March 2020 – Extraterrestrial contacts

reupload 18.5.2021
Edited version
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These are the first times I recorded myself communicating with extraterrestrial beings. This is a compilation of the three first sessions, that occurred live on Facebook in March and April 2020. I was assisted at the time by my friend Elisa, whose idea it was. The beings are the Pleiadean Thor Han from Taygeta, and the Egaroth Annax from Meissa.

In the second session, at 11:40'' , the voice of Thor Han can be heard behind mine, as it seems that the microphone is picking the background noise and voices of the military station on Jupiter.

This is not channelling but communication via remote technological device.

Messages from Thor Han

Thor Han: Densities are not universes. There are thirteen densities: twelve plus one.
Universes are another plane of matter. This is parallel universes, although I don't like the term parallel. We can travel to them through vortexes.
One universe can have different densities. This one has 13. Other ones have less, it depends.

Every world has its own level of evolution. Some are very primitive, some don't have even life yet, and some are the latest stage, because you need the vehicle that is relevant to the dimension or the density you want to be active in. You need to travel, you cannot travel with light only. It depends on the density you want to be. To be on the third and fourth and fifth density you need ship, travel inter-dimensionally. We have different switches that allow them to switch density. This is due to the spin.

The axis of your planet moving is not made artificially.

This is a consequence of different factors, but the fact that ancient knowledge is coming back, is not random, it is on purpose. You are now nearly ready to get it, but not yet. The elite thinking of the spiritual people already are ready to deliver the knowledge, but not as long as your crazy leaders are in power. There is a ground team of the Federation trying to sort this out, but we cannot really act freely. We have laws and conventions and agreements, and we are tied up. This is very complicated. This is called diplomacy and it doesn't involve only our race and the Terrans, it involves six races.


Nibru. Maybe you say it as you say. These people were there. They wanted to create a special race that they would use as slaves. It all went wrong at the end. It went wrong, because other races were not happy with that. They wanted to take possession and they did. They kicked Nibru out of Terra. There were many factions in different places of the planet. You know it was very territorial. I am not a specialist of the history of Terra but I know the main line. If you have specific questions I will look into it. Species who took over the Nibru where a reptiloid species. And they settled on Earth. They still are here, down below. They claim Terra their planet, because they say they are here very long but they are not indigenous. Mainly underground, well those on Terra, earth, are all parasites, but there are so many nice reptilian races in this galaxy, peaceful. They don't interact with Terra.


Thor Han: Hello Terrans. I will give you my name for one condition. I know you worship a lot our kind, and this is a mistake. I don't want my name to create admiration. I am just a pilot, part of the Federation. I will give you my name, but you have to promise not to use it as a worship of any kind. I am not superior to you, I am different but I am not above you. You have to stop thinking we are superior to you. We are not a new religion for you, so use my name as a friend, as an equal, as a cousin from a distant world.

My name is Thor Han Eredyon. You can call me Thor Han. In my language it is pronounced T-Hor 'An. If at any moment my name is taken for admiration and worship, I stop everything. Is it understood?

You can help your brothers and you can get help as well with Terrans, by helping them to connect to who they are.
There are two different strands of human inhabiting Terra. You have the envoys who are from different stars, and you have the proper Terrans. The envoys are here to help the Terrans, to find who they really are, and by elevating their frequency. You can help them, by speaking to them, by trying to let them see that the world they are connected to, is part of them, and they are part of it.

Renew their connection to this world, Terra. Help them to connect to the planet. And by connecting to their planet, they will understand how they are connected to everything else. And you can help them understand that fear is not good, it doesn't help, it pollutes their energy field.

Yourself, envoys, you just have to be aware and understand where your power is. The power is in the core you're being. You just have to go and travel inside, and remember.

Your help has come, from distant worlds of the Federation, worlds that were so distant, that they weren't implicated in the conflict in the Terran system. But our leaders have suggested and invited these distant worlds to come and help, because you know, the war is increasing. Conflicts are increasing around Terra, and on Terra.
The Terran humans' governments are now at war. You don't hear about that, but they start to rebel against the Draconians. I will keep the name that you know, then you can understand. The Draconians are losing power and the Terran humans' leaders start to try to gain their freedom again.

They have been always terrified by them, but not only. These Draconians, as well other races. Top of the scale, top of the power, is the reptilian from Draconis world, Thuban. But if I use the real name you will not understand.

So we needed help again to enforce our troops, this is why I went to this planet. YOU CALL JUPITER. Here is the siege of the power controlling your solar system, from the Federation. It is an outpost of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Here, is centralized all help and contact with the head of the Federation. I went here with two other fleet commanders, to be trained with the new troop to come back with me. And now I have one Arcturian ship with me, and now two other ones. It is 15.

We have encompassed your solar, the sphere of an energy, protecting it from the other reptilians from the Draconian empire, to come and help their troops on Terra. If the reptilian Draconian leaving Terra managed to leave this system, they will connect with the other ones and create a channel. The other ones will be able to come and we will not be able to manage properly and calmly the situation.

After all this is past, those pieces must not go backwards and return to the mistakes of the past. They must learn and go forward and use the new solutions they have learned, to live in better harmony with their world. We have worked very well to help your species find a cure very quickly. The cure has been very quickly found, but some governments and some industrial companies and institutions working with the reptilians have slowed down everything. I must warn you not to be injected anything by force into your body, especially if these injections are produced in America, because in this country there is a program of micro implants. This program has been set up by the reptilians to implant the whole species to tie the whole species into the third density. This is their last idea, very inventive but it won't work. Do not let any needle inject you anything coming from America made by these groups of people. I want to tell you that. I am not saying, refuse any injection but be careful, not this one, and not by force.
Your medicine has discovered a way of injecting good medicine into organism; this is a good thing to get what you call 'Vaccine'. Iit can save a lot of life. But be very careful, not the ones they will try to inject you by force; these contain implants. It is like a dust, it is not one implant it is a dust of implants, very small that will settle in your nervous system and never leave. This is very important, it is a truth, but you have the right to refuse. And you know this 5G technology will be jammed. It won't work, and collapse on itself. 5G radiation are extremely harmful to life amd living organisms. Any living organisms. We will not let this happen.

I know many many melodies that are not of your world. I am not very good at singing, there is no way I can transmit them to you, but if I can pick a terran melody like your melody, you know I used to listen about your transmissions. I love music. Music is my life. I listen to some music in the ship. It annoys some of my crew sometimes, because they are not always in agreement with what I broadcast.
A song that gives me courage: you have a song called “the winds of change”. This speaks about an old war that was going on on Terra and there was a separation between two parts of the planet. And the singer talks about the link between the two different opponents. And the winds of change tell about everybody coming together for new world. I like this song, although this is not my favorite singer of your people.
David Bowie had a song talking about a man in the stars. I don't remember the title of the song. I think it is space man or starman.

Why I have hope: because I was talking to you about war, about terrible things, but you want to know what song I am listening to. You have this strength, Terrans, this ability to see the beauty and to see the essential in the middle of the chaos. I was talking about the war, you wanted to know what song was giving me courage. This is why I love your people. This is why we put hope in it, because this is a strength. And this is hope of your future, because you know how to see the beauty in the middle of chaos, through strength from art, and inspiration. This is good.

(Thor Han is in a military base on Jupiter and as he speaks to me, and we can at times hear the background noise.)

You know that from Jupiter we never see the sky, we never see the stars. The headquarters are a city in suspension between the lower atmosphere and the ground. It is very wide, it has different modules and it can move; it is articulated. It is a wide construction, very fluid and adaptable to the storms. This is invisible from the surface of the planet, which is absolutely very big. This is what I can say where I am. I am speaking to you from the headquarters of the Ashtar Command of your system. Here everybody is heard and listened to. I had an authorization to speak to you from here.

All of this depends on you, not only you need to be federated to stop struggling and arguing with each other. You need to federate. You have to be careful: everything that comes from the Pleiades is not always good. We have our own reptilians there, which is a race of reptilians that looks like the Greys you know, Grey races are, most of them, reptilian in nature, cold blood. There is an alliance which is part of the reptilian Orion alliance. Everything is agreement, contract.

So, in the Taygetan system and as well in the nearby constellation the Hyades, the humanoid Lyrans, us, the Ahel and the other race, the Taal, we have populated all these star systems, escaping wars in the constellation you call Lyra.