29/4/2020 – A message from Thor Han about Hope

29.4.20              A message from Thoran about HOPE - 29 april 2020

This is a quick message that I received from above. Few of us now know that I have contacts with guides that are not from this earth since I am a child. Last night I was called to receive a message by the one, some of you know by the name of Thor Han. He is watching over me since I am a child and saved my life actually. I met him last night in astral connection and there were strong messages, that he told me that I needed to pass on.
Two years ago, as I was telling him I was scared and despaired about terror attacks in the world, he said to me “that is nothing that is nothing. In 2020 in two years time the world will go through something absolutely horrific and you have to be prepared for it. Enjoy life until then!

Annd effectively this horrid thing happened and we have many country had many contact since. And you told me a lot about it that August was going to be panic, and September and October the economy collapse and everything just rebooting. And after that period of darkness and we will head on to the winter solstice 21st of December, which is astronomically and physically, energetically important date for the eartht every year. We will start to feel and see the light and see that there are solutions and that we are heading for the light.

What he told me last night was that: by June 2021 all of this will be over and humanity will head towards a new world based on light. The new system will be put in place. By the new system he means a better system, he means the victory of light, the victory of the heart. And then all will be fine.

What you told me as well last night was that we must not lose hope. Hope is what is fueling the change. Hope is the magical power. There is hope, because he saw it, he knows it, we are heading toward the light towards liberation. The old patterns are breaking down the truth has been revealed the darkness is been dismantled. It's a big perch, it's a big cleansing. He said tell them to use the green energy. This is what will build the new world. I asked him what do you mean by green energy? He said, the green energy from the heart, the green energy produced by the heart chakra. love, the Emerald of knowledge, the knowledge of the consciousness not of the mind, the knowledge of the heart. By green energy he meant the green fire, the energy of nature, the life force. The life force is a very powerful energy that, if you know how to use it, you can power so strongly, you can tell power the whole world for free every day. This is what he was calling by green energy as well, all the energies of nature, renewable energies.

So this is what I received last night. So keep hope. You are building your new future. We are building the future in the present by manifesting it in the present. You have this creative power. Light is winning. The war is not over, we're still fighting the dark side. What is the dark side? It's deep and some pattern put in place by an elite, who's working for dark forces.

My friend, my brother, he told me this: to have hope. We are not alone. He says that to me every day. We are not alone and there are forces of light fighting for us, with us. And you know why they are fighting for us? Because they have hope. When there's hope you fight, because you know there is a chance of winning. And this chance of winning is huge.

This was the message I want to pass.