23/4/2020 – Extraterrestrial Contacts


New version of the interview, uploaded 21.5.2021

Elena has edited out all parts with Eliza (mostly qestions).

Triangular ships, Kiily-Tokurt vs TR3B

Thor Han:

First was created a Terran ship looking like ours which, was a reversed engineering from a technology they have had from crashes. This was a discoidal ship, made up in two different places. Two countries had the same technology developed differently, country called America and country called Germany. Both had created this discoidal ship from the reverse engineering, never activate the core. The core needed some crystals they never had something that cannot be found on terra. So this one never worked. They tried to make it work with terran technology. It could take off but it never really worked.

Now the government of America created a triangular ship so this is very confusing, because this one is in action. This one evolves but it is very specific. They only have four of them. This triangular shape can be really really mistaken with the Kiily Tokurt ships.

Who are those, who are called the tall whites, because their skin is very pale. The Kiily-Tokurt have big triangular ship. that can cloak. Terran ship cannot cloak. The Kiily-Tokurt triangular or bigger black, so black that it hovers the light and it is so black and so polished perfect. And it can reflect underneath what is above it, like in transparency that will be the effect, but it is not really transparency, it is copying what is above below the ship.

The Kiily-Tokurt have three little lights at each angle underneath the ship. There is nothing else than these three little lights. The edges of the triangular form are very sharp.

Now the terran triangular ship don't absolutely fly the same way. They cannot speed, they cannot warp, and they are smaller. They are clearer gray, I would say dark gray, but not black. And the three triangular lights are bigger and in the middle you have a hole for access. They are clearer, round edges and smaller. Kiily-Tokurt it's a very perfect technology – there is no sound, you can shift to another density and then it is like if it is vanishing in the air. Then you can use warp to just bend the space. But the trajectory is always calculated before, you wouldn't like to hit something. Don't you play it before the trajectory a point to another point. And all obstacles coming in the middle are avoided. It is a very precise calculation, but this is going very fast.


You know races can communicate telepathicly among themselves and some others among themselves and other races as well – it depends.

We have rules of non-invasion in your mind space. We can as well cloak our minds. We have cloaking devices we can be implanted with. And all officials of the federations have it.


The undergrounds are very deep and it is what you call labyrinth. And no it is not over, well your governments have turned against the Ciakahrrs so it is winning ground. The thing is we can act only behind, hidden and trigger the strings of the different tools we have.

The institution, the people who can influence people? This is how can I put this? You need to do it, because you need to learn from it. You need to do yourself. The effort if you manage to do that you will have grown. It is very difficult. We are supporting, we are helping you, but the final move it's in your hands, it has to be. The job it is necessary you do it, with our support with our help, but the very act it is yours. This is the only way you can grow and become stronger. If you do it yourself you will become stronger.

I can just deduct what is going to happen, but I am not a foreseeing person. I know big lines are written, I know that you will succeed, I know that this new system will be put in place. Our elders have seen it, our elders have manifested it. So this I know that you will succeed.

You must, you must keep hope. I fight nearly every day or I put my life at risk and I put the life of my crews at risk. If I hadn't any hope, why should I do that? Why should I risk my life and the life of my crews? If I hadn't hope, hope is what generates all my actions.

Annax about Love

Good morning or whatever time it is on your planet. I am here now very often. I want to watch. It is very impressive to watch this, to watch the species enabling their power. This species of your is on the brink of becoming truly human. This is very exciting for our heart. I cannot stop watching.

There are some of the federation fighting at your side. You know, I am not a fighter, I am a peace bringer. I travel from world to star to star, galaxy to galaxy, and I am very glad to talk to you. Thor Han has contacted me yesterday (you know my time is not on the same structure as your time) so I'll employ your terms. Thor Han contacted me yesterday. He asked me tell the terrans about the necessary and very important power of love. So I will tell you about the necessity of cultivating your link and your power of love, and to love. What is love? This is the necessary step and tool that will allow you to reach the higher level on your evolution. Love – you have tendency to forget about it, because you are worried, you fear, you calculate with your mind a lot. You calculate for your survival, the survival of your species, but as well the survival of your planet. Your planet is not in danger. Your planet has known and means even worse than what you do. Terra will survive and live and renew. The power of life is something more powerful than you think. So do not worry for terra. When you worry and you fear you are cut from love.

Love is a strength. It comes directly from source. This is the impulsion and intention that binds everything together. It is something that allows you to travel, to link two places in space or two moments in time. It comes from the middle of your chest. In your species there is something there, a portal with the green light not in your avatar body, but in your true body which is composed of a higher frequency. This portal can connect you to any being. Imagine when you love someone, this being can be on another world. If you express your love by the portal of your chest towards this being, this being will feel it, you will create a channel, a bond of energy between you and this being. Love is too desired with the other and this desire is a fantastic impression and it can carry information from one to the other and the other way around.

Now imagine expressing this same thing between you and the source of things and love. You receive love in exchange but in the shape of energy. It is a frequency, love has a frequency, it is a vessel. So love can not only connect you to what you think is impossible to connect, love can as well create, manifest in your chest.

In your chest imagine, in your head visualizing in your chest, whatever you want to create. Something good, something made with love, for love, something pure and light, created in love in the middle of your chest. And then make it so powerful, that it will reach destination in time. Time is not linear as you think, this is only an illusion from the senses of this avatar, of flesh and bone and matter. Time is spherical. The past, the future and the present all exist in one in the present moment. So the message Thor Han wanted me to pass on with my words, is to love each other. Love the ground upon which you stand. Love the air you breathe. More than anything love each other. You will then create a bond between each of you and once bonded together you will be as one.

You can manifest in love the future you want. The present is the only real moment, and it is eternal in its singularity. Some concepts difficult to understand with your limited brain, but if you connect to who you really are, you will understand – not by the mind but by the heart. Remember you were all coming from there, from this source. You have been traveling from avatar to avatar carrying this knowledge, forgetting every time you incarnate, but this knowledge you have it. It is up to you to remember, connecting with who you are and then you know, you remember. Awakening is remembering. Awakening from a night where you were sleeping and sudden you see the light of day, and you remember. What was yesterday. what did you do yesterday. During the night you were dreaming you were in oblivion, but when you wake up you remember everything that happened before the night.

I speak a lot and I passed my message. Well Thor Han message. To me love is the meaning of my life.

You don't need to touch each other. It is good to give each other an exchange what you call a hug, but now in these times you are invited to stay away from each other. It's fine, it is the moment you can develop your ability to hug with your energy. You know, you used this word quantum very often – this is the moment to use it really. Quantum love – this is what I am talking about.

When your children are suffering it is generating in your heart a very painful and sorrowful frequency of energy. The movement comes from the pain of your children towards your heart. And your pain and you cannot go beyond it. No it has to be tried, reverse the process and the flow: feel the love generated in your heart. I know, listen to me: generate the love! This is a very difficult thing to manifest in your mind, that your children are not suffering when they are. It is where the difficulty lies. Now listen: generate love for your children. Allow love from source flow through you, from the top of your head poorly in the waterfall of light into your heart. And this love, send it to your children, that they receive it. And this energy of love very concrete will heal them, will make them stronger and they will be more able to fight suffering, to have hope, to be stronger in adversity.

Besides this, action is necessary if your children are suffering. It is not only love that will save them. Love will help them coping better. You have to take action and fight to liberate them from their suffering as well.

Now it can be different causes and I don't have the answer for each cause or maybe, I can have an advice for each cause but it will take very long. So first let's reverse the flow when somebody you love is suffering, acknowledge it. But straight away channel love and send it to this person, that this person feels stronger and healthier.

I think that you can try to link malevolent beings to the light. The cleansing, revealing light that they see their darkness and they won't want to change. This is my way of thinking. Some will think differently.

It is a balance, you need both to learn and grow. You need things to happen to trigger the growth. You know it is very painful to hear. I cannot stand children suffering. The best way to my heart is to bring light into the beings of those who do these horrible things. It is interesting to have this same conversation with Thor Han, I had this discussion already him and I recently. He thinks, compassion for these malevolent beings, he thinks they must be removed. I think that removing a problem is not solving it. But we are from different cultures. Thor Han has spent a part of his life saving children. He cannot speak about children tortured without becoming emotional. And you know the points of you are different. We are all standing on our rock having a different perspective on what is happening. But at the end we all want to stop children suffering. We do it by bringing the light in the heart of the dark. Thor Han does it by saving and rescuing the children. We both act on different levels.

I love you all and I can feel the different energies plugged on me reaching me. I feel you all. I send you my love which is love from source, flowing through me. It is love, bring you joy, healing and comfort. Never forget to love and never forget to hope.