and do that.

Connecting with other galactic beings, the heart chakra – an interdimensional portal

This kind of department is not mine so I am very curious. If it is the family, the real family from the home world is different from the world you are incarnated into, you have already a bond with them. You just need to activate it. This is not a bond by the mind but a bond that is find in the middle of your chest. You have a central of energy in your chest and in this central of energy is a bond, that you call “quantum”. So if you make the wheel, if you manifest the wheel to connect with them. You should manifest it in your heart – that is where it is, the heart. Attention, not biological heart in the left, the central one, the one I was telling about, the energy center. There you can create a connection. That is how Thor Han connects with Elena, wherever these people are in this galaxy. You have a link with them, no matter the distance.
It is in the shape of a wheel and it turns. You have to activate it by the mind, the thought and then the thought is put there in this center and it starts to turn. And when it turns it creates an energy signature. It is like a compass in your chest. You activate it with your mind. You put an intention of contacting certain people. You manifest as if you were in contact with this person and this person feels it. This is how we do. Parents don't do that, but when you have a family or a lover, a bond with somebody of our level, works.

Wheel, it looks like a wheel, singularity of energy, of plasmic energy permits and allows connection to other realms of existence, other densities, or same density with distance and distance vanishes, because it is what you call quantum. We call it resonance, echo.

Well this is something you will discover one day. You can connect to anyone at the moment you have this link. When you have lived in a community, when you have lived in a community with a dna, a genetic signature, you are forever connected to them. These souls are not incarnated in bodies anymore, even if it was in the past or even the time is not the same as you think it is. So yes you can connect with the past, with persons in the past. When they were your family. You need a connection by the heart.

Sometimes it can be a negative connection, somebody who hurt you and you have the emotions still there in your energy field. You can connect, but I wouldn't recommend it. You know being incarnate in your body limits the perception you have of the universe.



Telepathy – this is something different, this is from mind to the other. We do that as well, but it is not our main way of communicating. The elders of light use only telepathy, the Plejadiens elders of light.

Now talking about the reptilian: they use both. But they use better telepathy, because their language, ohm, it is loud! They are not able to talk low. So when they want to be discreet especially when the shape shift and they are among humans, they speak telepathically. But they can do both. It is just that their language is absolutely horrible and loud.


Soul mates

Normally we know each other since a long time, since the time our souls were ready, when they were very young. Talk about incarnation, young – but young in the evolution of the soul of a being. Some take time, some find each other very early and it is a partnership. Every each of us, well each of us stimulates each other and complete each other in their evolution.

How we call for them happens one day when we feel ready in our heart and we feel the call and the need for the other, our complementarity. So we express – it is difficult to say – we express that we want him or her to respond.

I need to precise something, yes it is good Thor Han is here because he helps me with things I forget. There is a polarity, but sometimes the polarity changes with the incarnations, sometimes it can be two females or two males.

It happens that you take time and you need to incarnate few lives before finding them. It can happen.

Know why you need to discover things by yourselves, terrans, because it is activating something. Remembering, is a challenge that is necessary. When you incarnate into these bodies of flesh terrans, it is it goes with it, it goes with the eel that you forget. This has a purpose, because the very action of remembering activates something, that you need to activate. What you are told, you do not activate. Activation that is the way we put better for learning is something a dynamic you do yourself, otherwise it doesn't work.

Astral travel

Astral travel astral travel is a way that you use to connect quantumly by decorporation, but you not cannot decorporate very far, because there is a link, a shiny little thread, that links the two bodies, the physical third dimensional body and the light being. If the light being goes too far, the thread can break and it is dissociated from the physical body and the physical body stops, dies.

If you prefer but you can travel as well by the mind, quantumly. So to really return home you need to break the thread with the incarnated body.

back home and your initial body is just there waiting – that is how we do. We just decorporate, we put our body in a life support system, a pod if you prefer, in stasis, and the soul, what you call soul we call light being, is sent in an avatar of flesh on terra or other worlds.


Message from Thor Han, 1.5.2020

Thor Han: Well I wanted to pass a message. I wanted to take the occasion of this session to tell something important. Elena receives messages that she passes on to me. These messages are of private matter. I want to precise this: I do not have the ability to know everything about every each of us, every each of you, life. I cannot answer when you ask her to ask me about your family, your twin flame, your future, your past. I don't know.

I work for the fleet. I work for the galactic federation. I am not of the council nor a high elder. I can have access to database on the station about history. I can know pretty much everything, about history, but I cannot know about all of you. I cannot connect with you.

I hope that doesn't make you sad, but that needed to be said. All the private questions – not for me. I can reply to you about anything else, but I cannot connect to anybody.

I can read minds, but only if we have a contact with the subject or energy field contact. If I come tomorrow in your plane of existence with my ship, and we have physical contact, it takes to me only to approach you to your unit of measure two meters towards your mind because it is through energy field. But from here I cannot.

We love you very much all otherwise we wouldn't be here.