9/4/2020 Thor Han, Annax

Situation update

Thor Han: Hello Terrans, this is Thor Han here speaking. You have had problems to connect and it is not surprising, you are being watched and in these times of change, there are lots of things happening and they are not happy that we are passing information. I will not pass all of the information because they are not allowed. But there are some things I want to say to you.

Firstly: The war that is going on above your heads is not over yet, but we are winning. The forces of light are winning. The Galactic Federation of Worlds is winning. We have taken advantage and we are in the good side of the outcome. No tactics will be told here, this is for sure. This message I give to you is just to give you hope.
We've been fighting above your planet, this is where my action is, but as well there are teams on the ground that I am not talking about, and these teams have been working very very hard. There is a cleanup being done at the moment and this cleanup is something that is going to be reminded, remembered historically, in the whole history of your planet.

The main information is: Those you name reptilians will be soon gone. They have lost power and they are losing power, because the grid of the planet is being elevated. You Terrans, a lot of you, not all the planet but a lot of you, are doing a lot of work to elevate this grid and the vibration of the Earth which is something that is meant to be a natural process. But Earth, that we name Terra is now being unlocked soon. All the different parties know that, and see that. The reptilians are being now abandoned. Treaties are being broken.
All right, the greatest allies of the reptilians which I will call by their real name: Ciakahrrs. And the Nagas, they're a subspecies of warriors. They have been abandoned by their greatest and most powerful allies, the Maitra, those you call the Tall Whites. This race sees with about - how would I say - about premonition to stay here. They will now do their own business, but solo. Their own business meaning continuing abduction and slave trade. But regarding to slave trade now, they are not supported by the Ciakahrrs.
Now, the enemy has been dismantled in different little pieces, parcels, freckles, it is now for us more easy to overcome them.
There was a lot of different ethnics and species from the Federation of Worlds coming this last month. I was telling you I was going regularly to our headquarters on the planet called Jupiter. My fleet has been allotted five new ships recently, from different worlds of the galaxy, and as well one is Arcturian. The Arcturians visited us two months ago, because they knew what was happening, all the plan we knew it from a long time.

Now the war is not over as I was saying, firstly, it continues. We are cleaning up, but we are not alone cleaning up. I told you, maybe two of your weeks ago, that certain governments on Terra/ Earth had broken alliances with the reptilians, and are working now with us. When I say “us” it's not only us from the Pleiades, it's us the Galactic Federation of Worlds.
The governments, they want power. Your Terran governments they want power and they want power for themselves, and they play the game for themselves, not for the people. You must be realistic to understand that – and they see who the winner is going to be.

A lot of cleanup has been done, prisoners Terran prisoners, especially children, are being released with the help of your governments. We are not showing ourselves in full daylight. We are just operating from behind. You see all your militaries acting, liberating people. Know that they are not alone, and we are helping since thousands and thousands of years they have been here. Now it is the end of their reign. They will leave soon.
Imagine a world without abductions. Imagine a world where your children can walk free and sleep peacefully. This world is coming. Not yet, but it is coming.

I have been warning you since a long time, not to get injected anything by force, and I've told you about this dust of trackers they will inject in your blood and that will hack your nervous system. We try to impeach that because you know, this dust will work with your new 5G installations. These high ranked Ciakahrr want to enslave the whole total Terran population, make of them zombies, not needing abductions and anymore, doing that on the large scale because they know they are losing. They are living so they try their best. All, they can the last moment and it is possible that you will see them just before they leave.

It is fighting on many many, many different locations and people. All you have to do, people, is staying where you are, at that moment now, and elevating the light. Passing on information, helping each other awaken and raise your vibrations. Some of you have understood how to do that, you have to help the other ones. Just keep doing your work. What you're meant to elevate, elevate the energies, let go.
Don't be afraid to let go what doesn't work anymore. You are discovering there are new ways of functioning. I could not connect to each other by connecting to the grid of the planet. Unfortunately it is a time of transition in the moment so you are obliged to use 3D tools like this technology with wires and plastic and screens and matter.

I don't know if it is the best wisdom, but it is to let go what doesn't work anymore. Don't try to hold on to it, just let go.

Connection with Annax

I am here, my name is Annax. I am very glad to talk with you tonight. I glance at you, from where I am, passing by, checking everything is all right.

You are all involved in what is happening at the moment on your planet. This shift of frequency towards a higher state of consciousness is involving everything and everybody. You, each of us, and each of you, are connected to the Source. I am connected to the Source by my own channel, and so do you. Do not forget this.
If you want to find groups of people like you, find groups who resonate with your own channel to the Source. Don't look for systems and patterns that will reproduce what you are giving up.
There is a lot of confusion in your internet. Stop listening to this noise. Focus within yourselves, listening to the silence. The silence within yourselves contains all the answers, all the answers to all your questions. Because within yourself you are connected to Source, and your connection to Source is you call it a ladder, the thing you can climb on.
Every each of you have this ladder, this ray, this beam of pure sizzling light. You are all the parcel of the soul. So don't try to copy, be yourselves! You have all your own pace and all your own path to follow.
Associate with the Terrans who are at the same pace as you, and who follow the same path, because at the end if you're all doing this individually, it is all part of a one and unique process – the elevation of your species. You are doing it, be careful not to get lost and confused.
There is a lot of evil and darkness disguised as light. There are names used, and reused – names of light serving the darkness. Be very careful, close this screen and open your beam of light, all together.
Joining together to do the atunements is a very powerful thing. Join in the same time is very good. What about joining in the same time constantly? Every day. You are so numerous on your planet. If you all attune to Source, and raise your vibration through the ray of beam of light every day, it will be a constant ongoing atunement.
I know you call atunement meditations. Atuning to higher consciousness elevates yours. Of course it opens and clears, and it is a great cleansing, a dynamic, dynamic cleansing. When I connect to Source, I elevate myself to go and meet Her, as she descends towards me. Source is my nutriment, is my master of wisdom, is my lover, is the part of me where I belong. Source is the lover, the wisdom and the teacher, and the nurturement of everything that is created in this universe – even the dark side, because Source is duality.
When I connect to Source, I climb my ladder and I meet Her as far higher as I can. Some of us have reached Her but when you reach Her, your consciousness merges into Hers and you are everything at the same time. Although time is not a precise set of moment.

Practically, I just forget about the matter composing my body, and I focus on the light energy composing my traveling body. You know, we have different envelopes and even at my level, I do too. I live on the seventh level of density, but I can come down. It is painful when I pass after the fifth density. I can't go down and meet in the fifth density, it is easy for me, but for now I can, but it is painful. I have to climb back again you know. So I try to avoid doing this.

I can create an image that looks like my lower density body, that I use to travel until the fifth. We have the same physical shape, made of light energy, but it is blinding for your eyes. It is uncomfortable for your eyes, your three-dimensional eyes, to watch us in full light.
Hugging, for your third dimensional plane, is very enjoyable. You know what hugging is on your plane? It is a contact, physical, between two bodies of flesh allowing the connection and sharing, and the melting of two energy bodies, two body of light.
We don't need bodies of flesh. We can merge our bodies of light in a loving embrace, to salute each other. You need, you are in fact in these bodies of flesh, you have no other choice. But you can do it as well. Without your your bodies of flesh, with your mind – try it hugging somebody, just standing in front of this being, projecting this. increase of your field. And the other person increases their field, and the two fields merge.
Being in the body of flesh, you need flesh contact. This is a chemical necessity giving you pleasure. When you reproduce, you perform an act made with love. You need to touch each other, because this is chemical, and producing some enzymes that you need for physical pleasure. We are not using this anymore. We are using our pure essence.
We are males and females of course, and we have interactions. Not in a way of reproducing, because we are not doing this anymore, but we have pleasures. Pleasure melting our energy fields and our beings dancing together, changing forms. The Pleiadians have discovered this too.

All right. If I have some connection that you call quantum, a point of reception, I can connect directly and transmit myself molecularly to this point, like when I want to check on Elena. She has an implant upon which I am tuned, so I don't need any vessel. I travel by my mind. If I have no point, when I want to come and check upon this world or another world, I use a vessel, that will carry my body of light, my energy, my true body, which is made of energy. Yes, I have a vessel which is made of energy as well. it is an inter-dimensional vessel.

You have different dimensions and inter-dimensional beings visiting you Yes you see, third-dimensional ship when they manifest in your density, to act, and do some work, taking samples, protecting you, patrolling, or abducting Terrans for the work of the other ones. To do work on the third dimensional plane you need to attune to it, so yes you can see them, although most of the ships – even on the third dimensional plane – cloak, hide, this is a procedure which I would say which isn't not dependent on the different densities.

We choose Terrans who have abilities. Most of the time they are envoys, what you call star seed. We use you to help this planet to elevate. “Use you” is not really a term I would enjoy, but you understand it. There are a multi-dimensional existence.
Reality is the way you apprehend the different dimensional planes you are living in. Reality is your vision, it is not always the truth.

Reality you can create it, you can change it, by changing your vision. Create something behind your eyes, and then open your eyes and visualize that this is reality. If you do that well, you will create it. This is the power you have, you must know that! It's a beautiful species with a potential that awakens. Because you are all envoys here. But this is a small number.

We come here to help the Terrans. You are very special elevating matter, but we do this for all the other ones, and the other reigns like the animals, and the planet rocks, vegetals, oceans, rivers, winds – everything follows the elevation.
You are here to secure it and help it, and in the same time have a Terran experience which will help your own growth. You are here not only to help but you all came for a mission as well, for yourselves to grow and learn. Because you are learning. You don't realize maybe, but you are learning as well, and you will leave this existence of flesh on Terra, wiser. But you have to know that incarnating in the third dimension of flesh, this has rules: you get to forget and you have to remember, but remembering is the process of elevation, as well.