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Titel des Dokuments: Kritik an der Glorifizierung der Anunnaki durch Elena Danaan
Autor: Truman Cash
Datum: 5.11.2022
Herkunftssprache: Englisch
Anmerkungen: Der Abduktie und Buchautor Truman Cash sieht durch persönliche und fremde Rückerinnerungen die Rolle der Anunnaki/Draco/Grey Koalition als STS und manipulativ an, ebenso wie der Sasquatch Tamooh dies schildert.
Weitere Ausführungen von ihm zu seinen Erinnerungen und seinen Abduktionen in seinen Büchern und im Thread MATRIX REVEALED -- Analysis & Solutions auf projectavalon.net.

Elena Danaan, Megan Rose & Anunnaki

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First of all, I just want to let everyone know that I still have not been abducted since I was taken off the Grays' abduction list over ten years ago. This momentous event occurred when I contacted, via telepathy and remote viewing, the tall Gray that had implanted me with an insidious brain implant. Here is a brief explanation of what occurred then: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...l=1#post594175

As anyone knows who has read my research documentation recorded and published in THE PROGRAMMING OF A PLANET (1995) and THE EYE OF RA (1996), I have been exposing the Anunnaki for nearly three decades. And it is apparent to me, based upon my independent and unbiased research, that the Anunnaki ETs are still working behind the scenes to implement the so-called "Great Reset" and global depopulation and ultimate technological enslavement.

It also appears that the Anunnaki are still gaslighting Earthbound humans to muddy the waters and hide their insidious activities to control the people of Earth. However, I would not rule out the possibility of associated "military/intelligence agencies" in the equation.

The videos below reveal how deceptive ETs have been and still are trying to control the Anunnaki narrative. Please do not misconstrue this information as a personal attack on Elena Danaan or Megan Rose. It is bad enough that we abductees/contactees are abducted against our will and are sometimes traumatized and tortured and manipulated. So it is not my intention to get into a pissing match with other abductees/contactees when it comes to information, misinformation and blatant disinformation from ETs.

What I found (in the second video below) that unraveled Elena Danaan’s apparent manipulated perception of the Anunnaki was in her description of “Ra” (in the video linked below) whom I and another abductee/contactee exposed nearly three decades ago.

Elena Danaan admits that she was initially implanted with a brain implant by Grays, which was later "recalibrated" by the "Galactic Federation of Worlds". Megan Rose also claims that she has a brain implant installed by the “Galactic Federation”. They both believe that this is a good thing as they explain in this video:

Source: https://youtube.com/watch?v=z2i6HOrfNp0

However, they (apparently) do not realize that these brain implants do indeed "hijack your consciousness" (as Megan puts it). Their apparent argument is that they have been told by certain "Galactic Federation" ETs about the implant and therefore they are aware of it so it cannot influence them. That argument does not hold water since they are receiving messages from ETs that they cannot verify as being truth. They must therefore "trust" the information given to them by their implanters.

This is where the argument goes off the rails because "mind control equals information control". This was a statement made repeatedly by Cathy O'Brien's rescuer, the late Mark Phillips, who had worked in government/corporate mind control under a non-disclosure agreement. I have found that Mark's statement to be very applicable to all kinds of mind control. I knew Mark and Cathy personally and traded books with them in the mid-90s.

So Megan Rose and Elena Danaan are repeating the "Galactic Federation" narrative without verifying whether the information is true or not. They define "channeling" as someone who moves out of their body and lets another entity take over their body." However, there are other ways that abductees/contactees receive erroneous and misleading information such as via organic telepathy, psychotronics, implants and other technologies of which we may or may not be aware.

The bottom line is: How can we discern if the information from any ET is true or not?

Therein lies the rub. Anyone who extensively researches the ET contact/abduction phenomenon can find out that many ETs do lie and intentionally deceive. In fact, they lie, deceive and gaslight a lot. And they have at their disposal such high technology that it appears to most Earthlings as magic. This is especially true of the abducting ETs, which includes the Anunnaki, Mantis, Grays and Reptilians.

I have recovered the memories of many contacts and abductions by these four groups of ETs. However, I have never been used by them as a conduit for their deceptive and insidious narratives. I have never "channeled" (however one defines it) and I have never received any communications from any ET that attempted to use me as a conduit for their narrative. I have always been a truth seeker and routinely question authority no matter what the source may be.

Instead, I embarked on a journey to understand WHY I was being abducted until I finally saw the big picture. I discovered, via my own experiences and the experiences of over forty other abductees/contactees with whom I personally worked, that we are followed from lifetime to lifetime and are sometimes placed in very important positions in government, military, secret societies, religions, etc.

I discovered that the Anunnaki, Mantis, Grays and Reptilians all work together to keep mankind in spiritual darkness. They are the source of wars and chaos on this planet. I discovered this, not through "channeling" or receiving ET messages via telepathy, implants or any other means, but through conscious, non-hypnotic past life memory recovery. This is a direct way to uncover the true history of this planet without relying on ET "narratives".

Initially, I had never heard of the word "Anunnaki" so I described these human-looking ETs as the "Serpent Staff Pleiadians" due to the symbols that they have used for thousands of years throughout the entire planet. I first came upon the Anunnaki when working extensively with an abductee "Jack Wylie" (a peusdonym that I used to protect his privacy and to uphold my promise of anonymity). I know his memory is accurate because one of his abduction memories led me to a deep underground military/Grays base in north central Washington State into which I was abducted on two different nights: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...=1#post1400388

On June 23, 1994, I first learned about the main group (i.e., Anunnaki) who was controlling this planet in my twelfth memory recovery session with Jack Wylie. He had met the Anunnaki in 1632 A.D. when he was a common goat herder in what is now in the general area of the border between Greece and Turkey.

This was at that time the most important incident that revealed the true modus operandi of the Anunnaki and how they manipulate abductees. Jack's name in that lifetime was "Akarat".

There were men with beards wearing masks and costumes who identified themselves as the ancient "gods" and specifically indicated "Ra" and "Zeus". There was one woman aboard the flying saucer and she identified herself as the ancient goddess "Ishtar", "Asthoreth", "Hecate" and "Shakti", names that neither Jack or myself had ever heard before.

These Anunnaki demanded to be worshipped and ordered Akarat to create a new Islamic religious sect and an horrific secret society called the "Order of the Scimitar" (which may have been the precursor of the masonic "Shriners").

This memory recovery session with Jack Wylie was so significant and detailed that I carefully transcribed the entire session word for word and published it in both of my books in the chapter entitled "Akarat's Abduction". It is the second chapter in THE EYE OF RA.

If you want to understand who the Anunnaki really are, I highly recommend reading this chapter which is in THE EYE OF RA pdf, page 15. Page 14 shows a picture I drew of what Ra really looked like. (I am not a visual artist so I could not capture the fierceness coming from Ra's eyes, etc. Any artist who would like to paint a better reproduction of Ra can private message me through the Project Avalon forum.)

I later uncovered my own contacts with Ra and Ptah in Egypt, which I revealed in the first chapter entitled "Ra & Ptah".

After reading "Akarat's Abduction" and "Ra & Ptah" watch the video below where Elena Danaan describes "Ra" in glowing terms and indicating that "Ra" is also "Anu", the "Shining One", stating: "Well, the good old Ra is back, summoned by the Intergalactic Confederation." She says this and talks about Ra and the Anunnaki starting right before 19 minutes into the video.

Source: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GWqz-5No8_0

I want emphasize that it is not my intention to join the YouTube ET Truman Show by invalidating or otherwise attacking abductees/contactees either directly or indirectly. I am simply pointing out my research and discoveries that expose the Anunnaki without receiving any "messages" from any ETs this lifetime. It is only through direct past life experiences that we have been able to expose the Anunnaki for what they really are since the Anunnaki cannot be trusted to tell the truth about themselves.

I also want to emphasize that my research can be duplicated, yielding the truth about the Anunnaki. This can be done simply by working with abductees, who are sometimes used by the Anunnaki, and using the very same non-hypnotic techniques that use our natural, organic memories to uncover both abduction and past life experiences.

And May The Truth Set Us Free,
Truman L Cash

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