16/4/2020 – Thor Han


reupload 19.5.2021
Edited version of the interview,
Elena has edited out all parts with Eliza (mostly questions).

Situation update

I have been very busy. It is a real chaos on your planet, especially in the underground. I have had the occasion to speak with some people and residents of the Agarthea kingdom. Everyone is lying against the reptilian forces to chase them and everybody works together. So we are having quite an easy time chasing them away, but they are very numerous and it will take quite a long time. Now there is some news: some enforcement arrived from the Vegan system. There is a lot of ship and or fleets in your solar system. This is rather good news. But it is going to be chaos more and more on your planet, because everything is collapsing. The basement of a building has been completely unsettled, the bad soil has been taken off and your building is now collapsing. All these reptilian forces who are holding your economy, we are taking them away and your economies are collapsing. But it is good, the building was rotten. You will build a new home.

The energies, celtic energies underneath your surface are creating dissonance in the way with the magnetic wave of your planet. So this as well cause some disturbances.

The galactic federation of worlds allows us to uncloak but following a very very specific plan. There will be soon a contact in this decade, but we don't know when. We must first finish this war and you must have built your new system. We cannot unveil ourselves while it is chaos because chaos will add to chaos. We may come in a time of peace and balance so we are helping you to reach this moment, but in the same time yes we are working on spreading the idea that we are here. Not everybody on your planet is aware of us. You are mostly scared and there's a lot of fear in especially primitive populations, and even in big industrialized countries. There are primitive minds, very much because this is due to ignorance. So we try to raise ignorance slowly and manifest ourselves that you are more and more used to see lights in the sky. And when we will land officially, you won't have fear.

This is all part of a special agenda but you know there are many, many points to that. Firstly yes fear to control the population is easy. But then population must think that all, all, all the visitors that you call aliens are malevolent people, us included. So they want to let the people know that anything that comes from the sky is malevolent, that if we land one day we are to be destroyed, and as well some governments, especially I am very sorry, the american government wants to be the almighty powerful government on your planet, and if a threat comes from space they will play a game and pretend, that they are the big heroes to save you all. But there is no such alien invasion as you say planned. The alien invasion has occurred thousands of years ago. Malevolent once they are here since so long. Yes is ignorance you know your true history is completely manipulated it is not the history you think it is. I just wanted to say that there are more benevolent beings than you think around you. This is all I want to say. Some of them who are different densities and different dimensions. May they be in different densities or dimensions. We're all united. You know there is even the ancient spirits of your planet, who are living in the fourth density. They are here in inbricated in your physical what you call physical and I call the third density, because physical for me is higher. They are here it is parallel shells of the same sphere. In your planet as a sphere imagine the sphere bigger than your planet. It is the etheric. Imagine around this sphere a shell, a spherical shell. This spherical shell includes a density. But superimposed to the spherical shell you have another shell which is exactly at the same place. but another one vibrating to higher or lower density. And they've all imbricated one another.

Do you know how many chakras you have? They are activating as you elevate your frequency. Your species evolves. Some of the chakras are activating. So it is never added or redrawn it is always the same amount of chakras that you have, 24. But increase your frequency and you will have more chakras opening, especially higher. And this is what is happening. So 12, 13 … we in the fifth density we have 14 active and we can activate the other ones when we meditate or we join the upper planes or do something else. You had seven active. Now 12 and 13 probably it depends on everybody – it is not a general thing. So some persons on Terra will have 13 activated, but some will have seven. It depends on the evolution of everybody. It is not a creation of chakras, it is an activation. When you elevate your frequency you elevate your energy into your body. And as your conscience goes higher, higher you activate the highest chakras.

There is an exercise we do as our daily routine. It is inspired from the Ahoran way. It is from the Arcturian people. We try to that every time we start a period, we call period what you call days because in space we have no day no night. Whatever, we start by doing this attunement to your what you call your high self, the higher part of our self. But “higher” is not a dimensional I don't use this word, higher is not a geographical spatial aspect. Higher is a higher rate of frequency, I would say faster.
It is like when you speak about the light. Light is a phenomenon with photons, but light is as well lighter less heavy. When the frequency vibrates very very fast it becomes less heavy, lighter. There are two sorts of light for the term light. We employ it for the light from the source which is an energy, and as well for the lighter aspect of a frequency. There is as well the physical light, the third one, that you see with the photons but that is independent. So we elevate ourselves our vibration of frequency and doing so we climb inside of our beings to reach and activate the chakras, what you call the chakras above us, above our body of flesh. For us it is a bit different because you are not yet there, you are arriving there.
It is your future and destiny to be like us. We are trans-dimensional beings. We can exist in the fifth dimension and we can as well downgrade to third dimension. But we do not really do this very often, only when we need to intervene on your third dimensional plane. We usually vibrate at a higher rate, what you call the fifth density. When you will be at this stage all your planet, when the process will be complete, we will be on the same level and we will be able to connect better on the same physical plane.


The colonies on mars were colonies from the early federation, they were Lyrans, Pleiadians there were all the races. And these colonies one little piece of it effectively has been sent to terra, the survivors created their a civilization, no, I wouldn't tell a civilization, they create a colony.

But the destruction of mars was by war. There was such a big war. This is when the Annunaki left and the reptilians took control of your planet.

About soul scalping

The Ciakahrr already helped the reptilians a lot abducting people, especially people in key positions and replacing them. They capture the souls, what you call the souls, the light body the body of light, the etheric body, the immortal body that is not damageable. They separate it from the body. They put the etheric body in a pod because they don't know what to do with it. They use the substance for different things but this is another topic. In the envelope the soul of visitor Ciakahrr probably all the time is put and the being created so goes back into the terran life, but now it is a different being. It is a Ciakahrr with the envelope. So this woman is somewhere in a ship in an underground, and her body is used by another being. It is not always happening like this. Sometimes you have real Ciakahrr, real Nagas shape-shifting and taking positions. Some people want to talk – they are killed or silenced. Some people want to flee. They are cold. The best way they do is to silence, they do that very well. They break the soul, they break the will, they break people. In the entertainment field you have many of them. But as well you have terrans who have sold their souls to the Ciakahrrs in exchange of fame, in exchange of power. They have accepted to give a parcel of their soul in exchange of fame and power, and then they are at service of the Ciakahrrs. They give them suffering, fear, they are drugged with substances, they become addicted to these substances. It's a very dark story, you know. I'm watching the data sometimes. My colleagues are talking about it. But all this is nearly touching an end. Your governments allied with the federation are just making a big cleansing and you know.

I told you already there are lies, the allies of the Ciakahrrs are going away, the Maitre are going away. They are doing their own now. They are going solo. This is a good thing and not a good thing but Maitra are not interested in power on terra, they're just interested in their slave trade and that is all what matters to them. Terra is for them just the ground for just hunting. Hunting ground.
Ciakahrr they want the planet. They say they were here before everybody else. They were here long ago, not before everybody else, they claim it.



The Anunnaki came first, then the Ciakahrr empire came cohabited for a time, but then they disagreed on the way to proceed to hybridization.

Then came the Lyrans and all the other ones. First there was the Anunnaki

Sumer yes they were there. Now the country's name is Iraq, and they were there. They helped the local indigenous to build a very prosperous civilization. You know the Anunnaki were first to good people, but then they were caught by greed and by power. And all that was done with the population. You wouldn't believe what they've done with the animals, the indigenous population. They did a lot disturbing things. They were experimenting.

But then the Ciakahrr empire was here, and they wanted to do their own hibernation for food and slave. The Annunaki were scientists, they were engineers, they wanted to explore and play around with genetics. But then they both fought and there was a war. The annunanki left, the Ciakahrr empire stayed.

The annunaki are very strange people, we don't have contact with them very much. They are not trust trustworthy people. There I would say ethics has very different levels than our ethics. There are reptilians looking like humans. Annunakin had not interfered in the egyptian civilization, it was the Lyrans and the ones from Orion. These two civilizations, the Lyrans the Man people and the ones from Orion have interfered into the Egyptian.

The Orion people interfered in the genetics of some family bloodline in the royalty of this Egypt country. This is why you find some elongated skulls in the representations, because those from Orions they look like what you call the tall grays. There were as well a little part of the population from what you call Zetta. But this these ones weren't very powerful. And this knowledge has been forbidden, not forgotten, forbidden, because it was hiding a great great, great power.

The lyrans had a formidable technology using energies for power supplying, power. This energy was very dangerous and any other population aware of this was a threat. So this has to stop because it was generating a lot of wars. So the knowledge and the power has been buried. dimensionally shifted, which means you can't find it, but it's there in summon grounds. You have to shift dimension yourself to be able to access these things. In the actual state of the vibrations of your planet all the terrans submitted to greed and the hunger for power cannot shift into a higher frequency. They are tied down, so they cannot access these archives of knowledge. It is very well thought.

I am named by a race Pleiadian from the Pleiades, but this is not my original world. The pleiades cluster of star is very young and when we arrived there there wasn't any world able to sustain life. We are Lyrans, we fled our systems because it was attacked by the Ciakahrr empire what you call the reptilian empire, and the survivor colonies fled a little bit everywhere, where they could.

Four of our colonies found this this cluster, and we settled there, we terraformed the planets and we started colonies. We are named Pleiadians because we live there, but we are Lyrans.

And I want to say to all who listen not to despair. We are here for you, we will not let you down. You are not alone in this. We are a lot supporting you, guiding you, helping you we're fighting for you and from our heart all will be well at the end. Your work of elevation: rise your vibration.